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3 March 2009

Miguel Gea: My .dupload.conf file

I've prepared a private autobuilder. As I've setup the incoming using scp, I don't need to gpg sign each package. But dupload complained saying that the package is not gpg signed. Lurking in dupload code, I found It's possible overriding the default preupload for my default host:

package config;

$default_host = "eragon";
$cfg 'eragon' =
fqdn => "eragon",
method => "scp",
incoming => "/data/autobuilder/incoming/unstable",
# files pass on to dinstall on ftp-master which sends emails itself
dinstall_runs => 1,

$cfg 'eragon' preupload 'changes' = '/bin/true';

19 January 2009

René Mayorga: yay!, I m a Debian Developer \o/

following the traditional post.
I got an email today, telling me that I m a full Debian Developer now, I started my NM process on 2007-12-10 it took a bit more then a year, and now I m the first DD of El Salvador I have to thanks to all people that help me out, anibal, gregoa, dmn, mlt(Marcela), xerakko, twerner, benh and some more people that I don t remember.

8 September 2008

Holger Levsen: We had joy we had fun we had changelogs in the sun

In an hour the online part of this combined embedded+fai meeting in Badajoz in Extremadura, Spain, will sadly be over, but the sadness will hopefully be compensated by good food (yes, the food at the last dinner was great) and more fun! To me it were three intensive days (plus some two half days of intense travelling) which were really productive. This post is a summary of what I did here, to document how useful these meetings are. I'm only one person out of 18, who did some Debian work here, much more stuff was done, most of it I probably didnt even notice, as 14 people where working on embedded stuff, which I mostly ignored... ;-) That said, I think it was still very nice to have this meeting together, a.) because I'm quite interested in embedded stuff and b.) because the embedded crowd is a fun one to hang around with!

Right now I'm quite tired so that I dont fully remember what I have done on the first day :) It included uploading the DebConf7 mpeg videos which will now be used by Miguel Gea to create DVDs from those, so that he gets familar with the toolchain, so that he then can do the DebConf8 DVDs once those videos are (fully) ready. That will still take some time though, but hopefully not too long.

Unlike DebConf8 I also brought my fancy new fonera2 with me, in the hope to give it to someone to work on emdebian support for it. This is quite a longer road, as currently uclibc is not part of Debian, but thats only one step in this puzzle. Much to my joy Per Andersson took the opportunity to play with it and now took it home with him to document how to run Debian on it. I'm looking forward to see progress on this in the future ;-) Update: uclibc support is only needed for running Debian from the 4mb flash it has. But since it also has an usbport one can attach some storage there and run a full Debian system, just like on the nslug, which also has 32mb of RAM.

Unfortunatly I basically forgot about the FSG-3 I also took with me (which was for good reasons, one the second and third day I mostly did FAI work), but then I remembered 90min before the end, which was really too late. Narf. But Riku had a short look at it and told me one thing I didn't knew before: (at least) arm(el) kernels need to have the cpu id set in the kernel and the debian kernels don't have that, as they are build for more than one cpu type, so one has to prepend an arm assembler code instruction before running the kernel... I'm curious to do this soon :-)

But I have more hardware news to tell: C sar G mez Mart n (thanks for organizing this meeting, too!!!1) gave me back my OLPC laptop which I borrowed to him quite some time ago, so he could use it for a talk he gave at a university in Extremadura, so now I finally could give Andres Salomon new debian image for the XO a try. It was really nice to finally see a nice Debian gnome desktop on the device :-)

Today the FAI group, that was Sebastian, Michael, Thomas and me, also took a break to visit the Alcazaba de Badajoz (built around 1100, so roughly 900 years ago) which is an amazing building (thats why I linked to the spanish wikipedia entry as it has nicer pictures), from where you can see most of the city. I've been to Badajoz at least three times now and I'm really glad I finally did that, it's only 5min away from the office where the meeting was held and I highly recommend it to anyone going here.

