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8 August 2020

Holger Levsen: 20200808-debconf8

DebConf8 This tshirt is 12 years old and from DebConf8. DebConf8 was my 6th DebConf and took place in Mar de la Plata, Argentina. Also this is my 6th post in this series of posts about DebConfs and for the last two days for the first time I failed my plan to do one post per day. And while two days ago I still planned to catch up on this by doing more than one post in a day, I have now decided to give in to realities, which mostly translates to sudden fantastic weather in Hamburg and other summer related changes in life. So yeah, I still plan to do short posts about all the DebConfs I was lucky to attend, but there might be days without a blog post. Anyhow, Mar de la Plata. When we held DebConf in Argentina it was winter there, meaning locals and other folks would wear jackets, scarfs, probably gloves, while many Debian folks not so much. Andreas Tille freaked out and/or amazed local people by going swimming in the sea every morning. And when I told Stephen Gran that even I would find it a bit cold with just a tshirt he replied "na, the weather is fine, just like british summer", while it was 14 celcius and mildly raining. DebConf8 was the first time I've met Valessio Brito, who I had worked together since at least DebConf6. That meeting was really super nice, Valessio is such a lovely person. Back in 2008 however, there was just one problem: his spoken English was worse than his written one, and that was already hard to parse sometimes. Fast forward eleven years to Curitiba last year and boom, Valessio speaks really nice English now. And, you might wonder why I'm telling this, especially if you were exposed to my Spanish back then and also now. So my point in telling this story about Valessio is to illustrate two things: a.) one can contribute to Debian without speaking/writing much English, Valessio did lots of great artwork since DebConf6 and b.) one can learn English by doing Debian stuff. It worked for me too! During set up of the conference there was one very memorable moment, some time after the openssl maintainer, Kurt Roeckx arrived at the venue: Shortly before DebConf8 Luciano Bello, from Argentina no less, had found CVE-2008-0166 which basically compromised the security of sshd of all Debian and Ubuntu installations done in the last 4 years (IIRC two Debian releases were affected) and which was commented heavily and noticed everywhere. So poor Kurt arrived and wondered whether we would all hate him, how many toilets he would have to clean and what not... And then, someone rather quickly noticed this, approached some people and suddenly a bunch of people at DebConf were group-hugging Kurt and then we were all smiling and continuing doing set up of the conference. That moment is one of my most joyful memories of all DebConfs and partly explains why I remember little about the conference itself, everything else pales in comparison and most things pale over the years anyway. As I remember it, the conference ran very smoothly in the end, despite quite some organisational problems right before the start. But as usual, once the geeks arrive and are happily geeking, things start to run smooth, also because Debian people are kind and smart and give hands and brain were needed. And like other DebConfs, Mar de la Plata also had moments which I want to share but I will only hint about, so it's up to you to imagine the special leaves which were brought to that cheese and wine party! ;-) Update: added another xkcd link, spelled out Kurt's name after talking to him and added a link to a video of the group hug.

16 August 2017

Bits from Debian: Debian turns 24!

Today is Debian's 24th anniversary. If you are close to any of the cities celebrating Debian Day 2017, you're very welcome to join the party! If not, there's still time for you to organize a little celebration or contribution to Debian. For example, spread the word about Debian Day with this nice piece of artwork created by Debian Developer Daniel Lenharo de Souza and Valessio Brito, taking inspiration from the desktop themes Lines and softWaves by Juliette Belin: Debian 24 If you also like graphics design, or design in general, have a look at and join the team! Or you can visit the general list of Debian Teams for many other opportunities to participate in Debian development. Thanks to everybody who has contributed to develop our beloved operating system in these 24 years, and happy birthday Debian!

