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21 October 2006

Romain Francoise: The Crawl

I've now purged xmms and bmp from all the systems I use in favor of the all-singing, all-dancing Bongo, which I packaged for Debian a few weeks back. It's great to finally have a decent media player for Emacs, it fills a gap in my computing life I've had for a long time (no, I don't like EMMS, thank you). And Bongo's upstream author is very responsive to feature requests, having implemented all of my suggestions so far!

I also hacked together a logo for Bongo using letters from the Malayalam script, some of them are close enough to Latin letters to allow nice exotic looking logos at minimal cost.

In unrelated news, my productivity has surged upwards since I left all Debian IRC channels and unsubscribed from some Debian mailing lists a few weeks ago. Silence feels wonderful, sometimes.