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3 January 2013

Richard Hartmann: GnuPG key transition statement

Hash: SHA1,SHA512
I am transitioning GPG keys from an old 1024-bit DSA key to a new
4096-bit RSA key.  The old key will continue to be valid for some
time, but I prefer all new correspondance to be encrypted to the new
key, and will be making all signatures going forward with the new key.
This transition document is signed with both keys to validate the
If you have signed my old key, I would appreciate signatures on my new
key as well, provided that your signing policy permits that without
re-authenticating me.
The old key, which I am transitioning away from, is:
  pub   1024D/DFCA34A3 2007-10-07 [expires: 2013-10-24]
    Key fingerprint = FE23 BE62 DF18 72FB C58D  D637 FFAE 0427 DFCA 34A3
The new key, to which I am transitioning, is:
  pub   4096R/95206DD3 2013-01-02 [expires: 2016-01-02]
    Key fingerprint = DF0B FDFF 4A4D DA01 7944  1B8F 6906 4B01 9520 6DD3
To fetch the full new key from a public key server using GnuPG, run:
  gpg --keyserver --recv-key 95206DD3
If you have already validated my old key, you can then validate that
the new key is signed by my old key:
  gpg --check-sigs 95206DD3
If you then want to sign my new key, a simple and safe way to do that
is by using caff (shipped in Debian as part of the "signing-party"
package) as follows:
  caff 95206DD3
Please contact me via e-mail at <>
if you have any questions about this document or this transition.
    Richard Hartmann
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)

3 November 2011

Michal &#268;iha&#345;: Photo gallery, finally

In last weeks, I've finally managed to create my personal gallery, where I could present selection of my photographs. This task was outstanding on my todo list for pretty long time, the major obstacle being selecting photos which to present there. During my sickness few weeks ago, I finally went through most of my photos and chosen the ones which I think are worth presenting. Still I did not manage to go through photos from half year spent in Japan, so these will be added sometimes later. Also most of the pictures miss descriptions, though I'm (slowly) fixing this. From technical side, the gallery is being generated using lazygal with custom theme. You can check the gallery on, I hope you will like it :-).

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16 September 2010

Michal &#268;iha&#345;: Arrows navigation for Lazygal

One of things I missed for quite a long time in Lazygal compared to lot of other galleries is navigation using keys in between the images. Well, it should be easy to implement, shouldn't it? A little bit of googling and reading jQuery documentation and the code is here :-). It seems to work fine in browsers which I use, you can try it yourself.

21 September 2007

Michal &#268;iha&#345;: XMP support for Python

As I produce quite a lot of photos and want to manage them in some reasonable way, I started to look for some tools which can do commenting/tagging/whatever of taken photos. I really don't want these meta data stored outside picture itself, so most of photo managers currently available are not acceptable. When reading Gnome 2.20, I noticed support for XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) in eog. Well I didn't know this standard up to now, but it looks interesting. Especially when open source tools can easily adopt library open sourced by Adobe. I would like to add support for this to Lazygal, but I didn't find any reasonable Python module to work with XMP. There is simple extractor, but nothing what would allow me to easily grab meta data out of file. In fact one solution seems to exist, but it costs almost $300 and is not free software in any way. Or did I just miss something when using Google and some such Python library exists?

28 August 2007

Michal &#268;iha&#345;: Photo album candidate - lazygal

I received number of reactions on my photoalbum post. Several were saying "I'm using some great Perl tool which is not actively maintained anymore.". Well I know such tools. I also used BINS some time ago, but it did break something (I don't recall what exactly right now, it's quite far far away in past) and I was unable to fix it. That was reason I switched to Matew. The other replies were much better. One of them recommended trying lazygal (well it was recommended by it's author). I gave it a try and it seemed to fit my basic needs quite well and extending it's EXIF support was a piece of cake. I will continue to tune it to my needs, but I'm pretty close right now. The hardest thing for me will be to come up with some good looking themes, but I will most likely steal my ones for Matew :-).