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9 November 2014

John Goerzen: Being Different

This evening, after the boys were in bed, Laura and I sat down to an episode of MASH (a TV series from the 70s) and leftover homemade pumpkin bars. She commented, Sometimes I wonder what generation we re in. This doesn t seem to be something people our age are usually doing. Probably true. I suppose people my age aren t usually learning to play the penny whistle or put up antennas in trees either. We ve had a fun day today a different sort of day in a lot of ways. We took the boys for their first Wichita Symphony Orchestra experience they were doing their first-ever family concert (Beethoven Lived Upstairs, which combined Beethoven s music with a two-person play aimed at kids). And they had an instrument petting zoo beforehand. Both boys loved it.
From November 8, 2014
After that, we took them to a sushi place for the first time. We ordered different types of rolls for our table, encouraging them to start with the California roll. They loved it (though Oliver did complain it was a bit hard to eat). Jacob happily devoured everything he could that wasn t spicy. He would have probably devoured the plate of California roll slices by himself if I hadn t stopped him and encouraged him to slow down and try some other things too. It doesn t seem very common around here to take 5-year-olds to a sushi place and plan on them eating the same sort of food that the adults around them are. It is a lot of fun to be different. Jacob and Oliver both have their unique personalities and interests, and I hope that they continue to find strength and joy in all the ways they are unique.