5 December 2016

Shirish Agarwal: The Anti-Pollito squad arrest and confession

Disclaimer This is an attempt at humor and hence entirely fictional in nature. While some incidents depicted are true, the context and the story woven around them are by yours truly. None of the Mascots of Debian were hurt during the blog post . I also disavow any responsibility for any hurt (real or imagined) to any past, current and future mascots. The attempt should not be looked upon as demeaning people who are accused of false crimes, tortured and confessions eked out of them as this happens quite a lot (In India for sure, but guess it s the same world over in various degrees). The idea is loosely inspired by Chocolate:Deep Dark Secrets. (2005) On a more positive note, let s start Being a Sunday morning woke up late to find incessant knocking on the door, incidentally mum was not at home. Opening the door, found two official looking gentleman. They asked my name, asked my credentials, tortured and arrested me for Group conspiracy of Malicious Mischief in second and third degrees . The torture was done by means of making me forcefully watch endless reruns of Norbit . While I do love Eddie Murphy, this was one of his movies he could have done without . I guess for many people watching it once was torture enough. I *think* they were nominated for razzie awards dunno if they won it or not, but this is beside the point. Unlike the 20 years it takes for a typical case to reach to its conclusion even in the smallest court in India, due to the torture, I was made to confess (due to endless torture) and was given summary judgement. The judgement was/is as follows a. Do 100 hours of Community service in Debian in 2017. This could be done via blog posts, raising tickets in the Debian BTS or in whichever way I could be helpful to Debian. b. Write a confessional with some photographic evidence sharing/detailing some of the other members who were part of the conspiracy in view of the reduced sentence. So now, have been forced to write this confession As you all know, I won a bursary this year for debconf16. What is not known by most people is that I also got an innocuous looking e-mail titled Pollito for DPL . While I can t name all the names as investigation is still ongoing about how far-reaching the conspiracy is . The email was purportedly written by members of cabal within cabal which are in Debian. I looked at the email header to see if this was genuine and I could trace the origin but was left none the wiser, as obviously these people are far more technically advanced than to fall in simple tricks like this Anyways, secretly happy that I have been invited to be part of these elites, I did the visa thing, packed my bags and came to Debconf16. At this point in juncture, I had no idea whether it was real or I had imagined the whole thing. Then to my surprise saw this evidence of conspiracy to have Pollito as DPL, Wifi Password Just like the Illuminati the conspiracy was for all to see those who knew about it. Most people were thinking of it as a joke, but those like me who had got e-mails knew better. I knew that the thing is real, now I only needed to bide my time and knew that the opportunity would present itself. And few days later, sure enough, there was a trip planned for Table Mountain, Cape Town . Few people planned to hike to the mountain, while few chose to take the cable car till up the mountain. First glance of the cable car with table mountain as background Quite a few people came along with us and bought tickets for the to and fro to the mountain and back. Ticket for CPT Table mountain car cable Incidentally, I was thinking if the South African Govt. were getting the tax or not. If you look at the ticket, there is just a bar-code. In India as well as the U.S. there is TIN Tax Identification Number TIN displayed on an invoice from Few links to share what it is all about . While these should be on all invoices, need to specially check when taking high-value items. In India as shared in the article the awareness, knowledge leaves a bit to be desired. While I m drifting from the incident, it would be nice if somebody from SA could share how things work there. Moving on, we boarded the cable car. It was quite spacious cable car with I guess around 30-40 people or some more who were able to see everything along with the controller. from inside the table mountain cable car 360 degrees It was a pleasant cacophony of almost two dozen or more nationalities on this 360 degrees moving chamber. I was a little worried though as it essentially is a bucket and there is always a possibility that a severe wind could damage it. Later somebody did share that some frightful incidents had occurred not too long ago on the cable car. It took about 20-25 odd minutes to get to the top of table mountain and we were presented with views such as below View from Table Mountain cable car looking down The picture I am sharing is actually when we were going down as all the pictures of going up via the cable car were over-exposed. Also, it was pretty crowded on the way up then on the way down so handling the mobile camera was not so comfortable. Once we reached up, the wind was blowing at incredible speeds. Even with my jacket and everything I was feeling cold. Most of the group around 10-12 people looked around if we could find a place to have some refreshments and get some of the energy in the body. So we all ventured to a place