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9 April 2012

M nica Ram rez Arceda: From non-DD to DD

Two weeks ago I became a Debian Developer. I must say this made me very very happy! In fact, I still can't believe it But what makes me really happy is to continue collaborating in this great community. When you change your status from non-DD to DD, you must do some changes in your configurations. I've written a recipe about this called Non-DD to DD steps, maybe it can be useful for future incoming DDs. If someone detects an error, please tell me, I'll be glad of fixing it. Besides this, I don't want to finish this post without thanking publicly everybody that has given me a helping hand. First of all I want to thank ana, my tireless mentor and main sponsor, and mentors list as well as mentors IRC channel, for being always there. Also, I want to thank hauke, who uploaded my first little contribution and encouraged me a lot, francesca, with who I had the pleasure to work a little bit on past IRC trainig sessions, all people who have encouraged me (including greoga, rmayorga, asheesh, jordi, anibal and Debian Women Team), hyperair for helping me on packaging, lucas for clarifying my doubts about QA massive bugs filing, all members of OpenStreetMap Team for their help, lfaraone, my AM, and finally but not less important I thank all people I met in Debconf11 that make me find out that Debian is greater than I thought (agi, frequena, gunnar, vicho, tincho, sanvila, enrico and more!). I'm sure I'm forgetting someone yes, you! But I'm sure you'll forgive me, you know, memory is not my best quality ;-) Thanks!!!

13 June 2011

René Mayorga: I think I can said that I ll go to DebConf11

Well, I booked my plane tickets on March, but there was some $JOB related problems, since the company where I work is facing a merge(and I was pretty sure that I will finish being unemployed), so I was really sad that I ll have to drop my plans and loose some money, but so far everything looks ok, I m lucky and the government did not approve the merge and asked for more bureaucratic documents, this give us one year more, so I can finally say that I ll go to DebConf11 :) This year I m planning to came a bit early and stay at least two days on DebCamp, my work plan is to work on pkg-boinc s long TODO list, I m really happy since I missed DebConf10, long time without see some Debian friends faces :)

1 October 2010

René Mayorga: Squeeze will have Boinc 6.10.58

Thanks to the efforts made by Steffen, and recently the great work from Daniel(Boinc s Ubuntu maintainer, and now member of pkg-boinc team) Squeeze will have boinc 6.10.58 \o/. If you are curious you can see all changes since 6.2.14(Current version on lenny) The main feature for this release is that now nvidia and ATI users can use their GPU with boinc(they need to download the non-free libs and apply some workarounds). And if you read trough here, and you are a boinc user and want to help us, please send an email to, we need freshblood there :)

23 September 2010

René Mayorga: 27 years

Yes, 27 years(earth year) spinning around the sun(our sun). Almost 11 years knowing about free software, and 10 years using Debian, and almost 4 years trying to work on Debian. At least for me is a good time to say cheers!, holding a beer and keep trying to still be around for at least 27 years more :)

19 March 2010

René Mayorga: MiniDebConf Panam 2010

Finally, after almost 6 months of planing, this event is coming and will be start tomorrow, this is really great, There was a first attempt, and an idea to do a local(central-america based) Debian gathering on 2007 IIRC, now it will happen :) (almost 3 years later and at the same country). There was a lot of things that actually change since the fitst attempt, now Central-america has a more strong FLOSS Community, and now this event is possible, and it will happen this weekend yay! I really need to say thanks to Anto, Mauro Rosero, David, Caro and Gunnar, but I realize that doing all the orga stuffs was hard, I was quite involved since January, and I really say that you need a lot of work and energy to make a small event like this happen, but right now while I still sitting at home trying to finish to prepare my talks I realize that there was a lot of hard work put on this from everyone, and I m really happy to attend this gathering, also I hope that this event do something good on the local FLOSS people, since we have quite nice people here, but they are afraid to contribute, this is the chance to work together and push a bit to get more contributors from central-america.

13 December 2009

René Mayorga: I have my netbook back

Well, not exactly today, but this Tuesday I when to the Acer s tech support to reclaim my netbook, as many people said on the first post, the problem was the CPU Fan, they just replace the Fan, and then put the HDD again and tested the hardware, so far everything looks ok, Now I need to catch up again with some Debian work, I have some people asking me to sponsor some packages, and I stil have a couple of bugs that was solved on my local git repo.

