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18 August 2010

Gunnar Wolf: Planet Plagiarism

Online translators are not hot news anymore. Not by a long, long shot. Still, today I wanted to get a couple of words in Latin. And was amazed that Google's translation service does not (yet?) offer Latin as an option, so I turned to Translation Guide's free online translators. And, as it always happens, I thought, hmmm... and what about the random ramblings on my site? So on I went to Gunnar Lupus alio domus. Of course, several funny things popped up, many of which I don't think are proper Latin, but still, among lotsa' nonsense, I found that Planet Debian gets translated to Plagiarius Debian Which possibly explains why many people have complained about other unauthorized planetoids plagarizing their posts!

12 September 2008

Neil Williams: First post from the aspire1

OK, it's still running Linpus Lite and yum but that's enough to get things like drivel and ssh installed. Add in xchat-gnome and it's quite usable. The whole machine bounces around quite insanely when I'm typing this blog entry on my lap, though.
pilot-qof and a bit of XSL from the data-freedom package from the same source, allows easy import of ICS calendar data and VCF contact data.
Aspire Mail is clearly based on evolution.
I'll live with Linpus (sounds freakishly similar to lupus - or maybe that is just my medical bias) for a month or so - I'll get Debian on this sometime before my return to Extremadura.