and placed our orders the bleh... Irish coffee at top of Table Mountain I was introduced to Irish Coffee few years back and have had some incredible Irish Coffees in Pune and elsewhere. I do hope to be able to make Irish Coffee at home if and when I have my own house. This is hotter than brandy and is perfect if you are suffering from cold etc if done right, really needs some skills. This is the only drink which I wanted in SA which I never got right . As South Africa was freezing for me, this would have been the perfect antidote but the one there as well as elsewhere were all bleh. What was interesting though, was the coffee caller besides it. It looked like a simple circuit mounted on a PCB board with lights, vibrations and RFID and it worked exactly like that. I am guessing as and when the order is ready, there is an interrupt signal sent via radio waves which causes the buzzer to light and vibrate. Here s the back panel if somebody wants to take inspiration and try it as a fun project backpanel of the buzz caller Once we were somewhat strengthened by the snacks, chai, coffee etc. we made our move to seeing the mountain. The only way to describe it is that it s similar to Raigad Fort but the plateau seemed to be bigger. The wikipedia page of Table Mountain attempts to share but I guess it s more clearly envisioned by one of the pictures shared therein. table mountain panaromic image I have to say while Table Mountain is beautiful and haunting as it has scenes like these Some of the oldest rocks known to wo/man. There is something there which pulls you, which reminds you of a long lost past. I could have simply sat there for hours together but as was part of the group had to keep with them. Not that I minded. The moment I was watching this, I was transported to some memories of the Himalayas about 20 odd years or so. In that previous life, I had the opportunity to be with some of the most beautiful women and also been in the most happening places, the Himalayas. I had shared years before some of my experiences I had in the Himalayas. I discontinued it as I didn t have a decent camera at that point in time. While I don t wanna digress, I would challenge anybody to experience the Himalayas and then compare. It is just something inexplicable. The beauty and the rawness that Himalayas shows makes you feel insignificant and yet part of the whole cosmos. What Paulo Cohello expressed in The Valkyries is something that could be felt in the Himalayas. Leh, Ladakh, Himachal , Garwhal, Kumaon. The list will go on forever as there are so many places, each more beautiful than the other. Most places are also extremely backpacker-friendly so if you ask around you can get some awesome deals if you want to spend more than a few days in one place. Moving on, while making small talk @olasd or Nicolas Dandrimont , the headmaster of our trip made small talk to each of us and eked out from all of us that we wanted to have Pollito as our DPL (Debian Project Leader) for 2017. Few pictures being shared below as supporting evidence as well The Pollito as DPL cabal in action members of the Pollito as DPL where am I or more precisely how far am I from India. While I do not know who further up than Nicolas was on the coup which would take place. The idea was this If the current DPL steps down, we would take all and any necessary actions to make Pollito our DPL. Pollito going to SA - photo taken by Jonathan Carter This has been taken from Pollito s adventure Being a responsible journalist, I also enquired about Pollito s true history as it would not have been complete without one. This is the e-mail I got from Gunnar Wolf, a friend and DD from Mexico
Turns out, Valessio has just spent a week staying at my house And
in any case, if somebody in Debian knows about Pollito s
childhood That is me. Pollito came to our lives when we went to Congreso Internacional de
Software Libre (CISOL) in Zacatecas city. I was strolling around the
very beautiful city with my wife Regina and our friend Alejandro
Miranda, and at a shop at either Ram n L pez Velarde or Vicente
Guerrero, we found a flock of pollitos. Even if this was comparable to a slave market, we bought one from
them, and adopted it as our own. Back then, we were a young couple Well, we were not that young
anymore. I mean, we didn t have children. Anyway, we took Pollito with
us on several road trips, such as the only time I have crossed an
international border driving: We went to Encuentro Centroamericano de
Software Libre at Guatemala city in 2012 (again with Alejandro), and
you can see several Pollito pics at: Pollito likes travelling. Of course, when we were to Nicaragua for
DebConf, Pollito tagged along. It was his first flight as a passenger
(we never asked about his previous life in slavery; remember, Pollito
trust no one). Pollito felt much welcome with the DebConf crowd. Of course, as
Pollito is a free spirit, we never even thought about forcing him to
come back with us. Pollito went to Switzerland, and we agreed to meet
again every year or two. It s always nice to have a chat with him. Hugs!
So with that backdrop I would urge fellow Debianities to take up the slogans LONG LIVE THE DPL ! LONG LIVE POLLITO ! LONG LIVE POLLITO THE DPL ! The first step to make Pollito the DPL is to ensure he has a ( We also need him to be made a DD because only then can he become a DPL. In solidarity and in peace
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24 June 2016

