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11 November 2010

Evgeni Golov: OpenRheinRuhr 13/14 November 2010

openrheinruhr logoOn the 13/14 November 2010 there is a nice event in the so called Ruhrpott : OpenRheinRuhr. And I d like to invite YOU :)What should you expect from heading to the RIM in Oberhausen and paying 5 entry-fee? You get a nice program full of great talks (like mine about bley ;), mikas about OpenSource management, tokkees about Git and XTarans about cli-helpers and unknown tools), a bunch of nice people showing you their distro, software, etc (Debian is there too), a social event, a keysigning party and a lot of hacking and fun. So if you are somewhere nearby, join us and enjoy the event!

German version (sorry planet debian readers ;)):Am 13/14 November findet im Pott die OpenRheinRuhr statt, zu der ich euch alle herzlichst einladen moechte.Was kann man erwarten, wenn man den Weg ins RIM in Oberhausen gefunden hat und die 5 Eintritt bezahlt hat? Euch erwartet ein Programm voller Talks (zB meiner ueber bley ;), mikas ueber OpenSource Management, tokkees ueber Git und XTarans ueber Helfer auf der Kommandozeile and anderere unbekannte Tools), viele Aussteller, die die eigene Distro, Software oder was auch immer anpreisen (Debian ist natuerlich auch da), ein Social Event, eine Keysigning Party und natuerlich viel Rumgehacke und Spass. Also, jeder der grad irgendwie in der Naehe ist oder in die Naehe kommen kann: ab nach Oberhausen und geniesst ein freies Wochenende! :)

6 August 2010

Thorsten Glaser: FrOSCon 2010 and other sundries

The FrOSCon 5 - 21./22. August 2010 booth plans have finalised, I am rather content:

	               I   STANDPLAN FROSCON 2010
	  F reeWRT
	  M irBSD
	  D ebian
	                     C = Collectd
	 C     G rml

This is especially good, as XTaran will be shared among (at least) Debian, Grml, FreeWRT; same for me plus of course MirBSD; kimnotyze is FreeWRT but may help with MirBSD; benz and gecko2 probably are MirBSD but gecko2 could help with FreeWRT, tokkee was interested in FreeWRT too anyway.

Some days, you just love software.

	Aug  6 13:55:01 blau firesomething-bin: stack overflow
	    in function VFY_EndWithSignature
	Aug  6 13:55:01 blau /bsd: signal 6 received by
	    (firesomething-bi:1146) UID(2999) EUID(2999),
	    parent (sh:9059) UID(2999) EUID(2999)

Thus, let me re terate it for all of you:
(removed from Planet Debian) Well, now that the Debian Release Managers have sent their freezing bits around *shudder* Squeeze is frozen. Well, at least everything I have my hands in has migrated. I m still not persuaded. I also can t decide which looks worse (KDE 4 or Win 7), tending towards KDE 4 (Read on for more controverse/questionable statements.)

15 February 2009

Holger Levsen: FOSDEM videos released

In a nice coincedence with the release of Lenny (cheers!!1), the low-quality versions of the videos from the Debian DevRoom at FOSDEM 2009 are available now!

Better quality versions will be encoded and uploaded by Ben over the next days. I'd also like to collect the slides from the talks there, so if you had a talk there, please send them to Wouter and/or me, and Wouter, please send me the slides you collected on the presetation computer ;-)

Basically I'm very happy with our results, excpet for two things: sadly the computer running dvswitch wasn't powerful enough to do picture in picture (and due to time constraints we weren't able to switch to a more powerful one), so we'll have to plan this better next year. And second, I have no real clue how useful our streaming efforts are, I believe the recordings are useful, but in both cases feedback from people who find them useful is appreciated! Covering FOSDEM is certainly a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work and leaves not much room for seeing other parts of the conference. So a short reply (I'll post this to d-d-a with reply-to set to -project) will be very much appreciated! :)

Big thanks go to Womble2, edrz, xerrako, Q_, danielsan, DaCa, tokkee, luca, Yoe, Ganneff, franklin, huhn, luk, CarlFK, daven and some more volunteers I cannot remember right now! Also not to be forgotten the FOSDEM crew & volunteers for an awesome event and the people from CCC Hamburg who came by car and took a lot of audio/video/computer equipment for us (and left 90min later than planned! Thanks again!)! And also Debian (via the DPL) for some 120 Euros to rent equiqment and for buying batteries and the always needed duct-tape!

