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5 November 2011

Dominique Dumont: Debian NM process: it s not bureaucracy, it s

Hello Before entering Debian NM process (formerly New Maintainer process, now New Member process) , I ve often read that it was too long, too hard, or too bureaucratic. It s certainly true that becoming a Debian Developer takes some time. Even if you re already actively packaging. You have to answer a lot of questions regarding several aspects of Debian project. Some of them are not fun but necessary: All in all, the NM process was time well spent. I ve learned a lot. IMHO, Debian NM process isn t bureaucracy, it s more like a training. And an interesting one. So, if you re thinking about becoming a Debian Member, to paraphrase someone, what the bloody hell are you waiting for ? :-) Many thanks to all people that helped me become a DD: All the best

14 July 2011

Dominique Dumont: I m a Debian Developer now :-)

He he , after6 months of hard labor (just kidding, it wasn t difficult) I m now a brand new Debian Developer. I plan to continue the work I did before, mainly Perl module packaging, helping getting a recent rakudo in Debian, and improving configuration tools (as upstream author). I wish to thanks heartfully all the people that helped me before and during the new maintainer process:
gregoa, xoswald and the whole pkg-perl team. Too bad I can t go to Banja-Luka. All the best

9 November 2010

Julien Valroff: I am a Debian Developer!

A few months after starting the NM process, I have just been accepted as a Debian Developer. My account name is simply: julien I have been a Debian user for about 10 years now, and have begun contributing to Debian in 2005. I have then been accepted as a Debian Maintainer in 2007. This post is mainly to thank: Also thanks to all people who have already sent their congratulations, it makes me very proud!