Paul Wise: DebCamp16 day 1

Hating jetlag based headache. Disturbed to see the Brexit result. Review wiki RecentChanges. Answer some questions about Launchpad on #debian-mentors. Whitelisted one user in the wiki anti-spam system. Reviewed and sponsored yamllint 1.2.2-1 upload. Noted OFSET repo is broken and updated Freeduc info. Noted the Epidemic-Linux website is having database issues. Noted that Facebook finally completely dropped their RSS feeds, dropped Facebook RSS feed URL generation from the Debian derivatives census scripts and notified the affected derivatives. Cleared up Tanglu hash sum mismatches again. Minor changes to Planet Debian derivatives. Enjoyed the photos from Valessio. Hazy city away from the mountain and tablecloth clouds flowing over the mountain on the way to a pub lunch. Jet lag headaches seem to be subsiding thankfully. Ping someone generating a bounce when changing their SSH key. Mention autorevision and other suggestions in an IRC discussion about mesa & reproducible builds. Review some DebConf16 announcements and add minor fix. Push out some TODO items to check-all-the-things. Ask for a dd-list for the GCC 6 transition. Usual spam reporting throughout the day via manual List-Archive copy-paste, feeding mboxen to my report-spam-debian-lists and report-spam-debian-bugs scripts and manual BTS clicks. Usual wondering why there isn't an RFC for MUA spam reporting. Disturbed by the sudden appearance of an astronautess in the orga room but placated by a plentiful supply of crisps. Ask x32 folks about vs x32 on ports.d.o. Glad to just avoid the room shuffle dance. Finish mime support for check-all-the-things. Disappointed that does not actually resolve. Amused by pollito's virtual tour of UTC. Completely stuffed full of Butleritos.

22 June 2016

Paul Wise: DebCamp16 day -1

Landed late due to technical delays. Mountains! Mountains are everywhere! Beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies. Ran into Valessio as I was shown to my room. Wandered around the campus for a bunch of hours. Ate an all you can eat yum buffet lunch at the pub. Wandered down the hill and ended up on the train and wandering around a lake with lilies in a park. Arriving back at UCT we ran into a beer mission along with some wonderful arriving folks. The warm DebConf nervous centre was quite inviting and soon had plentiful beer, pizza and discussion.

30 August 2015

DebConf team: DebConf15: Farewell, and thanks for all the Fisch (Posted by DebConf Team)

A week ago, we concluded our biggest DebConf ever! It was a huge success. Handwritten feedback note We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback, for which we re very grateful. We want to thank you all for participating in the talks; speakers and audience alike, in person or live over the global Internet it wouldn t be the fantastic DebConf experience without you! Many of our events were recorded and streamed live, and are now available for viewing, as are the slides and photos. To share a sense of the scale of what all of us accomplished together, we ve compiled a few statistics: Our very own designer Valessio Brito made a lovely video of impressions and images of the conference.
We re collecting impressions from attendees as well as links to press articles, including Linux Weekly News coverage of specific sessions of DebConf. If you find something not yet included, please help us by adding links to the wiki.
DebConf15 group photo (by Aigars Mahinovs)
We tried a few new ideas this year, including a larger number of invited and featured speakers than ever before. On the Open Weekend, some of our sponsors presented their career opportunities at our job fair, which was very well attended. And a diverse selection of entertainment options provided the necessary breaks and ample opportunity for socialising. On the last Friday, the Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour was screened, with some introductory remarks by Jacob Appelbaum and a remote address by its director, Laura Poitras, and followed by a long Q&A session by Jacob. DebConf15 was also the first DebConf with organised childcare (including a Teckids workshop for kids of age 8-16), which our DPL Neil McGovern standardised for the future: it s a thing now, he said. The participants used the week before the conference for intensive work, sprints and workshops, and throughout the main conference, significant progress was made on Debian and Free Software. Possibly the most visible was the endeavour to provide reproducible builds, but the planning of the next stable release stretch received no less attention. Groups like the Perl team, the diversity outreach programme and even DebConf organisation spent much time together discussing next steps and goals, and hundreds of commits were made to the archive, as well as bugs closed. DebConf15 was an amazing conference, it brought together hundreds of people, some oldtimers as well as plenty of new contributors, and we all had a great time, learning and collaborating with each other, says Margarita Manterola of the organiser team, and continues: The whole team worked really hard, and we are all very satisfied with the outcome. Another organiser, Martin Krafft adds: We mainly provided the infrastructure and space. A lot of what happened during the two weeks was thanks to our attendees. And that s what makes DebConf be DebConf. Photo of hostel staff wearing DebConf15 staff t-shirts (by Martin Krafft) Our organisation was greatly supported by the staff of the conference venue, the Jugendherberge Heidelberg International, who didn t take very long to identify with our diverse group, and who left no wishes untried. The venue itself was wonderfully spacious and never seemed too full as people spread naturally across the various conference rooms, the many open areas, the beergarden, the outside hacklabs and the lawn. The network installed specifically for our conference in collaboration with the nearby university, the neighbouring zoo, and the youth hostel provided us with a 1 Gbps upstream link, which we managed to almost saturate. The connection will stay in place, leaving the youth hostel as one with possibly the fastest Internet connection in the state. And the kitchen catered high-quality food to all attendees and their special requirements. Regional beer and wine, as well as local specialities, were provided at the bistro. DebConf exists to bring people together, which includes paying for travel, food and accomodation for people who could not otherwise attend. We would never have been able to achieve what we did without the support of our generous sponsors, especially our Platinum Sponsor Hewlett-Packard. Thank you very much. See you next year in Cape Town, South Africa!
The DebConf16 logo with white background