12 February 2009

Sebastian Harl: Airport security ...

Supposedly, my low, casual shoes contain some longish and slender piece of metal in the sole. At least, that's what the X-rays at the airport detected when I was flying back from FOSDEM. While it isn't shaped like a typical knife, I didn't know how to tell it apart from a potentially hidden blade. Well, I guess that's what the people doing the security control are trained for ... Interestingly enough, it was only detected at the Zurich airport - neither the metal detectors in Nuremberg nor those in Brussels seemed to care about it.

20 January 2009

Sebastian Harl: I'm going to FOSDEM 2009

I'm going to FOSDEM

8 September 2008

Michael Prokop: FAI developer meeting in Extremadura/Spain

For the last few days I’ve been in the city Badajoz in region Extremadura of Spain at the FAI developer meeting. Check out the Linex Euronews Video at youtube to get a short impression of Linux in the region. Lessions learnt: <insider>
FAI Comic - Image

22 February 2008

Sebastian Harl: collectd 4.3.0 uploaded to unstable

Yesterday, collectd 4.3.0-1 has been uploaded to Debian unstable. The most important changes since 3.x are (in chronological order): See the changelog for details. About collectd:
collectd is a small daemon which collects system information periodically and provides mechanisms to monitor and store the values in a variety of ways. It is written in C for performance. Since the daemon doesn't need to startup every time it wants to update the values it's very fast and easy on the system and allows very fine-grained statistics.

26 August 2007

Sebastian Harl: FrOSCon 2007: Debian on a Lego robot

Debian on a Lego robot This little Lego robot runs (well, drives) with Debian ;-)

16 June 2007

Aigars Mahinovs: You are next!

We need you ...You are next! Tokkee and I are doing the mugshots this year and we need your cooperation. Mugshots are a great way for people to link the name to a face and remember that link even after several years. Liw did this as his project last year and it was great success - many people have now a better way to link a persons IRC nickname to their face which in turn reduces the tension in communication as you can very easily know who is the person you are speaking to.
There are people who avoid the mugshots and i wanted to ask them to reconsider. Mugshots is not a beauty pageant - in Debian people are judged by their merits. Mugshots are useful tools in future on-line communications, tools that could reduce the aggressiveness and flammability in the Debian IRC and mailing lists.
It is not the holy grail, but it helps. So I ask every participant of Debconf - help us make this mugshot gallery complete by contributing your own picture. And thank you very much to the many people that already did.
If you want to have your mugshot taken then listen out to when mugshot sessions are taking place - we take all mugshots in front of the cafeteria door, usually during the food times, so you have easy time finding me and tokkee there. UPDATE: First 120 mugshots are uploaded here. Next mugshot shooting session will be tomorrow - on the 18th of June, during scheduled lunch and dinner.

15 June 2007

Bernd Zeimetz: debcamp hacklab

debcamp hacklab Although we ve moved into a different room a few minutes ago, here s a little pano from yesterday, thanks to tokkee s cam, hugin, autopano-sift and gimp :-D Update: Here s another hackish pano of one of the hacklabs we re using since today. The stitching is not perfect again, I ll probably fix this when I m home again - or not ;-)

14 August 2006

Norbert Tretkowski: Productive weekend

Last weekend was quite productive. First, Joerg Jaspert updated the dak installation on, which means we can also use ~ in version numbers. What does it mean? We no longer need to lower the Debian revision of the version number, 1.2.3-4 becomes 1.2.3-4~foo instead 1.2.3-3foo. Martin F. Krafft suggested to use 1.2.3-4~bpo.1 instead 1.2.3-4~bpo1, and I like the idea, it looks indeed better. Daniel Baumann already modified the contribute page on our website. Speaking about the website... it's now based on a wiki, thanks to Sebastian Harl, who implemented the old website design into the new Dokuwiki installation. If you want an account to edit something, just drop me a mail.