5 December 2009

René Mayorga: Acer support, so far looks nice

Yesterday I went to the local support service center for Acer at El Salvador, I realize that I bought my Acer One on Dic 21 2008, so the warranty is still valid :) , my first concern was my HDD, since at the time the netbook fails I did have a copy of my GPG Key on a non encrypted file system, also all my data was on the HDD and I did not want to leave my computer with my data on the hands of a $RANDOM tech support. It took me like 15 minutes to convince the representative to remove my HDD before I leave the netbook, but they agree, and they even agree on let me see when they remove the HDD before give it to me, for me this looks like a nice tech support, I actually thought that they will refuse to follow this extrange request, and I even thought that they will be refuse to admit the computer, since the original OS was no longer installed. The netbook should be up and running this Thursday yay! :)

30 November 2009

René Mayorga: R.I.P Acer One

This weekend while I was on Guatemala just a few hours before to give a talk, my acer one decided to suddenly shut down, I tried to started again, remove the battery, plug the charger, etc, I actually even tried to boot it with some liv-usb distro, but the netbook keep shutting down a few seconds after boot :( I m still not sure what happend to the computer, it could be the motherboard or the HDD, I still have to check if it can be fixed Sadly, this was my main computer, I always used for almost everything, even for task when building a package tooked 50 minutes :p, but I m lucky since I did not loose any senssitive data (in case the problem is the HDD), and I still have other computers where I can work, but I still need to get used to a bigger screen/keyboard.

23 September 2009

René Mayorga: /me -> 0 1a

Yes, one year more on the count.. thanks to everyone who said something on IRC/IM/SMS/Phone/etc.

21 September 2009

René Mayorga: The Creative Commons Hot sauce

I Found this on a both of the SFD at San Jose Costa Rica,The Sauce was really good, but I actually was amused for the really good name(picante) and the funny design of the bottle. BTW, the recipe is license under CC-BY-SA picante The three photos taked by Daniel C spedes are here. UPDATE: The actual recipe is attached to the bottle, but here is a picture

5 June 2009

René Mayorga: June and July two events to attend, DebConf and ECSL

and Being a lot time without any post but finally I see the things more clear, I changed my $paid-job on March, I leave my sysadmin job on a midle-range local ISP, to go on a sort of similar job in another one, more big company, first I though that this will give me more spare time but I was wrong, at least for the first months, but at this time I m finally getting enough time to rest, but not enough time to devote to some Debian tasks(but things will change!!). but looks like everything is going better, I get my $paid-job permission to go to DebConf, and I will also attending just 2 days to ECSL; ECSL is Encuentro Centroamericano de Software Libre , it is actually the first gathering with people related to Free Software communities on this small area(Central America), we expect about 100 people from Central America, Mexico, and some other places, this is could be a nice opportunity to create efforts on a region that is having political and social efforts to integrate all countries in a political/social block. So, see you all at C ceres and Gunnar, see you on ECSL at Estel :)

13 May 2009

Jonathan McDowell: Breaking the Web of Trust

With all the discussion about SHA-1 weaknesses and generation of new OpenPGP keys going on there's some concern about how the web of trust will be affected. I'm particularly interested in the impact on Debian; while it's possible to add new keys and keep the old ones around that hasn't worked so well for us with the migration away from PGPv3 keys. We still have 125 v3 keys left, many of them for users who also have a v4 key but haven't asked for the v3 key to be removed or responded to my email prodding them about it. I don't want to repeat that.

So if we're looking at key replacement we need to have some idea about where our Web of Trust currently stands, and what effect various changes might have on it. I managed to find the keyrings Debian shipped all the way back to slink and ran the keyanalyze and cwot stats against them. I then took the current keyring, pull in all the updates for the keys in it (so that any signatures from newly generated keys would be included) and ran the stats again. Finally I took details of 12 key migrations (mostly from Debian Planet but also a couple of others I knew about) and calculated what the effect of removing each key would be. These stats are cumulative and I replaced the most well connected (by centrality) keys first.

The results are below.

1999-02-06 (slink)22836(15.78%)50 (21.92%)2.9022
2000-01-03 (potato)375104 (27.73%)180 (48.00%)4.3382
2001-09-22 (woody)948538 (56.75%)704 (74.26%)4.73202008.6249
2005-05-28 (sarge/etch) 1106883 (79.83%)969 (87.61%)3.34852074.6604
2007-12-0411911001 (84.04%)1062 (89.16%)3.11032113.3747
2009-01-18 (lenny)1126947 (84.10%)1010 (89.69%)3.04891941.2594
2009-04-04 (squeeze/sid)1121946 (84.38%)1008 (89.91%)3.04661936.9761
2009-05-06 (current)1067894 (83.78%)958 (89.78%)2.96701759.4363
base1067904 (84.72%)959 (89.87%)2.96401776.4389
update-93sam1067902 (84.53%) 958 (89.78%)2.97341780.9874
update-joerg1067900 (84.34%) 958 (89.78%)2.97761780.7578
update-aurel321067898 (84.16%) 957 (89.69%)2.98031779.2497
update-noodles1067896 (83.97%) 956 (89.59%)2.98311777.8326
update-jaldhar1067896 (83.97%) 955 (89.50%)2.98551779.9193
update-srivasta1067896 (83.97%) 955 (89.50%)2.99041784.3382
update-ana1067895 (83.88%) 954 (89.40%)2.99261784.3102
update-nobse1067893 (83.69%) 953 (89.31%)2.99471782.2392
update-neilm1067892 (83.59%) 951 (89.12%)2.99741782.6098
update-reg1067891 (83.50%) 950 (89.03%)2.99771780.8515
update-rmayorga1067890 (83.41%) 949 (88.94%)2.99841779.4910
update-evgeni1067889 (83.31%) 948 (88.84%)2.99741776.6445

