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30 June 2020

Norbert Preining: TeX Live Debian update 20200629

More than a month has passed since the last update of TeX Live packages in Debian, so here is a new checkout!
All arch all packages have been updated to the tlnet state as of 2020-06-29, see the detailed update list below. Enjoy. New packages akshar, beamertheme-pure-minimalistic, biblatex-unified, biblatex-vancouver, bookshelf, commutative-diagrams, conditext, courierten, ektype-tanka, hvarabic, kpfonts-otf, marathi, menucard, namedef, pgf-pie, pwebmac, qrbill, semantex, shtthesis, tikz-lake-fig, tile-graphic, utf8add. Updated packages abnt, achemso, algolrevived, amiri, amscls, animate, antanilipsum, apa7, babel, bangtex, baskervillef, beamerappendixnote, beamerswitch, beamertheme-focus, bengali, bib2gls, biblatex-apa, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-phys, biblatex-software, biblatex-swiss-legal, bibleref, bookshelf, bxjscls, caption, ccool, cellprops, changes, chemfig, circuitikz, cloze, cnltx, cochineal, commutative-diagrams, comprehensive, context, context-vim, cquthesis, crop, crossword, ctex, cweb, denisbdoc, dijkstra, doclicense, domitian, dps, draftwatermark, dvipdfmx, ebong, ellipsis, emoji, endofproofwd, eqexam, erewhon, erewhon-math, erw-l3, etbb, euflag, examplep, fancyvrb, fbb, fbox, fei, fira, fontools, fontsetup, fontsize, forest-quickstart, gbt7714, genealogytree, haranoaji, haranoaji-extra, hitszthesis, hvarabic, hyperxmp, icon-appr, kpfonts, kpfonts-otf, l3backend, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, latex-amsmath-dev, latexbangla, latex-base-dev, latexdemo, latexdiff, latex-graphics-dev, latexindent, latex-make, latexmp, latex-mr, latex-tools-dev, libertinus-fonts, libertinust1math, lion-msc, listings, logix, lshort-czech, lshort-german, lshort-polish, lshort-portuguese, lshort-russian, lshort-slovenian, lshort-thai, lshort-ukr, lshort-vietnamese, luamesh, lua-uca, luavlna, lwarp, marathi, memoir, mnras, moderntimeline, na-position, newcomputermodern, newpx, nicematrix, nodetree, ocgx2, oldstandard, optex, parskip, pdfcrop, pdfpc, pdftexcmds, pdfxup, pgf, pgfornament, pgf-pie, pgf-umlcd, pgf-umlsd, pict2e, plautopatch, poemscol, pst-circ, pst-eucl, pst-func, pstricks, pwebmac, pxjahyper, quran, rec-thy, reledmac, rest-api, sanskrit, sanskrit-t1, scholax, semantex, showexpl, shtthesis, suftesi, svg, tcolorbox, tex4ht, texinfo, thesis-ekf, thuthesis, tkz-doc, tlshell, toptesi, tuda-ci, tudscr, twemoji-colr, univie-ling, updmap-map, vancouver, velthuis, witharrows, wtref, xecjk, xepersian-hm, xetex-itrans, xfakebold, xindex, xindy, xltabular, yathesis, ydoc, yquant, zref.

31 October 2017

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2017.20171031-1

Halloween is here, time to upload a new set of scary packages of TeX Live. About a month has passed, so there is the usual big stream up updates. There was actually an intermediate release to get out some urgent fixes, but I never reported the news here. So here are the accumulated changes and updates. My favorite this time is wallcalendar, a great class to design all kind of calendars, it looks really well done. I immediately will start putting one together. On the font side there is the new addition coelacanth. To quote from the README: Coelacanth is inspired by the classic Centaur type design of Bruce Rogers, described by some as the most beautiful typeface ever designed. It aims to be a professional quality type family for general book typesetting. And indeed it is beautiful! Other noteworthy addition is the Spark font that allows creating sparklines in the running text with LaTeX. Enjoy. New packages algobox, amscls-doc, beilstein, bib2gls, coelacanth, crossreftools, dejavu-otf, dijkstra, ducksay, dynkin-diagrams, eqnnumwarn, fetchcls, fixjfm, glossaries-finnish, hagenberg-thesis, hecthese, ifxptex, isopt, istgame, ku-template, limecv, mensa-tex, musicography, na-position, notestex, outlining, pdfreview, spark-otf, spark-otf-fonts, theatre, unitn-bimrep, upzhkinsoku, wallcalendar, xltabular. Updated packages acmart, amsmath, animate, arabluatex, arara, babel, babel-french, bangorexam, baskervillef, beebe, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-source-division, bibletext, bidi, bxjaprnind, bxjscls, bxpapersize, bytefield, classicthesis, cochineal, complexity, cooking-units, curves, datetime2-german, dccpaper, doclicense, docsurvey, eledmac, epstopdf, eqparbox, esami, etoc, fbb, fei, fithesis, fmtcount, fnspe, fonts-tlwg, fontspec, genealogytree, glossaries, glossaries-extra, hecthese, hepthesis, hvfloat, ifplatform, ifptex, inconsolata, jfmutil, jsclasses, ketcindy, knowledge, koma-script, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, langsci, latex2man, latexbug, lato, leadsheets, libertinust1math, listofitems, luatexja, luatexko, luatodonotes, lwarp, markdown, mcf2graph, media9, newtx, novel, numspell, ocgx2, overpic, philokalia, phonenumbers, platex, poemscol, pst-exa, pst-geometrictools, pst-ovl, pst-plot, pst-pulley, pst-tools, pst-vehicle, pst2pdf, pstool, pstricks, pstricks-add, pxchfon, pxjahyper, quran, randomlist, rec-thy, reledmac, robustindex, scratch, skrapport, spectralsequences, tcolorbox, tetex, tex4ht, texcount, texdoc, tikzducks, tikzsymbols, toptesi, translation-biblatex-de, unicode-math, updmap-map, uplatex, widetable, xcharter, xepersian, xetexko, xetexref, xsim, zhlipsum.

