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17 June 2007

Meike Reichle: What I learned during my thesis ...

Right, so as announced I finished my thesis this week. Its translated title is (if anyone want to know)

"Design and Implementation of a Model for the Retrieval of Free/Libre Open Source Software using a Case-Based Reasoning System".

Writing it certainly was an educational experience but I am still happy it's done now. Especially the last weeks where rather unfunny, more so since about ten days before my deadline we had a massive heat wave here in Lower Saxony. Now that it's done I am still waiting for enthusiam to kick in. So far weariness still prevails. Maybe also because finishing my thesis does not yet end my studies. We also have to do written and oral examinations which will take place in July and after. So at the moment I spend my days mostly sleeping and trying to muster up enough wanderlust for my trip to DebConf7. (At the moment the prospect of traveling long distance with trains and cheap flights and then be surrounded by a few hundred happy people is still rather daunting.) Anyway, in order to give an impression of my last weeks and months and to sum this all up, a list of random notes, taken during the last weeks, of what I learned while writing my thesis: