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9 February 2022

Kentaro Hayashi: Writing Debian New Contributor Guide

Recently, I've wrote Debian New Cotributor Guide in Japanese. Here is the photo of on-demand printed version.
f:id:kenhys:20220207163644j:plainDebian New Contributor Guide
This book (JIS-B5 128p) was published for online event - Techbookfest 12th. It covers how to package a new software in Debian. Mostly PDF format is preferred, and a few printed versions were distributed.

7 October 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: Sharing mentoring a new Debian contributor experience, lots of fun

I recently did mentoring a new Debian contributor. This is carried out in a framework with OSS Gate on-boarding. In "OSS Gate on-boarding", recruit a new contributor who want to work on continuously. Then, corporation sponsor its employee as a mentor. Thus, employees can do it as a one of their job. During Aug - Oct period, I worked with a new debian contributor every 2h in a week. This experience is lots of fun, and learned a new things for me. The most important point is: a new Debian contributor aimed to do their work continuously even though mentoring period has finished. So, some of the work has been finished, but not for all. I tried to transfer knowledge for it. I'm looking forward that he makes things forward in consultation with other person's help. Here is the report about my activity as a mentor. First OSS Gate onboarding (The article is written by Japanese) The original blog entry is written by Japanese, I don't afford to translate it, so just paste link to google translate for your hints I hope someone can do a similar attempt too! For the record, I worked with a new Debian contributor about:

29 August 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: Latest topics about

Aug 28, 2021, I gave a short talk about "Latest topics about" at DebConf21. You can see the presentation slide here: Short talk explanation is here: In this talk, I've explained mainly 3 topics I've sent a pre-recorded video in advance, it is ok, but there is trouble with the mic during the session. :-( The recorded video will be available on the talk detail page soon.

12 June 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: has moved to Team Infrastructure

Today, has moved to Team Infrastructure So far, was sponsored by FOSSHOST which provides us a VPS instance since Jan, 2021. It was located at OSU Open Source Lab. It worked pretty well, Thanks FOSSHOST sponsorship since ever! Now, uses the VPS instance which is provided by Team Infrastructure. (still non-DSA managed) It is hosted at HETZNER Cloud. About is a experimental service to demonstrate how to improve user experience with finding and fixing Debian unstable related bugs for making "unstable life" comfortable. Thank Team for sponsoring,

10 April 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: Grow your ideas for Debian Project

There may be some "If it could be ..." ideas for Debian Project. If idea is concreate and worth to make things forward, it should make a proposal for Project Funding. But it is a just an idea, or no afford to act as an executor role, that idea will not be achieved. I thought that It needs an incubator - complemental project. I've salvaged an idea from closed MR Add proposal about "Formalize reimbursement process" (!5) Merge Requests Freexian SARL / Project Funding GitLab I'm not confident whether mechanism works, but Debian needs change.

20 March 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: is now IPv6 ready

Today, we are pleased to announce that is now IPv6 ready. FOSSHOST provides us already a VPS instance which is located at OSU Open Source Lab and then also IPv6 capability to us! About is a experimental service to demonstrate how to improve user experience with finding and fixing Debian unstable related bugs for making "unstable life" comfortable. Thank FOSSHOST for kindly support.

20 February 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: Tokyo area Debian meeting Feb, 2021 was held on online

I gave a short presentation - WAF on Debian. Especially, I talked about usage of ModSecurity-nginx.