26 September 2017

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2017.20170926-1

A full month or more has past since the last upload of TeX Live, so it was high time to prepare a new package. Nothing spectacular here I have to say, two small bugs fixed and the usual long list of updates and new packages. From the new packages I found fontloader-luaotfload and interesting project. Loading fonts via lua code in luatex is by now standard, and this package allows for experiments with newer/alternative font loaders. Another very interesting new-comer is pdfreview which lets you set pages of another PDF on a lined background and add notes to it, good for reviewing. Enjoy. New packages abnt, algobox, beilstein, bib2gls, cheatsheet, coelacanth, dijkstra, dynkin-diagrams, endofproofwd, fetchcls, fixjfm, fontloader-luaotfload, forms16be, hithesis, ifxptex, komacv-rg, ku-template, latex-refsheet, limecv, mensa-tex, multilang, na-box, notes-tex, octave, pdfreview, pst-poker, theatre, upzhkinsoku, witharrows. Updated packages 2up, acmart, acro, amsmath, animate, babel, babel-french, babel-hungarian, bangorcsthesis, beamer, beebe, biblatex-gost, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-source-division, bibletext, bidi, bpchem, bxjaprnind, bxjscls, bytefield, checkcites, chemmacros, chet, chickenize, complexity, curves, cweb, datetime2-german, e-french, epstopdf, eqparbox, esami, etoc, fbb, fithesis, fmtcount, fnspe, fontspec, genealogytree, glossaries, glossaries-extra, hvfloat, ifptex, invoice2, jfmutil, jlreq, jsclasses, koma-script, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latexindent, libertinust1math, luatexja, lwarp, markdown, mcf2graph, media9, nddiss, newpx, newtx, novel, numspell, ocgx2, philokalia, phfqit, placeat, platex, poemscol, powerdot, pst-barcode, pst-cie, pst-exa, pst-fit, pst-func, pst-geometrictools, pst-ode, pst-plot, pst-pulley, pst-solarsystem, pst-solides3d, pst-tools, pst-vehicle, pst2pdf, pstricks, pstricks-add, ptex-base, ptex-fonts, pxchfon, quran, randomlist, reledmac, robustindex, scratch, skrapport, spectralsequences, tcolorbox, tetex, tex4ht, texcount, texdef, texinfo, texlive-docindex, texlive-scripts, tikzducks, tikzsymbols, tocloft, translations, updmap-map, uplatex, widetable, xepersian, xetexref, xint, xsim, zhlipsum.

25 July 2017

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2017.20170724-1

Yesterday I uploaded the first update of the TeX Live packages in Debian after TeX Live 2017 has entered Debian/unstable. The packages should by now have reached most mirrors. Nothing spectacular here besides a lot of updates and new packages. If I have to pick one update it would be the one of algorithm2e, a package that has seen lots of use and some bugs due to two years of inactivity. Good to see a new release. Enjoy. New packages algolrevived, invoice2, jfmutil, maker, marginfit, pst-geometrictools, pst-rputover, pxufont, shobhika, tikzcodeblocks, zebra-goodies. Updated packages acmart, adobemapping, algorithm2e, arabluatex, archaeologie, babel, babel-french, bangorexam, beamer, beebe, biblatex-gb7714-2015, bibleref, br-lex, bxjscls, combofont, computational-complexity, dozenal, draftfigure, elzcards, embrac, esami, factura, fancyhdr, fei, fithesis, fmtcount, fontspec, fonttable, forest, fvextra, genealogytree, gotoh, GS1, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latexindent, limap, luapackageloader, lwarp, mcf2graph, microtype, minted, mptopdf, pdfpages, polynom, powerdot, probsoln, pxbase, pxchfon, pythontex, reledmac, siunitx, struktex, tcolorbox, tetex, texdirflatten, uowthesistitlepage, uptex-fonts, xcharter.