This is actually more hopeful than I thought. There's an obvious weakening as a result of the migrations, but the MSD stays under 3 and the centrality stays fairly constant too. The reachable/SCS counts do decrease, but at this point it looks fairly linear rather than an instant partition. Of course the more keys that are removed the more likely this is to drop off suddenly. Counteracting that DebConf9 is coming up which will provide a good opportunity for normally geographically disperse groups to cross sign, reinforcing the WoT for these new keys.

Either way I at least have a better handle on the current state of play, which gives me something to work with when thinking about how to proceed. For now, bed.

10 May 2009

René Mayorga: Yes, another post about a new key

Looks, like a meme, but it is not :), I ve always wanted to move from DSA to RSA, but now looks like I have a better reason, so, here is my new key: pub 4096R/E0B7D6BE 2009-05-10
Huella de clave = 3CD5 93CF AF09 08BE 7C74 A8F5 BB20 AC20 E0B7 D6BE
uid Ren Mayorga <>
uid Ren Mayorga <> I don t have any DDs around, so I ll wait until debconf to get this key sign,

21 February 2009

Ren&#233; Mayorga: It is already too late to say this, but welcome to Lenny \o/

I start to move some servers when lenny was freeze, and did not have any complain, the update was really smooth; but I still let some servers to be migrated just at the end of the release cycle, and sure, they fail I actually have some fun migrating freeradius and cacti, and note that I actually will have more fun migrating asterisk and openser servers, but for the sake of this release, is the fun that every BOFH should expect, and also, cheers and thanks to everyone who work on this release :)

19 January 2009

Ren&#233; Mayorga: yay!, I m a Debian Developer \o/

following the traditional post.
I got an email today, telling me that I m a full Debian Developer now, I started my NM process on 2007-12-10 it took a bit more then a year, and now I m the first DD of El Salvador I have to thanks to all people that help me out, anibal, gregoa, dmn, mlt(Marcela), xerakko, twerner, benh and some more people that I don t remember.

8 January 2009

Ren&#233; Mayorga: New toy

Today I got my Acer One AOA150, is a really nice device, Unfortunately this model did not come with GNU/Linux, so I sadly have to still pay the microsoft tax :( But the good point is that the Debian installation was a breeze, really simple, almost all hardware just works out of the box, BTW thanks to the guys who wrote my goal is to get used to this laptop and made it my main work laptop, I ve always be a big fan of smalls laptops so this is a kind of a really nice device for me I guess. I also always note that a lot of people complain about the small keyboards on the mini-laptops , but I did not find such a pain, there is still a need to get used to it, but with a couple of hours using it, seeings comfortable enough for me.

6 January 2009

Ren&#233; Mayorga: Yearly statistics for one Debian mirror

I got this afternoon the logs from the only one Debian mirror on El Salvador(, the mirror is hosted on Universidad de El Salvador .
so I decide to get some statistics from there. First, lets get the hits per month, I count unique IPs per day over the months to take this stats
Unique IP hits per month on 2008

Unique IP hits per month on 2008

The mirror is hosted on the main campus of the public university from El Salvador. I actually have no access to this server but there are some good friends taking care of it. There are some months that the mirror was actually shut down and that is the reason why the graph shows no hits, those outages was caused by political issues, yes political issues. As a sign of protest some students took the control of the campus that cause that all the communications, including data center and the mirror was cut. The mirror only serve two architectures, i386 and amd64. I was intrigued about the most used arch, no surprises there:
architectures hits per year

architectures hits per year

Over 2008 the most used arch was i386

21 December 2008

Ren&#233; Mayorga: Hello planet Debian!

just saying hi, if you read this post my name is Ren Mayorga, I live in San Salvador the capitol city from El Salvador, that was my raw introduction. So, hello, this is my first post on planet Debian, there is nothing more to tell about me, I m just following the tradition to say hello here :) I m currently at the NM process, and I here at this planet just to try to get to you guys the point of view from a random guy at central america :)..