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25 May 2011

Iain Lane: Greetings, Planet Debian!

Well hello there. A couple of days ago my account was created, meaning that I'm one1 of the crop of current new Debian Developers. Actually the news was broken to me by Rhonda when I attached to irssi after arriving at work, a nice surprise :-)
<Rhonda> All congratulate Laney on becoming a Debian Developer.  ;)
* Rhonda . o O ( )
<Laney> Rhonda: I did?!?!?!
I'll quickly introduce myself by paraphrasing from the background section of the AM report before letting you go about your business. I apparently submitted my first thrilling patch to the alsa-tools package in Ubuntu on February 2nd, 2008. This was sponsored into Hardy by Daniel Chen. Thereafter followed a myriad of exciting patches to various packages that somehow managed to convince a bunch of people that I had enough skill to become an Ubuntu developer. Fast forward a while and I get sucked into the world of Debian packaging by the CLI/Mono strike force of Mirco Bauer and Jo Shields by way of the Mono 2.0 transition. This was where I got my first Debian upload, and it was in this team that I fully realised both the excellence and importance of Debian in the FOSS world2. At some point the Debian Haskell Group formed and I've been involved to some extent there all along too. What I've mainly learned from these two groups is that team maintenance is a really great way to look after a bunch of related packages. When I see people touting new packages about, I often recommend that they look at the list of teams to find a nice home. Perhaps one or two actually did. Thanks to everyone who's supported me so far. I hope to be able to do the same for others in the future.

  1. Along with obergix, lopippo, oliva, aron, madamezou, taffit. Congrats to the rest of you, too :-)
  2. I now consider it one of my primary duties as an Ubuntu developer to reduce the number of fixes that are uploaded to Ubuntu, and take every opportunity that is given to me to promote Debian as the natural home for technically excellent work. Not least because I fully expect DDs to not shy away from calling out poor work presented to them.