20 June 2017

Norbert Preining: TeX Live 2017 hits Debian/unstable

Yesterday I uploaded the first packages of TeX Live 2017 to Debian/unstable, meaning that the new release cycle has started. Debian/stretch was released over the weekend, and this opened up unstable for new developments. The upload comprised the following packages: asymptote, cm-super, context, context-modules, texlive-base, texlive-bin, texlive-extra, texlive-extra, texlive-lang, texworks, xindy.
I mentioned already in a previous post the following changes: The last two changes are described together with other news (easy TEXMF tree management) in the TeX Live release post. These changes more or less sum up the new infra structure developments in TeX Live 2017. Since the last release to unstable (which happened in 2017-01-23) about half a year of package updates have accumulated, below is an approximate list of updates (not split into new/updated, though). Enjoy the brave new world of TeX Live 2017, and please report bugs to the BTS! Updated/new packages:
academicons, achemso, acmart, acro, actuarialangle, actuarialsymbol, adobemapping, alkalami, amiri, animate, aomart, apa6, apxproof, arabluatex, archaeologie, arsclassica, autoaligne, autobreak, autosp, axodraw2, babel, babel-azerbaijani, babel-english, babel-french, babel-indonesian, babel-japanese, babel-malay, babel-ukrainian, bangorexam, baskervaldx, baskervillef, bchart, beamer, beamerswitch, bgteubner, biblatex-abnt, biblatex-anonymous, biblatex-archaeology, biblatex-arthistory-bonn, biblatex-bookinother, biblatex-caspervector, biblatex-cheatsheet, biblatex-chem, biblatex-chicago, biblatex-claves, biblatex-enc, biblatex-fiwi, biblatex-gb7714-2015, biblatex-gost, biblatex-ieee, biblatex-iso690, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-morenames, biblatex-nature, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, biblatex-oxref, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-publist, biblatex-shortfields, biblatex-subseries, bibtexperllibs, bidi, biochemistry-colors, bookcover, boondox, bredzenie, breqn, bxbase, bxcalc, bxdvidriver, bxjalipsum, bxjaprnind, bxjscls, bxnewfont, bxorigcapt, bxpapersize, bxpdfver, cabin, callouts, chemfig, chemformula, chemmacros, chemschemex, childdoc, circuitikz, cje, cjhebrew, cjk-gs-integrate, cmpj, cochineal, combofont, context, conv-xkv, correctmathalign, covington, cquthesis, crimson, crossrefware, csbulletin, csplain, csquotes, css-colors, cstldoc, ctex, currency, cweb, datetime2-french, datetime2-german, datetime2-romanian, datetime2-ukrainian, dehyph-exptl, disser, docsurvey, dox, draftfigure, drawmatrix, dtk, dviinfox, easyformat, ebproof, elements, endheads, enotez, eqnalign, erewhon, eulerpx, expex, exsheets, factura, facture, fancyhdr, fbb, fei, fetamont, fibeamer, fithesis, fixme, fmtcount, fnspe, fontmfizz, fontools, fonts-churchslavonic, fontspec, footnotehyper, forest, gandhi, genealogytree, glossaries, glossaries-extra, gofonts, gotoh, graphics, graphics-def, graphics-pln, grayhints, gregoriotex, gtrlib-largetrees, gzt, halloweenmath, handout, hang, heuristica, hlist, hobby, hvfloat, hyperref, hyperxmp, ifptex, ijsra, japanese-otf-uptex, jlreq, jmlr, jsclasses, jslectureplanner, karnaugh-map, keyfloat, knowledge, komacv, koma-script, kotex-oblivoir, l3, l3build, ladder, langsci, latex, latex2e, latex2man, latex3, latexbug, latexindent, latexmk, latex-mr, leaflet, leipzig, libertine, libertinegc, libertinus, libertinust1math, lion-msc, lni, longdivision, lshort-chinese, ltb2bib, lualatex-math, lualibs, luamesh, luamplib, luaotfload, luapackageloader, luatexja, luatexko, lwarp, make4ht, marginnote, markdown, mathalfa, mathpunctspace, mathtools, mcexam, mcf2graph, media9, minidocument, modular, montserrat, morewrites, mpostinl, mptrees, mucproc, musixtex, mwcls, mweights, nameauth, newpx, newtx, newtxtt, nfssext-cfr, nlctdoc, novel, numspell, nwejm, oberdiek, ocgx2, oplotsymbl, optidef, oscola, overlays, pagecolor, pdflatexpicscale, pdfpages, pdfx, perfectcut, pgfplots, phonenumbers, phonrule, pkuthss, platex, platex-tools, polski, preview, program, proofread, prooftrees, pst-3dplot, pst-barcode, pst-eucl, pst-func, pst-ode, pst-pdf, pst-plot, pstricks, pstricks-add, pst-solides3d, pst-spinner, pst-tools, pst-tree, pst-vehicle, ptex2pdf, ptex-base, ptex-fontmaps, pxbase, pxchfon, pxrubrica, pythonhighlight, quran, ran_toks, reledmac, repere, resphilosophica, revquantum, rputover, rubik, rutitlepage, sansmathfonts, scratch, seealso, sesstime, siunitx, skdoc, songs, spectralsequences, stackengine, stage, sttools, studenthandouts, svg, tcolorbox, tex4ebook, tex4ht, texosquery, texproposal, thaienum, thalie, thesis-ekf, thuthesis, tikz-kalender, tikzmark, tikz-optics, tikz-palattice, tikzpeople, tikzsymbols, titlepic, tl17, tqft, tracklang, tudscr, tugboat-plain, turabian-formatting, txuprcal, typoaid, udesoftec, uhhassignment, ukrainian, ulthese, unamthesis, unfonts-core, unfonts-extra, unicode-math, uplatex, upmethodology, uptex-base, urcls, variablelm, varsfromjobname, visualtikz, xassoccnt, xcharter, xcntperchap, xecjk, xepersian, xetexko, xevlna, xgreek, xsavebox, xsim, ycbook.

18 January 2017

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live January 2017

As the freeze of the next release is closing in, I have updated a bunch of packages around TeX: All of the TeX Live packages (binaries and arch independent ones) and tex-common. I might see whether I get some updates of ConTeXt out, too.
texlive2016-debian The changes in the binaries are mostly cosmetic: one removal of a non-free (unclear-free) file, and several upstream patches got cherrypicked (dvips, tltexjp contact email, upmendex, dvipdfmx). I played around with including LuaTeX v1.0, but that breaks horribly with the current packages in TeX Live, so I refrained from it. The infrastructure package tex-common got a bugfix for updates from previous releases, and for the other packages there is the usual bunch of updates and new packages. Enjoy! New packages arimo, arphic-ttf, babel-japanese, conv-xkv, css-colors, dtxdescribe, fgruler, footmisx, halloweenmath, keyfloat, luahyphenrules, math-into-latex-4, mendex-doc, missaali, mpostinl, padauk, platexcheat, pstring, pst-shell, ptex-fontmaps, scsnowman, stanli, tinos, undergradmath, yaletter. Updated packages acmart, animate, apxproof, arabluatex, arsclassica, babel-french, babel-russian, baskervillef, beamer, beebe, biber, biber.x86_64-linux, biblatex, biblatex-apa, biblatex-chem, biblatex-dw, biblatex-gb7714-2015, biblatex-ieee, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-sbl, bidi, calxxxx-yyyy, chemgreek, churchslavonic, cochineal, comicneue, cquthesis, csquotes, ctanify, ctex, cweb, dataref, denisbdoc, diagbox, dozenal, dtk, dvipdfmx, dvipng, elocalloc, epstopdf, erewhon, etoolbox, exam-n, fbb, fei, fithesis, forest, glossaries, glossaries-extra, glossaries-french, gost, gzt, historische-zeitschrift, inconsolata, japanese-otf, japanese-otf-uptex, jsclasses, latex-bin, latex-make, latexmk, lt3graph, luatexja, markdown, mathspec, mcf2graph, media9, mendex-doc, metafont, mhchem, mweights, nameauth, noto, nwejm, old-arrows, omegaware, onlyamsmath, optidef, pdfpages, pdftools, perception, phonrule, platex-tools, polynom, preview, prooftrees, pst-geo, pstricks, pst-solides3d, ptex, ptex2pdf, ptex-fonts, qcircuit, quran, raleway, reledmac, resphilosophica, sanskrit, scalerel, scanpages, showexpl, siunitx, skdoc, skmath, skrapport, smartdiagram, sourcesanspro, sparklines, tabstackengine, tetex, tex, tex4ht, texlive-scripts, tikzsymbols, tocdata, uantwerpendocs, updmap-map, uplatex, uptex, uptex-fonts, withargs, wtref, xcharter, xcntperchap, xecjk, xellipsis, xepersian, xint, xlop, yathesis.

