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3 November 2020

Martin Michlmayr: ledger2beancount 2.5 released

I released version 2.5 of ledger2beancount, a ledger to beancount converter. Here are the changes in 2.5: Thanks to input from Remco R nders, Yuri Khan, and Thierry. Thanks to Stefano Zacchiroli and Kirill Goncharov for testing my changes. You can get ledger2beancount from GitHub

4 September 2006

Dann Frazier: iLO 2 - bye-bye remcons, hello vsp

HP ProLiant servers have a device called the iLO that lets you do things like get remote console, power cycle, etc. There's a java interface for getting a graphics console, but I've always been more than happy to ssh into the device and use the "remcons" command, which lets me view the VGA console remotely. It only deals with text, but why do I need framebuffer/X on a remote server anyway? Anyway, I just received a new "G5" system, which has an updated controller called "iLO 2". So I ssh in to install it and, surprise, the remcons command is gone. So, I spent a few days playing with this machine, trying to avoid installing a Java plugin or actually walking into the machine room with a monitor/keyboard. What I did discover is that the ssh interface has a "Virtual Serial Port" option, and I can configure the BIOS to redirect its output through the serial port. Turns out, this is actually better than remcons - remcons somehow captured the text being displayed via VGA, probably by snooping the framebuffer. This resulted in a oft difficult to read display due to random artifacts. But, good ol' serial doesn't have this problem - pump it up to 115200, and its quite interactive and easy to read. So, to all of the people for whom I've suggested the remcons command in the past, try vsp instead - its a lot nicer.