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27 July 2011

Thorsten Glaser: (Banja Luka)

Been hot and dry today (although the sky is now back full of dark clouds), so I had a headache most of the morning until way past noon. Better now though, and I found a place where I could get Cevapi, which are really some sort of quick imbiss / fast food here (no uve pirina though, and she didn t have any Ajvar nor did she speak any language other than the local, but that wasn t a problem, only a bit dry because I didn t give in and took the offered Ketchup). Bought a 1 bottle of Kru kovac (from Hrvatska, though) and some small plastic glasses, then. I wonder how many people would, now, be willing to give Bosna i Hercegovina a try as holiday region (which might have been the intent of having a Balkan DebConf). I m sure I do. To all attendees: the hotel will give you some kind of stamped hardpaper card which states where you stayed on the trip, and for how long give that to the border guards when exiting Bosnia.