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18 April 2015

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2015/11-16

only one week left until the jessie release. yay! in the last weeks I didn't find many RC bugs that I could fix; still, here's the short list; nice feature: I mostly help others or could build an work done by others.

24 June 2012

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2012/25

good news of the RCBW week: more & more patches from people I haven't seen before in the BTS. keep them coming!

3 September 2011

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2011/21 - 2011/35

over 3 months without a posting about my RC bug squashing activities. that also means I hardly looked at any bugs in packages I'm not (co-)maintaining. anyway, here's the list of fixed RC bugs:

23 May 2011

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2011/11 - 2011/20

long time no post about my RC bug fixing activities. & indeed, I haven't been very active during the last weeks. here's a quick update; it includes two NMUs done for the perl 5.12 transition, the rest is just "normal" maintainance work (interesting to see how much stuff can break behind our backs ...). I still hope to find some more time in the future to look at other RC bugs; after all we want to have a not-too-long freeze for wheezy, don't we?

13 March 2011

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2011/08 - 2011/10

again, nothing exciting to report. as you can see below, I've only worked on pkg-perl packages. we get a surprising amount of FTBFS bugs at the moment; many of them caused by changes in depended-upon packages, some also by human errors (like not building in a chroot and missing build dependencies upfront). at least the latter could be avoided quite easily ...

20 February 2011

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2011/03 - 2011/07

squeeze is released but this doesn't mean the end of the ordinary RC bug; old ones are still around, & new ones keep floating in.

as a short reminder to take the occasional look at the RC bug list I'm again posting what I've done in the last weeks. as you can see no NMUs but only work on packages I have a relation to, & often only uploading packages prepared by others (yeah teamwork!).

16 January 2011

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2011/01 - 2011/02

new year, new RC bugs most of the fixes below are for newly reported bugs in versions that don't affect squeeze. the rest are mainly uploads of packages or patches prepared by others.

10 October 2010

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2010/40

a rather active week, although most of my uploads were (again!) either packages prepared by others or packages where I just applied existing patches from the BTS. in case you haven't seen it yet: there will be a BSP at the Mini DebConf Paris at the end of october. .