4 January 2017

Dirk Eddelbuettel: digest 0.6.11

A new minor release with version number 0.6.11 of the digest package is now on CRAN and in Debian. It is mostly a maintenance release. Sometime last spring we were asked to consider changing the license GPL-2 to GPL (>= 2). Having gotten agreement of all copyright holders, this could finally happen. But it so happens that the last yay just after the last release, so it took another cycle. In other changes, I also made the makeRaw function fully generic and added documentation. The pull request by Jim Hester to add covr support was finally folded in, leading as always to some gaming and improvement of the coverage metrics. A polite request by Radford Neal to support a nosharing option in base::serialize was also honoured; this should help for use with his interesting pqR variant of R. CRANberries provides the usual summary of changes to the previous version. For questions or comments use the issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

This post by Dirk Eddelbuettel originated on his Thinking inside the box blog. Please report excessive re-aggregation in third-party for-profit settings.

3 January 2017

Elizabeth Ferdman: 4 Week Progress Update for PGP Clean Room

Happy New Year Everyone! Aside from taking some time off for the holidays, I set up a Debian-Sid USB stick in order to test gnupg version 2.1.16-3, the version to be included in Debian Stretch. For now, I m using the package rng-tools to speed up the key creation for the purpose of testing gpg commands. By running sudo rngd -r /dev/urandom before the gpg command, you can create the keys in about a second. Here are some of the sources that I ve been using that inform the workflow and secure practices for gpg that we ll be including in the Clean Room: Some feature suggestions that were made by Neal Walfield that could be included in the workflow:
  1. Use a smartcard for the primary key and a smartcard for the subkeys
  2. Support subkey rotation the creation of new subkeys
  3. Upon finishing a session, write a script to the USB that sends mails with the signed keys and imports the user s public keys.

5 November 2016

Elizabeth Ferdman: Applying to Debian for Outreachy 2016

This year, Outreachy featured internships from organizations such as Debian, Fedora, GNOME, the Linux Kernel, Mozilla, Python, and Wikimedia, just to name a few. Each organization features mentored projects and in order to apply, applicants must contact the mentor, introduce themselves on the appropriate channels and make a small contribution to the project. After that, applicants might be required to fulfill additional tasks to demonstrate their abilities. Successful applicants will make quality contributions, communicate effectively with mentors, ask questions, fulfill tasks, help out their peers via mailing lists, and/or blog about their experience. One of the projects I applied to was the Clean Room for PGP and X.509 (PKI) Key Management. The project aims to create a Live Disc that enables users to create and manage their PGP keys easily and securely, using a text-based UI. I ve been a Debian user for about a year, but before applying to the project I didn t know much about GnuPG or public key encryption. Since then, I ve made some contributions and attended my first keysigning event in San Francisco featuring a lecture by Neal Walfield (more on that below). For my initial contribution, Daniel Pocock, the mentor for this project, asked that I write a script that lists the USB flash devices connected to the system and specifies which device the system booted from. Here s the bash script that I wrote, and that was enough to submit an application for Debian. My next task was to write a dns hook script for the dehydrated project, a shell client for signing certificates with Let s Encrypt (for free!). The script completes a dns challenge sent by the ACME-server by provisioning a TXT record for a given domain in order to prove ownership of the domain. I chose to write it in python and used the dnspython API. I posted my solution on github and there are many more here. At the lecture, Neal talked about good practices for key creation and management. Here are a few of those points: See the slides for Neal s full presentation.

Elizabeth Ferdman: Applying to Debian for Outreachy 2016

This year, Outreachy featured internships from organizations such as Debian, Fedora, GNOME, the Linux Kernel, Mozilla, Python, and Wikimedia, just to name a few. Each organization features mentored projects and in order to apply, applicants must contact the mentor, introduce themselves on the appropriate channels and make a small contribution to the project. After that, applicants might be required to fulfill additional tasks to demonstrate their abilities. Successful applicants will make quality contributions, communicate effectively with mentors, ask questions, fulfill tasks, help out their peers via mailing lists, and/or blog about their experience. One of the projects I applied to was the Clean Room for PGP and X.509 (PKI) Key Management. The project aims to create a Live Disc that enables users to create and manage their PGP keys easily and securely, using a text-based UI. I ve been a Debian user for about a year, but before applying to the project I didn t know much about GnuPG or public key encryption. Since then, I ve made some contributions and attended my first keysigning event in San Francisco featuring a lecture by Neal Walfield (more on that below). For my initial contribution, Daniel Pocock, the mentor for this project, asked that I write a script that lists the USB flash devices connected to the system and specifies which device the system booted from. Here s the bash script that I wrote, and that was enough to submit an application for Debian. My next task was to write a dns hook script for the dehydrated project, a shell client for signing certificates with Let s Encrypt (for free!). The script completes a dns challenge sent by the ACME-server by provisioning a TXT record for a given domain in order to prove ownership of the domain. I chose to write it in python and used the dnspython API. I posted my solution on github and there are many more here. At the lecture, Neal talked about good practices for key creation and management. Here are a few of those points: See the slides for Neal s full presentation.

8 October 2016

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX update October 2016: all of TeX Live and Biber 2.6

