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10 August 2007

Christian Perrier: Strange day: console-setup work

Today was a strange day. We are preparing our holiday trip to Sicily but had a full day at home, meant for packing and the like. Indeed, packing was done in a few hours this morning and I ended up....hacking on D-I. For whatever reason, I came back on the plans we have, among the D-I team, to switch to console-setup for console handling. Something already done in Ubuntu and which brings, for instance and if I'm correct, the benefit of having the same keyboard maps for X and the console. So, first, I summarized the floating ideas in a wiki page. Then I worked on a few possible modifications to "localechooser", the D-I component that allows users to choose their language/country/locale and which needs modifications for console-setup. That lead me to produce an experimental image of D-I netboot for i386 and asked translators for some testing. MJ Ray noticed the call for testing and asked Esperanto translators for some testing, which Serge Leblanc did...and reported a nasty bug, later confirmed by Damyan Ivanov, then investigated by Anton Zinoviev, then digged a little more by me again, then advised by Rapha l Hertzog and Julien Cristau on #debian-devel-fr...and lead to an RC bug reported against....perl base. All this, of course, was completely unplanned as of this morning. This is probably one of the reasons that make me enjoy free software development.

MJ Ray: Heroes

Yesterday sucked. I thought I'd try cheering myself up by doing some work for/with someone I've enjoyed collaborating with before. So this morning, I translated Christian Perrier's call for Esperanto D-I testing and Serge Leblanc had tested it before lunch. What a star! I think it's easy to see the problems and overlook good things like this. I know which I prefer, but people tend to focus on bad news more than good, don't they? Pick any debian news service and good news seems like a small fraction. Want to change that?

18 May 2007

Evan Prodromou: 27 Flor al CCXV

Well, today started out really anxious and is ending pretty reasonably. (Or so I think -- maybe tomorrow is going to be really nuts). First, RoCoCoCamp buzz is just nuts! Lots of people are blogging about it, planning to attend, and having fun talking about it. I count at least Patrick Tanguay, Sekhmet Design, Montreal Tech Watch, Montreal Tech League (no relation), Michel LeBlanc, Fred Ngo, Sylvain Carle, Rhymin' Simon Law, NathanR, Creative Commons Canada (thanks for the shout-out, gang!), Adrien O'Leary, Andreas Gohr (coming all the way from Berlin!). We're flirting with almost 100 people on the participants list, which I think is going to mean about 120-150 people. So I'm no longer worried that not enough people are going to come. Last night I got a quote for someone to provide coffee in the morning and at afternoon break for all three days... for $1800! So this morning I rented three coffee percolators (one for regular, one for decaf, and one for tea) and a bunch of cups and plates from Celebrations up on Jean-Talon. Maj and I shopped for coffee this afternoon. Total cost? $250. That means more money left over for pizza Saturday night! It means some more hassle for me and for the attendees, but I think we can handle it. Tomorrow morning early I have to stop in at St. Viateur and get 10 dozen bagels for the whole gang. I think many people who are attending don't know Montreal bagels, so they'll be in for a treat. Of course, some of the Montrealers will be mad I didn't get rival Fairmount Bagels instead. Tough for them. I know tomorrow is going to be crazy, but tonight I'm feeling pretty mellow. My good friend Zach Copley is on his way into town right now; we're working together on the project and it will be great to have him here. Tomorrow Mark and Allegra arrive. So many good folks are going to be at RoCoCo: I think it's going to be a lot of fun. tags:

13 March 2007

Julien Danjou: DeFuBu contest #8

Bug Welcome to this 8th issue of the DeFuBu contest, the almost monthly championship of the funniest bug reported to the Debian BTS. The challengers How the vote has been done Four Debian related people voted, Raphael Hertzog, Jeroen van Wolffelaar, Ana Guerrero and Margarita Manterola. Full ranking Bugs Challengers The winners Notes To participate, simply drop me an email with a bug number or a request to vote, or anything that may help. About DeFuBu