Oh, and last and definitly not least I did a lot of work on FAI too. Besides discussing stuff which will hit planet after I posted this (hah! Michael already posted it, though without proper credit, so I will do a repost) I mostly reviewed changes and patches and discussed bugs, I didn't develop many patches myself (well, except one for the changelog..) but I've read every change at least twice, once as a commit msg and once in a full review. Plus many patches I read more often... all in all I think FAI is now in an great shape for lenny (which was the only thing we worked on during the weekend, we discussed some future plans, but work was only done for lenny), except that we want to another upload (with only documentation changes) after the upcoming one (which has quite some documentation changes already, but also some RC+important and some trivial bugfixes).

As you might have guessed, I started this entry on saturday and am finishing it now. According to the topic of the #extremadura2008 channel, which we created to coordinate between the groups, we also fixed 7 RC bugs (or 8? one should really document the bug numbers and not the number of bugs..) affecting lenny and 3 more which are only relevant to sid. Which is not as many as I would have liked to be fixed, but then, it wasn't a ("traditional") bug squashing party either. Which makes me wonder, are there any planned in the coming weeks?

So all in all I think this meeting was really very productive. Plus, I also enjoyed a special half an hour of real holidays: on saturday we had to leave lunch without having a chance to have a coffee afterwards, so I stumbled into a random cafe on the way to the venue. Turned out it was a very nice one, where due to its nice interiour I managed to reflect on life, 42 and all the rest almost immediatly. A totally unexpected but needed break. I wont say more here, because the thoughts and memories are really mostly relevant for me, but I'm really happy I found that space. DebConf8 and this meeting both were really fun, but I really didnt have a minute to reflect things. 30 minutes to do that is definitly not enough, but it was a good start. Now I just need to find another opportunity to continue with it. I hope this will happen before the next Extremadura meeting ;-)

31 August 2008

Christian Perrier: Will Kartik win?

The 500000th bug day is coming. Some of you may remember the contest I launched last year for people to bet on the day bug #500000 would be reported. The bug rate in Debian is about 1000 bugs in 6 days from my survey. So, as we're now at about #497300, bug #500000 should happen in 14 days. It seems that Kartik Mistry is about to win the contest. Indeed, he will if the bug is reported between Sept. 11th and Sept. 17th which probability is very high. Folks, prepare to send cheers to India! Unless the bug rate increases a lot and Miguel "xerakko" Gea wins. Miguel, I watch you: no MBF for you! I definitely lost when Aug. 22nd came. I was betting on a small rate increase which indeed did not happen. You can start now computing the #600000 bug day. There *will* be a contest for it...unless I launch one for bug #1000000...:-)

30 March 2008

Miguel Gea: Apertium

Last years, Francis Tyers has been working as Debian maintainer for Apertium packages and upstream (Apertium is an open-source machine translation platform), and I've been sponsoring it all this time.

Today, I've uploaded a new version for Apertium (3.0.7) that solves a few errors that has been blocking a new lang pair. This new pair is en-es. It's still in beta status, but the quality is quite good.

Now, we can see in Debian a lot of pairs:

  • English-Spanish
  • English-Catalan
  • French-Spanish
  • French-Catalan
  • Spanish-Romanian
  • Spanish-Portuguese
  • Spanish-Galician
  • Spanish-Catalan
  • Esperanto-Spanish
  • Esperanto-Catalan

    There are too a graphical user interface for Apertium (apertium-tolk) that is a useful test program for apertium-dbus.

    The present for apertium: support txt, html, rtf, odt, docx, wxml and xlsx documents.

    The future... more lang pairs (spanish-basque, catalan-romanian, spanish-occitan and catalan-occitan)... integration with OpenOffice and Iceweasel
  • 29 March 2008

    Miguel Gea: I'll be there.

    I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian        developers meeting

    5 December 2007

    Miguel Gea: Vim (2)

    I've been using vim for long time. Last weeks I've been improving my configuration, and now I have:

    * Integration with quilt
    * Navigate into deb files
    * It shows C functions prototypes
    * auto-completion of C structures
    * auto-completion of known strings
    * Project management
    * syntax correction
    * translate documents with apertium
    * doxygen function auto-comment
    * extended shell scripts support (snippets insertion, syntax correction, parameters control...)
    * highlight current line
    * show unified diff for local file changes

    And now: I must to program in java. I don't like it, and the worst is that the better I found to program in java is Eclipse. It's powerful but it needs a lot of processor, memory...