Finally a new update of many TeX related packages: all the texlive-* including the binary packages, and biber have been updated to the latest release. This upload was delayed by my travels around the world, as well as the necessity to package a new Perl module (libdatetime-calendar-julian-perl) as required by new Biber. Also, my new job leaves me only the weekends for packaging. Anyway, the packages are now uploaded and should appear soon on your friendly local server. texlive2016-debian There are several highlights: The binaries have been patched with several upstream fixes (tex4ht and XeTeX compatibility, as well as various Japanese TeX engine fixes), updated biber and biblatex, and as usual loads of new and updated packages. Last but not least I want to thank one particular author: His package was removed from TeX Live due to the addition of a rather unusual clause in the license. Instead of simply uploading new packages to Debian with the rather important removed, I contacted the author and asked for clarification. And to my great pleasure he immediately answered with an update of the package with fixed license. All of us user of these many packages should be grateful to the authors of the packages who invest loads of their free time into supporting our community. Thanks! Enough now, here as usual the list of new and updated packages with links to their respective CTAN pages. Enjoy. New packages addfont, apalike-german, autoaligne, baekmuk, beamerswitch, beamertheme-cuerna, beuron, biblatex-claves, biolett-bst, cooking-units, cstypo, emf, eulerpx, filecontentsdef, frederika2016, grant, latexgit, listofitems, overlays, phonenumbers, pst-arrow, quicktype, revquantum, richtext, semantic-markup, spalign, texproposal, tikz-page, unfonts-core, unfonts-extra, uspace. Updated packages achemso, acmart, acro, adobemapping, alegreya, allrunes, animate, arabluatex, archaeologie, asymptote, attachfile, babel-greek, bangorcsthesis, beebe, biblatex, biblatex-anonymous, biblatex-apa, biblatex-bookinother, biblatex-chem, biblatex-fiwi, biblatex-gost, biblatex-ieee, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-morenames, biblatex-nature, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, biblatex-phys, biblatex-realauthor, biblatex-science, biblatex-true-citepages-omit, bibleref, bidi, chemformula, circuitikz, cochineal, colorspace, comment, covington, cquthesis, ctex, drawmatrix, ejpecp, erewhon, etoc, exsheets, fancyhdr, fei, fithesis, footnotehyper, fvextra, geschichtsfrkl, gnuplottex, gost, gregoriotex, hausarbeit-jura, ijsra, ipaex, jfontmaps, jsclasses, jslectureplanner, latexdiff, leadsheets, libertinust1math, luatexja, markdown, mcf2graph, minutes, multirow, mynsfc, nameauth, newpx, newtxsf, notespages, optidef, pas-cours, platex, prftree, pst-bezier, pst-circ, pst-eucl, pst-optic, pstricks, pstricks-add, refenums, reledmac, rsc, shdoc, siunitx, stackengine, tabstackengine, tagpair, tetex, texlive-es, texlive-scripts, ticket, translation-biblatex-de, tudscr, turabian-formatting, updmap-map, uplatex, xebaposter, xecjk, xepersian, xpinyin. Enjoy.

6 August 2016

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160805-1

TUG 2016 is over, and I have returned from a wonderful trip to Toronto and Maine. High time to release a new checkout of the TeX Live packages. After that I will probably need some time for another checkout, as there are a lot of plans on the table: upstream created a new collection, which means new package in Debian, which needs to go through NEW, and I am also planning to integrate tex4ht to give it an update. Help greatly appreciated here. texlive2016-debian This package also sees the (third) revision of how config files for pdftex and luatex are structured, since then we have settled down. Hopefully this will close some of the issues that have appeared. New packages biblatex-ijsra, biblatex-nottsclassic, binarytree, diffcoeff, ecgdraw, fvextra, gitfile-info, graphics-def, ijsra, mgltex, milog, navydocs, nodetree, oldstandardt1, pdflatexpicscale, randomlist, texosquery Updated packages 2up, acmart, acro, amsmath, animate, apa6, arabluatex, archaeologie, autobreak, beebe, biblatex-abnt, biblatex-gost, biblatex-ieee, biblatex-mla, biblatex-source-division, biblatex-trad, binarytree, bxjscls, changes, cloze, covington, cs, csplain, csquotes, csvsimple, datatool, datetime2, disser, dvipdfmx, dvips, emisa, epstopdf, esami, etex-pkg, factura, fancytabs, forest, genealogytree, ghsystem, glyphlist, gost, graphics, hyperref, hyperxmp, imakeidx, jadetex, japanese-otf, kpathsea, latex, lstbayes, luatexja, mandi, mcf2graph, mfirstuc, minted, oldstandard, optidef, parnotes, philosophersimprint, platex, protex, pst-pdf, ptex, pythontex, readarray, reledmac, sepfootnotes, sf298, skmath, skrapport, stackengine, sttools, tcolorbox, tetex, texinfo, texlive-docindex, texlive-es, texlive-scripts, thesis-ekf, tools, toptesi, tudscr, turabian-formatting, updmap-map, uplatex, uptex, velthuis, xassoccnt, ycbook. Enjoy.