6 March 2015

DebConf team: Valessio Brito wins DebConf15 logo contest (Posted by Penny Leach)

In May, the DebConf15 Team held a competition to design the logo for DebConf15, which will take place in Heidelberg, Germany. We received many great entries, and after a week-long voting period, this logo by Valessio Brito was selected:
DebConf15 logo (by Valessio Brito)
The lion depicted is the Kurpf lzer L we , which makes up Heidelberg s coat of arms. Valessio is Brazilian, graduated in Communication and Advertising, and specialised in Free Software Development. He is currently a consultant to UI Design of the Secretariat-General of the Presidency of the Republic, living in Brasilia, Brazil. He has been a Debian user since 2000, contributing to local communities, Inkscape and the Debian project. Valessio has a tattoo of the red spiral! His personal website is (pt_BR). He invites you to visit to discover the work of other artists and designs that contribute to the Debian project. Thanks very much Valessio for your great contribution!

10 November 2013

Paul Tagliamonte: call for Jessie artwork proposals

(This is a reproduction of the mail sent to -announce for the planet readers) Aloha, hackers, As some of you notice from the slamn default background in wheezy, (BTW;
a round of applause for Adrien Aubourg for creating Joy!) we ask
for contributions to the debian-desktop team in the form of themeing. This is the official call for proposals for the Jessie cycle. Please
look on the wiki (thank you, Valessio Soares de Brito for creating
the page!) So, if you d like (or know someone who d like) to create a desktop look
and feel that will be seen by trillions of people, be sure to send in
your artwork ASAP! Breaking with tradition, I d like to have the re-themed desktop in place
well before freeze, to ensure we have time to properly integrate it. I m picking the arbitrary deadline of Feb 5th (subject to change) for
artwork to be submitted. I know this isn t a lot of time, but we can
iterate as we integrate. The artwork is usually picked based on which theme looks the most:
- Debian (I m not defining this since I think everyone has their own take
of what Debian means to them) - plausible to integrate without patching core software (As much as I love some of the insanely hot looking themes, some
would require heavy GTK+ theming and patching GDM/GNOME.) - clean / well designed (without becoming something that gets annoying to look at a
year down the road - I think Joy does a good job of this)
This year, do keep in mind the Debian logo *is* freely licensed, so feel
free to use it in your theme.

16 August 2011

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl: Happy Birthday!

birthday card Happy Birthday, Debian! Should you have the time, take a look at and thank some package maintainers or other teams. Also it's not to late to organise a spontaneous DebianDay Party in your city! Picture by Valessio Brito licensed under the terms of the GPLv2. Source available at

7 April 2011

Tiago Bortoletto Vaz: Hello, Miro Community! Bye, Miro Community.

