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8 September 2007

James Morrison: Belo Horizonte

I finally made it into Brazil today. I have to say, the customs here was awesome. The guy looked at my passport, said "Yup, that's a work visa", stamped my passport and let me in without any other comments. Canadian customs is more annoying that that. My guess is that no one has authority in Brazil, so when something is actually accomplished there isn't any second guesses.

The flights over here were pretty good, I got a flight to Miami instead of NYC, then to Rio, then an early flight to Belo which landed 5 hours earlier than the flight I was expecting to take.

For my first night here, I am classing it up with a bottle of beer, a razor and a can of pringles. I think the beard has gotten way too scruffy, so I need to clean it up before I try to party with any Brazillians.

30 June 2007

James Morrison: Dancing gorilla

That 3k run in this gorilla suit was too easy, so there was dancing gorillas afterwards.

James Morrison: Sarah

For those that don't know who Sarah is, here is a picture.

25 June 2007

James Morrison: Bike Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised a while ago.

22 June 2007

James Morrison: Liberal meme

I found the results at fight conservatives. In a popup, I got "You're so Liberal you didn't even take the test! Do you own a Prius?". Actually, I don't own a car at all :)

15 June 2007

James Morrison: Knackered

I know the proper word for the state I'm in now: Knackered!

26 May 2007

James Morrison: New Bike!

I bought myself a beautiful black fixie today. The ride is nice and smooth! Now if only I could find the usb cable for my camera to post pictures.

9 April 2007

James Morrison: 13 going on 30

5 drink minimum. I actually suggest 8. Even if you are cheap drunk.

29 March 2007

James Morrison: Speeding up the internet

I had some conversation this weekend about what makes the internet slow. The following snippet from my /etc/hosts file shows how I've managed to keep the internet fast and avoid some rather annoying blinking websites:

14 March 2007

James Morrison: Bums

I've got bums arguing outside my living room window. Sometimes being in the Haight has its downsides. Why can't they go argue in the park like good bums?

24 February 2007

James Morrison: crack

Last weekend (I have a post I'll finish soon about that) was getting up at the crack of dawn, this weekend is getting up at the crack of noon. It's good to get up early :)

23 February 2007

James Morrison: Crazy friday

Wow, today is nuts, I've gotten 3.75 invites to parties for only tonight. That's 3 real invites, an invite to crash a games night and critical mass. So 3 events in the city and 2 in mtn view. Well, the christmas tree that's still up and a huge bottle of Jaeger have made my choice. Why did I move to the city again?

21 February 2007

Martin F. Krafft: Beige

"Beige is not a colour, beige it'll become all on its own" (source unknown)
I am sorry, though. NP: Barclay James Harvest / Gone to Earth

20 February 2007

James Morrison: Laundry accident

I managed to have my first real laundry accident today. I washed a bunch of new orange shirts with everything else and anything white came out beige.

31 January 2007

James Morrison: Waterloo and forgetful

Well, I made it to waterloo safely and on time. I've only forgotten a few things this trip, a power cable for my laptop, extra documentation, and to tell my parents.

16 December 2006

James Morrison: I found my line

It's puking on my window. Great party(ies) otherwise.

14 December 2006

James Morrison: Flying

So, I spend about 24 hours flying last week. However, it wasn't nearly as much fun as flying today was.

9 December 2006

James Morrison: Wow, it's time to sleep

So I got home from a place that is best described a meat market meets speed dating at the cost of a strip club, or worse. Overall, it was an experience to be had. I danced with some girls, got some phone numbers, lost a phone number, perhaps caused by a second girl putting her number in my rented phone. Oh yeah, and no one spoke English.

8 December 2006

James Morrison: Dancing Seoul

I've managed to go out dancing all night long (until 7am) two days in a row. There are some good parties in Seoul. Sleep is definitely not for this week.

1 December 2006

James Morrison: TOGA!!!

My toga rocks! That is all.