27 July 2016

Norbert Preining: TUG 2016 Day 2 Figures to Fonts

The second day of TUG 2016 was again full of interesting talks spanning from user experiences to highly technical details about astrological chart drawing, and graphical user interfaces to TikZ to the invited talk by Robert Bringhurst on the Palatino family of fonts. tug2016-bringhurst With all these interesting things there is only one thing to compain I cannot get out of the dark basement and enjoy the city After a evening full of sake and a good night s sleep we were ready to dive into the second day of TUG. Kaveh Bazargan A graphical user interface for TikZ The opening speaker of Day 2 was Kaveh. He first gave us a quick run-down on what he is doing for business and what challenges publishers are facing in these times. After that he introduced us to his new development of a command line graphical user interface for TikZ. I wrote command line on purpose, because the editing operations are short commands issued on a kind of command line, which will give an immediate graphical feedback. Basic of the technique is a simplified TikZ-like meta language that is not only easy to write, but also easy to parse. While the amount of supported commands and features of TikZ is still quite small, I think the basic idea is a good one, and there is a good potential in it. Matthew Skala Astrological charts with horoscop and starfont Next up was Matthew who introduced us to the involved task of typesetting astrological charts. He included comparisons with various commercial and open source solutions, where Matthew of course, but me too, felt that his charts came of quite well! As an extra bonus we got some charts of famous singers, as well as the TUG 2016 horoscope. David Tulett Development of an e-textbook using LaTeX and PStricks David reported on his project to develop an e-textbook on decision modeling (lots of math!) using LaTeX and PStricks. His e-book is of course a PDF. There were a lot of very welcoming feedback free (CC-BY-NC-ND) textbooks for sciences are rare and we need more of them. Christian Gagn An Emacs-based writing workflow inspired by TeX and WEB, targeting the Web Christian s talk turned around editing and publishing using org-mode of Emacs and the various levels of macros one can use in this setup. He finished with a largely incomprehensible vision of a future equational logic based notation mode. I have used equational logic in my day-in-day-out job, and I am not completely convinced that this is a good approach for typesetting and publishing but who knows, I am looking forward to a more logic-based approach! Barbara Beeton, Frank Mittelbach In memoriam: Sebastian Rahtz (1955-2016) Frank recalled Sebastian s many contribution to a huge variety of fields, and recalled our much missed colleague with many photos and anecdotes. Jim Hefferon A LaTeX reference manual Jim reported about the current state of a LaTeX reference manual, which tries to provide a documentation orthogonally to the many introduction and user guides available, by providing a straight down-to-earth reference manual with all the technical bells and whistles necessary. As I had to write myself a reference manual for a computer language, it was very interested to see how they dealt with many of the same problems I am facing. Arthur Reutenauer, Mojca Miklavec Hyphenation past and future: hyph-utf8 and patgen Arthur reports about the current statue of the hyphenation pattern project, and in particular the license and usage hell they recently came into with large cooperations simply grabbing the patterns without proper attribution. In a second part he gave a rough sketch of his shot at a reimplementation of patgen. Unfortunately he wrote in rather unreadable hand-writing on a flip-chart, which made only the first line audience to actually see what he was writing. Federico Garcia-De Castro TeXcel? As an artist organizing large festivals Federico has to fight with financial planning and reports. He seemed not content with the abilities of the usual suspects, so he developed a way to do Excel like book-keeping in TeX. Nice idea, I hope I can use that system for the next conference I have to organize! Jennifer Claudio A brief reflection on TeX and end-user needs Last speaker in the morning session was Jennifer who gave us a new and end-user s view onto the TeX environment, and the respective needs. These kind of talks are a very much welcomed contrast to technical talks and hopefully all of us developers take home some of her suggestions. Sungmin Kim, Jaeyoung Choi, Geunho Jeong MFCONFIG: Metafont plug-in module for the Freetype rasterizer Jaeyoung reported about an impressive project to make Metafont fonts available to fontconfig and thus windowing systems. He also explained their development of a new font format Stemfont, which is a Metafont-like system that can work also for CJK fonts, and which they envisage to be built into all kind of mobile devices. Michael Sharpe New font offerings Cochineal, Nimbus15 and LibertinusT1Math Michael reports about his last font projects. The first two being extensions of the half-made half-butchered rereleased URW fonts, as well as his first (?) math font project. I talked to him over lunch one day, and asked him how many man-days he need for these fonts, and his answer was speaking a lot: For the really messed up new URW fonts, like Cochineal, he guessed about 5 man-months of work, while other fonts only needed a few days. I think we all can be deeply thankful to all the work he is investing into all these font projects. Robert Bringhurst The evolution of the Palatino tribe The second invited talk was Robert Bringhurst, famous for his wide contributions to typpography, book culture in general, as well as poetry. He gave a quick historic overview on the development of the Palatino tribe of fonts, with lots of beautiful photos. I was really looking forward to Robert s talk, and my expectations were extremely high. And unfortunately I must say I was quite disappointed. Maybe it is his style of presentation, but the feeling he transfered to me (the audience?) was that he was going through a necessary medical check, not much enjoying the presentation. Also, the content itself was not really full of his own ideas or thoughts, but a rather superficial listing of historical facts. Of course, a person like Robert Bringhurst is so full of anecdotes and background knowledge still was a great pleasure to listen and lots of things to learn, I only hoped for a bit more enthusiasm. TUG Annual General Meeting The afternoon session finished with the TUG Annual General Meeting, reports will be sent out soon to all TUG members. Herbert Schulz Optional workshop: TeXShop tips & tricks After the AGM, Herbert from MacTeX and TeXShop gave an on-the-spot workshop on TeXShop. Since I am not a Mac user, I skipped on that.
Another late afternoon program consisted of an excursion to Eliot s bookshop, where many of us stacked up on great books. This time again I skipped and took a nap. In the evening we had a rather interesting informal dinner in the food court of some building, where only two shops were open and all of us lined up in front of the Japanese Curry shop, and then gulped down from plastic boxes. Hmm, not my style I have to say, not even for informal dinner. But at least I could meet up with a colleague from Debian and get some gpg key signing done. And of course, talking to all kind of people around. The last step for me was in the pub opposite the hotel, with beer and whiskey/scotch selected by specialists in the field.

24 June 2016

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160623-1

About one month has passed since we did release TeX Live 2016, and more than a month since the last Debian packages, so it is high time to ship out a new checkout of upstream. Nothing spectacular new here, just lots and lots of updates since the freeze. texlive2016-debian I am dedicating this release to those intelligent beings who voted against the stupid Brexit and for remaining in the EC! I am still optimist! New packages aucklandthesis, autobreak, cquthesis, getargs, hustthesis, ietfbibs, linop, markdown, olsak-misc, optidef, sanitize-umlaut, umbclegislation, wordcount, xcntperchap. Updated packages academicons, achemso, acmart, acro, animate, apa6, arabluatex, archaeologie, babel-hungarian, beamertheme-epyt, beebe, biblatex-abnt, biblatex-anonymous, biblatex-bookinother, biblatex-caspervector, biblatex-chicago, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-morenames, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-realauthor, biblatex-source-division, biblatex-subseries, bidi, bookcover, bxjscls, caption, chemformula, chemmacros, circuitikz, cloze, cochineal, context, csplain, cstex, datetime2, denisbdoc, dvipdfmx-def, epstopdf, erewhon, exsol, fbb, fibeamer, fithesis, fontawesome, fontspec, fonts-tlwg, geschichtsfrkl, getmap, glossaries, glossaries-extra, graphics, graphics-cfg, gregoriotex, gzt, he-she, hook-pre-commit-pkg, hyperref, ifluatex, keyvaltable, koma-script, l3build, latex, latex-bin, limap, lollipop, lshort-chinese, luaotfload, luatex85, luatex-def, luatexja, lua-visual-debug, marginnote, mcf2graph, media9, minted, mptopdf, msu-thesis, musixtex, navigator, nwejm, oberdiek, patchcmd, pdfcomment, pdftex-def, pdfx, pkuthss, platex, pstricks, ptex, ptex2pdf, ptex-base, ptex-ng, reledmac, repere, scheme-xml, sduthesis, showlabels, tableaux, tcolorbox, tex4ht, texinfo, texlive-scripts, tex-overview, textpos, tools, translations, tudscr, unicode-data, uplatex, uptex, xassoccnt, xcharter, xetex, xindy, yathesis, ycbook. Enjoy.

