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7 December 2011

Kees Cook: juju bug fixing

My earlier post on juju described a number of weird glitches I ran into. I got invited by hazmat on IRC (freenode #juju) to try to reproduce the problems so we could isolate the trouble. Fix #1: use the version from the PPA. The juju setup documentation doesn t mention this, but it seems that adding juju-origin: ppa to your ~/.juju/environment.yaml is a good idea. I suggest it be made the default, and to link to the full list of legal syntax for the environment.yaml file. I was not able to reproduce the missing-machines-at-startup problem after doing this, but perhaps it s a hard race to lose. Fix #2: don t use terminate-machine . :P There seems to be a problem around doing the following series of commands: juju remove-unit FOO/N; juju terminate-machine X; juju add-unit FOO . This makes the provisioner go crazy, and leaves all further attempts to add units stick in pending forever. Big thank you to hazmat and SpamapS for helping debug this.

2011, Kees Cook. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
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