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5 May 2006

Peter Van Eynde: ECLM2006: better late then never

As others have already commented here, here, here, here and here ECLM 2006 was great. The level of the talks seems to be improving (not that I want to imply that previous talks were bad) and having companies asking for lispers was a novel experience. I must also agree that as an ex-physicist I found SigLab to be very impressive.

The bad points were the 6hour drive back and the 'reception' at work. I can only now start to catch up with non-emergency stuff. Such is life :-).

There is still a washlist of things to do before going to debconf6, not in the least getting medical coverage for .mx and power-plug adaptors. I've noticed that some other hackers are going with Iberia flight IB6403 (leaving on 13/5/2006 at 12:30). I'll try to dress 'debianista' to attract them.