28 May 2016

Russ Allbery: Another small book haul

Book reading is happening, and more book review posting will be happening. I'm a bit behind in writing reviews, but the holiday weekend is a good opportunity to do a bit of catching up. In the meantime, here are some new acquisitions: Roxanne J. Coady & Joy Johannessen (ed.) The Books That Changed My Life (nonfiction)
James S.A. Corey Caliban's War (sff)
James S.A. Corey Abaddon's Gate (sff)
Max Gladstone Full Fathom Five (sff)
Max Gladstone Last First Snow (sff)
N.K. Jemisin The Fifth Season (sff)
Guy Gavriel Kay Children of Earth and Sky (sff)
Naomi Novik Uprooted (sff)
Ada Palmer Too Like the Lightning (sff)
Graydon Saunders Safely You Deliver (sff)
Neal Stephenson Seveneves (sff)
Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation (sff) This is mostly catching up on books that were nominated for awards. I want to read the (legitimate) nominees for Hugo best novel this year if I can find the time, and VanderMeer won the Nebula last year. The rest of Gladstone's series to date was on sale, and I really liked the first book. And of course a new Guy Gavriel Kay is buy on sight. I'm currently re-reading The Sarantine Mosaic, since I read that before I started writing reviews and Children of Earth and Sky is apparently set in historical contact with it. (It's possible all of Kay's historical fantasies are set in the same universe, but they're usually fairly disconnected.)

18 April 2016

Norbert Preining: TeX Live 2016 pretest and Debian packages

Preparation for the release of TeX Live 2016 have started some time ago with the freeze of updates in TeX Live 2015. Yesterday we announced the official start of the pretest period. That means that we invite people to test the new release and help fixing bugs. At the same time I have uploaded the first set of packages of TeX Live 2016 for Debian to the experimental suite. texlive-2016-debian-pretest Concerning the binaries we do expect a few further changes, but hopefully nothing drastic. The most invasive change on the tlmgr side is that cryptographic signatures are now verified to guarantee authenticity of the packages downloaded, but this is rather irrelevant for Debian users (though I will look into how that works in user mode). Other than that, many packages have been updated or added since the last Debian packages, here is the unified list: acro, animate, appendixnumberbeamer, arabluatex, asapsym, asciilist, babel-belarusian, bibarts, biblatex-bookinarticle, biblatex-bookinother, biblatex-caspervector, biblatex-chicago, biblatex-gost, biblatex-ieee, biblatex-morenames, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, bibtexperllibs, bxdvidriver, bxenclose, bxjscls, bxnewfont, bxpapersize, chemnum, cjk-ko, cochineal, csplain, cstex, datetime2-finnish, denisbdoc, dtx, dvipdfmx-def, ejpecp, emisa, fithesis, fnpct, font-change-xetex, forest, formation-latex-ul, gregoriotex, gzt, hausarbeit-jura, hyperxmp, imakeidx, jacow, l3, l3kernel, l3packages, latex2e, latex2e-help-texinfo-fr, latex-bib2-ex, libertinust1math, lollipop, lt3graph, lua-check-hyphen, lualibs, luamplib, luatexja, mathalfa, mathastext, mcf2graph, media9, metrix, nameauth, ndsu-thesis, newtx, normalcolor, noto, nucleardata, nwejm, ocgx2, pdfcomment, pdfpages, pkuthss, polyglossia, proposal, qcircuit, reledmac, rmathbr, savetrees, scanpages, stex, suftesi, svrsymbols, teubner, tex4ebook, tex-ini-files, tikzmark, tikzsymbols, titlesec, tudscr, typed-checklist, ulthese, visualtikz, xespotcolor, xetex-def, xetexko, ycbook, yinit-otf. Enjoy.

20 March 2016

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160320-1 and biber 2.4-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian, this time also with an update to biber to accompany the updated version of biblatex. This will be (probably) the last upload before TeX Live 2015 gets frozen in preparation for 2016. After the freeze there will be some time of piece, and updates will got to experimental with the new binaries. Debian - TeX Live 2015 From the list of updated and new packages I want to mention that biblatex has been updated together with biber, and most biblatex styles should already by updated to work with the new biblatex, too. From the new packages one has in particular caught my attention: prooftrees. As I am writing a lot of proofs in my research, I am happy to see new package dealing with this, especially because this package is built on top of the excellent package forest (which in turn uses tikz), allowing for very compact proofs. Updated packages aastex, abntex2, academicons, acro, amsmath, animate, archaeologie, asciilist, babel, babel-french, babel-friulan, babel-russian, babel-spanish, beamertheme-metropolis, bibexport, biblatex, biblatex-apa, biblatex-bookinarticle, biblatex-caspervector, biblatex-chem, biblatex-fiwi, biblatex-gost, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-nature, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-phys, biblatex-publist, biblatex-realauthor, biblatex-science, bxjscls, cabin, caption, cbfonts-fd, celtic, chemmacros, computational-complexity, crimson, csplain, datetime2-english, diagbox, disser, droit-fr, dtk, dvips, ejpecp, emisa, factura, fibeamer, fithesis, forest, gost, hobby, hyperxmp, inconsolata, lualatex-math, mandi, mcf2graph, media9, nameauth, ocgx2, parades, pdftex, pkuthss, poetrytex, ptex, reledmac, roundrect, showhyphens, siunitx, spath3, splitindex, suftesi, tcolorbox, tetex, tex4ht, texinfo, texlive-scripts, thuthesis, titlesec, turabian-formatting, unicode-data, uptex, velthuis, venndiagram, xassoccnt, xint, xsavebox. New packages beamercolorthemeowl, bibletext, cochineal, formation-latex-ul, gobble, keyvaltable, lroundrect, luatex85, mathpartir, miama, multidef, parades, pgfornament, prooftrees, visualpstricks, visualtikz, xsavebox, ycbook. Enjoy.

29 February 2016

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live full update 20160223

Only one week has passed since the last Debian/TeX Live update, and there is already a new one? The explanation is simple: consolidation of packages and preparation for 2016. The update comprises of uploads of texlive-base, texlive-lang, texlive-extra, texlive-bin, musixtex, pmx, m-tx, xmltex, jadetex. Besides the usual changes it brings a merge back in of several hitherto separately packaged packages. Debian - TeX Live 2015 The details are as follows: Furthermore, since some packages ship binaries, texlive-bin has been updated to build the new binaries, too. Lots of changes, but in the long run I see less work and better upgrades. Especially keeping the music-related packages uptodate was a bit a pain, and using the standard TeX Live update mechanisms looks much more promising. And, not to forget, a few more new and updated packages: New packages bibletext, cochineal, hyphen-occitan, libertinegc, lroundrect, miama, mparrows, scrlttr2copy, visualpstricks. Updated packages animate, babel-friulan, babel-russian, bxjscls, caption, celtic, cmtiup, crimson, crossrefware, droit-fr, dvips, fibeamer, fira, fithesis, forest, geschichtsfrkl, gost, hobby, hyperxmp, hyphen-base, hyph-utf8, inconsolata, ipaex-type1, mcf2graph, media9, reledmac, roundrect, showhyphens, spath3, splitindex, unicode-data. Enjoy.