20 January 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: is sponsored by FOSSHOST

Today, we are pleased to announce that has migrated to FOSSHOST FOSSHOST provides us a VPS instance which is located at OSU Open Source Lab. It improves a lack of enough server resources then service availability especially. About is a experimental service to demonstrate how to improve user experience with finding and fixing Debian unstable related bugs for making "unstable life" comfortable. Thank FOSSHOST for sponsoring,

10 January 2021

Kentaro Hayashi: Use external E-mail server for subdomain with Sakura Mailbox service

If you want to set up subdomain, you may setup E-mail server on your own. But if there is not afford to setup it by yourself, you need external E-mail server. In this article, I'll explain how to use external mailbox service - Sakura Mailbox service. Prerequisite I've chosen Sakura mailbox service because of maintainance cost (87yen/month) Configure dnsZoneEntry Set dnZoneEntry, it means that gpg --clearsign and send to Here is an example for
fabre IN A
mail.fabre IN A
fabre IN MX 10 is Web server ( and is E-mail server (Sakura mailbox service) for my case. Note that It varies for your case. DebianDotNet - Debian Wiki Configure Sakura mailbox service Set subdomain without transfer in Domain/SSL menu. Then create each account for After a while, you can use E-mail account. Yay!

15 December 2020

Kentaro Hayashi: Say Good-Bye and Thanks hal-flash

Today, hal-flash package was removed from Debian unstable. hal-flash is wrapper library for HAL which is not used nowadays. At that time, HAL was required because Adobe Primetime DRM uses libadobecp, but HAL was already replaced to udev or udisks. So we need emulation layer for HAL. hal-flash was it for such a purpose. (At least, hal-flash is required to play movies which uses Adobe DRM) hal-flash package was already orphaned years ago, and removed from unstable now. O: hal-flash -- Compatibility library to allow playback of Flash DRM content Thanks hal-flash package!

21 November 2020

Kentaro Hayashi: Introduction about recent debexpo (

I've make a presentation about "How to hack debexpo (" at Tokyo Debian (local Debian meeting) 21, November 2020. Here is the agenda about presentation. The presentation slide is published at Rabbit Slide Show (Written in Japanese) I hope that more people will be involved to hack debexpo!

16 November 2020

Bits from Debian: New Debian Developers and Maintainers (September and October 2020)

The following contributors got their Debian Developer accounts in the last two months: The following contributors were added as Debian Maintainers in the last two months: Congratulations!

8 November 2020

Kentaro Hayashi: debexpo: adding "Already in Debian" field for packages list

I've sent a merge request to show "Already in Debian" column in packages list on At first, I've used Emoji, but for consistency, it has been modified to use "Yes or No". This feature is not fully merged yet, but it may be useful to distinguish "This package is already in Debian or not" for sponsor.
f:id:kenhys:20201108151153p:plainAready in Debian

28 October 2020

Kentaro Hayashi: lltsv 0.6.1-2: applied background color patch for readability

Original version of lltsv doesn't specify background color, so it is hard to recognize texts in dark background. I've fixed this issue by specifying background color explicitly. Here is the screenshot of fixed version. Yay! f:id:kenhys:20201028223848p:plain This issue was already forwarded as PR

28 September 2020

Kentaro Hayashi: dnsZoneEntry: field should be removed when DD is retired

It is known that Debian Developer can setup * When Debian Developer had retired, actual DNS entry is removed, but dnsZoneEntry: field is kept on LDAP ( So you can not reuse * if retired Debian Developer owns your prefered subdomain already. I've posted question about this current undocumented specification.

7 March 2016

Hideki Yamane: Debian meeting in Tokyo (2016 March)

5th March, we've held Debian (Debian meeting) in Tokyo. (Cybozu, Inc.) kindly provides their office for meeting, thanks for folks in Cybozu.

This time, three talks were given:

    • Kentaro is "groonga"(an open-source fulltext search engine and column store) upstream author and package maintainer in Debian and Fedora. This talk is about his experience how to use Debian "porterbox" for non-DDs.
  • "Porting Debian to tilegx" by @wskoka
    • About his experience porting Debian to tilegx architecture, multicore processor family by Tilera. He is not porting expert ("I'm sale person", he said :), but did try&error and now apt is working on that machine.
  • "Introduction to Debian Ports" by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
    • Adrian comes from Germany(!) and gave a talk about debian-ports.

During break time, did some discussion, GPG keysigning and enjoyed coffee and sweets provided by Cybozu, thanks!

And thanks for all participates!