To: debconf-video
Subject: [Debconf-video] Announcing debian/watch, the Debian Miro Community Hi all,
With help of dc-video people I've just finished generating RSS feeds from penta data and published all Debconf(5-10) available videos to our new Miro Community page:
Soon I'll upload the feeds to dc-video repository. The process had to be semi- automated since I noticed some inconsistencies in penta which I'll point later.
I've written the following description for this channel: (english language fixes / suggestions are welcome!)
Other nice Miro Community channels for reference: [...]
(from a recent email message to Debian Miro Community admins)
Your Site is Now Running Miro Community 1.2!
We have just migrated to the latest version of Miro Community. From here forward, we're asking our heaviest users to help support ongoing software development and server costs by upgrading to a paid account, which is very easy to do!
This release limits some features you currently use. You will have 2 weeks to upgrade your account or you will no longer be able to use the following features.
* You have more than one administrator. If you choose to remain at the Basic account level, the following administrators will lose admin privileges: valessio tiago
* You have 556 published videos. If you do not upgrade your account, we will unpublish the oldest videos to keep you within the 500 video limit. You can also cull videos you no longer want at [...]
Although I understand Miro Community needs of releasing paid accounts, I think the features are now too restricted for non-premium users.So, at the end I have to thank Valessio for his amazing CSS work on this and Holger for warning me in time to not announce Debian Miro Community as an official channel for Debconf videos.It seems Miro will unpublish 56 videos from our channel in two weeks. I'm thinking about keeping there only Debconf videos, which should then fit on their new quota... At least until we find another place to publish them. Suggestions are very welcome. Debconf and other Debian videos are currently hosted at Debconf videos feeds are available at and corresponding thumbnails at

22 January 2011

Debian News: Join us in the countdown to Squeeze

The release team announced Squeeze will be released the weekend of the 5th-6th of February.

Join us in the final countdown! Squeeze Countdown

The banner was made by mvd based on Valessio s theme Spacefun.You are welcome to link it from your website.

While you are waiting, you can also update your Lenny systems to 5.0.8.

16 November 2010

Lior Kaplan: SpaceFun is really fun!

With today regular update from unstable an update to desktop-base package has brought the SpaceFun theme to Debian. This change made my feel like a child with a new shiny toy (: Take you Valessio Brito for this theme it looks great. p.s. As Rapha l mentioned, help is needed to integrated the rest of the theme to other packages.
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11 November 2010

Raphaël Hertzog: Debian Squeeze artwork selected by the desktop team

It looks like the desktop team has selected the artwork (including wallpaper and GDM theme) for the upcoming Debian 6.0 release. The winner of the small contest is SpaceFun by Valessio Brito. Included below is the splash screen, click here to see all the pictures. The other options in the poll were Nightly, Ciel and Lisp Machine. Thanks to the artists who participated in this contest! But the work is not over yet: while the artwork has been selected, it still needs to be integrated in the system. If you feel like helping by creating a theme for a display manager (GDM/KDM/SLIM) or for the Grub boot loader, please drop a mail to (subscribe here).
Be informed early by following me on, Twitter or Facebook.

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31 October 2010

Stefano Zacchiroli: mini debconf paris - success

I'm just back home after Paris mini-DebConf. I'm happy, excited, and exhausted almost as if it had been a full fledged DebConf. That's enough in my book to consider the event a complete success. As far as I know, it has been the first mini-DebConf held in Paris and about 150 people have come to attend the event from all over Europe. Off the top of my head I've met friends from at least: Spain, UK, France (obviously!), Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece. I'm still very much impressed by such a diverse attendance. Initially, I had planned the first "DPL strike" ever (i.e. not doing anything DPL-related) for the duration of the conference, in order to take part into the BSP. That agenda has been pretty much subverted by a last minute emergency, by chatting with loads of people, and by actually finalizing the Debian Sprint Program, which had been at the top of my Debian TODO list for quite a while now. Nonetheless, I've managed to advance a bit on a couple of RC bugs, which belong to the "annoying/pointless/but-still-valid" category. They are not solved yet, but I hope to have good news to share soon. Bottom line: I loved the event. and I've even managed to avoid getting killed by my (local) family for taking part in a Debian-weekend after an almost full week of Debian traveling, which is another success on its own right :-) Closing advice: beside some last minute legwork, I did essentially nothing to organize this mini-DebConf, your kudos should be better directed to Carl Chenet and Mehdi Dogguy for the organization. Other gifts such as bug fixes can be directed to the speakers, sponsors, and loads of other helpers from Debian France and not in particular Xavier Oswald, Valessio Brito, Tanguy Ortolo, Nattie Mayer-Hutchings, Luca Capello, Stephane Glondu, and others which surely I'm forgetting to mention here (sorry about that). Kudos folks ... let's do it again next year! (SCNR)

18 August 2010

Gunnar Wolf: Thanks, Debian!

