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1 October 2012

Paul Tagliamonte: OLF 2012 BSP

Hello, World! At OLF, mgilbert and I planned to have a Debian BSP sessionlet. We sadly forgot to find a way to announce this, so we just sort of hacked off in a corner for a few hours. The following is a digest of our activity. bugs 685958, 685959 and 675220 were closed (they re currently working through the DELAYED queue) by Markus Koschany (hey, thanks!) with NMUs. I happily sponsed their upload (RFS bugs 688122, 688126 and 688124) Mike triaged 646981, 689118, 687378, 643628, 658252 and 688229, and I processed 688668, 605732, 598776 and 611170.