27 December 2015

Russ Allbery: Review: The Outskirter's Secret

Review: The Outskirter's Secret, by Rosemary Kirstein
Series: Steerswomen #2
Publisher: Del Rey
Copyright: 1992, 2001
Printing: 2001
ISBN: 0-345-46105-3
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 389
This is a direct sequel to The Steerswoman, and I don't recommend starting here. I read this novel as part of The Steerswoman's Road omnibus, which is the edition reflected in the metadata (except for the page count, which is just this novel). There are a few plot constructs that occur depressingly often in SFF and almost always annoy me. One is books where nearly all of the book is just a journey from one place to another, without much interesting landscape along the way. Subtract additional points if the land is hostile and there are constant worries about food. Another is illness, or being unable to trust one's senses, or, worse, both. Somehow, this book manages to do both of those things and was still thoroughly enjoyable. This is exceptionally rare. After the conclusions reached in the previous book, Rowan and Bel are even more determined to reach the origin of the jewels on Bel's belt and gather more information. This means travel into the Outskirts, where Rowan has never been (and where people from the Inner Land almost never go). It also means close contact with Bel's people, who have an entirely different set of social rituals and who are notoriously prickly. Nearly all of The Outskirter's Secret is travel through the Outskirts while navigating Outskirter society, politics, and customs. It's anthropological fiction of a sort, particularly given the inquisitive and analytical mindset that Rowan brings to anything new. Anthropological SFF is another one of those things that normally leaves me cold, but which totally worked for me in this book. I rarely remember being this engaged in, or caring this much about, the customs and traditions of an invented and relatively primitive culture. Partly this is because Rowan's mindset continues to be fascinating and contagious. I kind of want to compare this series to Neal Stephenson's Anathem, but where Stephenson's novel was about the practice of organized science, the Steerswomen series is about the individual scholar and scientist. This could go badly in the hands of a lesser author, but Kirstein brilliantly balances analysis and theories with Rowan's child-like wonder in learning, peculiar and determined ethics, and emotional growth. She isn't a disinterested observer or an engineer with a wrench. She lets the world change her, works hard at finding her place and her own strength, and engages with it emotionally as much as she does intellectually. She's a wonderfully compelling character. Another significant factor to this book's success is the slow and deliberate way Kirstein mixes world-building revelations with the day-to-day struggles of the characters. There's much more to that than just the target of Rowan's investigations, and far more complexity and significance to the Outskirters than showed in first appearances. The world is also set up in a way that lets the readers guess various details before the characters, with their more limited knowledge, can work out: another tricky technique that Kirstein gets almost perfect. I never wanted to shake the characters for being dumb; usually, both Rowan and Bel leap to correct conclusions just shortly after the reader, and long before the reader is tired of following their thought processes. There was only one bit of world-building that took Rowan most of the book to figure out despite being obvious to me early in this novel, and I think that one was fair. She didn't have anywhere near enough information to work it out. Bel continues to be wonderful in numerous ways. But even better, Kirstein introduces us to Bel's people and highlights both similarities and differences. It's an excellent job of building a complex culture that feels human: varied, tradition-laden, practical, but also well-adapted to their environment and situation, and far more sophisticated than they might appear. I'm normally a hard sell for this sort of thing, but Kirstein got me thoroughly invested. One scene late in this novel where a tribe welcomes a newcomer is masterful and probably my favorite single moment of the series so far. Once again, unfortunately, the conclusion is a bit less than satisfying. The characters come away knowing more, planning more, but still with numerous unanswered questions. This is not a series that's in a hurry to get to major plot payoffs. Instead, it's a series that takes a close look at the cultures, relationships, emotions, and lives that it touches, and describes them in deft and engaging ways. The Outskirter's Secret is even better than The Steerswoman. Recommended. I bought the third and fourth books while only a little ways into this one and am eager to read them. Followed by The Lost Steersman. Rating: 9 out of 10

16 October 2015

Norbert Preining: Debian/TeX Live multiarch update

A big update of all related packages (tex-common 6.04, texlive-bin 2015.20150524.37493-7, texlive-base/lang/extra package 2015.20151016-1) due to the move to support multi-arch. Of course, the regular updates of the TeX Live are included, too. With this change it should be possible to run a multi-arch system with only one TeX Live installed. Debian - TeX Live 2015 Thanks to the excellent support and testing of the Multi-arch guys, in particular Thorsten Glaser, Helmut Grohne, Johannes Schauer, and Wookey, I learned a lot about multi-arch, and I hope that the current setup is safe. All the packages but the various lib* packages are tagged as Multi-Arch: foreign, while the lib packages are tagged Multi-Arch: same. Anyway, if you find a bug concerning multi-arch, that is that some of the programs exhibit architecture information, please let us know via a bug report. Updated packages acro, alegreya, amiri, assoccnt, attachfile, babel-french, babel-hungarian, barr, beebe, biblatex-philosophy, bidi, bnumexpr, caption, chemfig, chemformula, chemmacros, cjk-gs-integrate, csplain, dantelogo, dataref, dtxgen, dvipdfmx-def, dvips, eledmac, elements, fcolumn, fithesis, fontspec, genealogytree, gradstudentresume, gtl, jfontmaps, knuth-local, koma-script, kotex-oblivoir, kotex-plain, kotex-utf, kpathsea, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex, latexconfig, ledmac, ltxfileinfo, lualatex-math, luamplib, luatex, luatexbase, luatexja, luatexko, make4ht, mcf2graph, mflogo, modiagram, multiexpand, newtx, odsfile, old-arrows, paracol, pdfpages, pdftex, plain, pst-stru, pxchfon, randomwalk, reledmac, resumecls, rubik, selnolig, showhyphens, siunitx, suftesi, tetex, teubner, tex4ebook, tex4ht, texlive-scripts, tikzsymbols, tipfr, tools, tudscr, uassign, unicode-math, unravel, visualfaq, xepersian, xetex-def, xint. New packages archaeologie, ctablestack, dynamicnumber, exercises, fibeamer, h2020proposal, imfellenglish, lstbayes, tempora, xellipsis. Enjoy.