This Monday, Debian celebrated its 17th birthday. Yay! I was invited to celebrate the birthday at HacklabZAM, but could not make it due to the time (17:00-19:00, and I was just leaving work by 19:00), but still, had some beers with long-time geekish friends Iv n Chavero, Rolando Cedillo, Manuel Rabade and Od n Mojica. Nice hanging around, good beer+pizza time, and explicit congratulations to Debian. On the Debian front, Margarita Manterola, Maximiliano Curia, Valessio Brito and Raphael Geissert came up with a very fun Debian appreciation day page. It even included a (slight) hijacking of the bug tracking system's Web interface, showing happy fun balloons! Guys, thanks for a good laugh, and thanks for providing a vehicle for getting the users' thanks to the project! All in all, that was a great reminder to what we have been repeating as a mantram throughout the last years: Lets keep Debian fun!

Margarita Manterola: Debian Appreciation Day Recap

It's been a couple of very interesting days. The site was quite a success, and a lot of credit is due to Valessio's awesome balloons. Even though I didn't do much marketing about it, the site was linked on Slashdot, LWN, Ubuntu's and Debian's website, Planet, the BTS, and quite a number of blogs. We received almost 3000 thank you messages, from all over the world. Even though the site was in English, many people felt inspired to leave their thank you messages in their languages, if you browse over the site, you'll find messages in Turkish, Chinese, Russian and many other languages. On that matter, I was particularly amazed at this message in persian, which displays properly even inside mutt. Not too surprising, one of the things that people most value of Debian is the package management. The apt team got a lot of thank you messages, and many of the ones directed to the whole community also mention apt and upgrades as something very valuable I find it very interesting that many of the messages, came from Ubuntu users, stating that even though they use Ubuntu, they really value the work done by Debian. A number of posts also mention sidux, knoppix and mint among the many derivatives. Many people stated the many years that they use Debian, some of them have just started, some have been using Debian for quite a while.
I was happily surprised by a number of posts that included a thank you message to "guys/gals" or "guys and girls". And the image used in the "hackergotchi" of this message really brightened my day. Finally, I'm sorry that some people were annoyed by the thank you messages. For next year, we can try to do something a bit different and hopefully not annoy those who were annoyed this time. I do think that once in a while it's nice to be able to receive some of that much love that the users have for Debian and we rarely get to know about.

16 August 2010

Stefano Zacchiroli: happy birthday debian

Dear Debian, today you turn 17 ... ... happy birthday! I've already argued how you're in very good health now that you're close to the major age and how unique and important you are for the whole ecosystem of free software. So, no, I won't insist on that here. Still, today sounds like a good day to say thank you, Debian for being here promoting software freedom and showing to the world that all this can be done do-ocratically, democratically, relying on volunteer work and donations. If you too think Debian deserves being thanked for what it is giving to the world, just say thank you, Debian . My first (meta) thank you messages go to Marga, Maxy, Valessio, Raphael, Ana, and Rhonda for ideating and spreading the 1st Debian Appreciation Day ever. Update: fix 404 Penta b0rkage in the slides link

Margarita Manterola: Debian Appreciation Day

Today is Debian's Birthday, and for a while I've wanted to do something special on this date. In order to raise the general motivation of the project, have a special day when everyone is invited to thank those that make our lives easier. However long I have wanted to do this, I haven't had that much time to prepare the site itself. I've spent the past two days getting it working, with the help of Maxy, Valessio and Raphael, but there's still a lot more work to do. In any case, it's already usable at: I invite you to use it to send thanks to those that work on Debian. The code is temporarily hosted at, but I plan to move it to alioth as soon as I'm not so rushed to finish it. Bugs & Patches much appreciated!

Debian News: Happy Birthday Debian!

Happy 17 birthday Debian!

Image made by Valessio Brito (sources), with some elements taken from the Open Clip Art Library.

You also can thank your favorite Debian team, maintainer or tell how much you like Debian at

3 August 2010

Tiago Bortoletto Vaz: Live Debconf10

Thanks to Val ssio you can enjoy all this modern web stuff for DC10 :)