    Recently I've discovered eclim, a vim plugin that integrates Eclipse on it!!! The only "problem" I found on it is that it need eclipse 3.3 and in Debian we only have 3.2. I've downloaded and old eclim version (1.2.3) and it seems to work nice in Debian.

    4 November 2007

    Miguel Gea: Vim

    [19:10] thanks to emacs you learned to play piano
    You are welocome, vim.

    14 October 2007

    Miguel Gea

    A few days ago, I was sponsoring some packages. My laptop has something broken and it sometimes shows irreproducible errors, so I used another computer to make the package builds... I did an error. I didn't do it with pbuilder... so the result was a few ftbfs.

    To avoid this to happen again, I've prepared my own autobuilder with a incoming system with a few scripts writen by Matt Brown.

    I suppose it will do my sponsors have his/her packages uploaded faster and I don't forget again to built them in a jail!

    24 June 2007

    Miguel Gea: OOXML

    21 June 2007

    Miguel Gea: New synfig and synfigstudio packages.

    Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources.

    Yesterday, upstream released a new version that solves a lot of known problems. Paul Wise has worked  hard and has prepared the new package. (Thanks for your work!!!)

    Now, we need your help testing this new version. You can install the new packages (version 0.61.06-1), test them and report bugs.

    At this moment, we have two bugs (#370461 and #370459) blocking it and we are waiting your bug reports to know if we can close them.

    You could find a lot of samples on  Synfig samples page, but maybe you want to test it with a Debian related animation!

    14 May 2007

    Miguel Gea: Open Graphics Driver for ATI

    AMD has announced that is going to deliver open graphics driver for ATI graphics card. Good news.

    6 May 2007

    Miguel Gea: 180 bass in concert.

    Incredible and Fantastic for music lovers!

    30 April 2007

    Miguel Gea: Catalan.

    In my sources.list you can find:

    deb sid main contrib

    Good news to Catalan Debian users.

    27 December 2006

    Miguel Gea: whining developers.

    Some Developers can't see their own back.

    13 November 2006

    Miguel Gea: bulmages package.

      Bulmages is a big invoice program that has developed as a project in Iglues organization.
    Ren Merou and I have been working in bulmages package more than one year. And now, at 15 days to release etch, It's ready!

       I've been thinking to wait to Etch is out, but I've decided to upload it. It's not an a package for experimental, so I've uploaded to unstable, but when it is in unstable, I'll report a RC bug to avoid problems with Etch release. Only if Etch is delayed enought (and I don't think so) and if it has enought installations I'll let it enter.

       If the Dunc-Tank project doesn't exist, I'd let it enter Etch, but I don't want anybody say me I've uploaded it to delay Etch.

    5 November 2006

    Miguel Gea: Debian is difficult?

    Yesterday, a friend say me it need help installing its Windows network. I couldn't help him so we stop talking.
    This morning, he talked me again and said me he has solved the problem. He took a Debian I've gave him and it detect all and worked perfectly!.

    Congratulations to d-i team for the good work!, It has achieved to do Debian installation easiest than Windows XP!!!

    15 October 2006

    Miguel Gea: Experiment Failed.

    Orphaned packages, and maintainers resigning. The dunk tank, as a improved project has FAILED.

    10 September 2006

    Miguel Gea: Debian art & synfigstudio

    Few weeks ago, I began working with Paul Wise (pabs) with Synfig Studio packages, an excellent software to make animations.
    I have tested it just one and a half hour with no previous experience and reading the tutorial I ended this animation.

    There is a complete gallery with a lot of examples.

    At the moment we are only four developers working on it, and extra developers working on it should be welcome!

    26 July 2006

    Miguel Gea: pbuilder / cowbuilder

    Build package with pdebuild can be a slow pain... but cowbuilder package could be your aspirin:

    With a simple package:

    with cowbuilder:
    pdebuild --pbuilder cowbuilder ----------> 54 sec.
    without cowbuilder:
    pdebuild                       ----------> 3 min. 8 sec.