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15 May 2009

Philipp Kern: Infinote-based Gobby hits Karmic

Gobby 0.5 (or to be more precise 0.4.92) just hit the Karmic Koala. Below you can see a screenshot of the new version (just click on it to get a large version). It is sadly not protocol compatible to the old version but it features local undo and redo! Furthermore it's not yet stable on-the-wire wise. The software itself is fairly stable but it could be a bit bumpy if the server protocol version goes out of date. Gobby 0.4.92 thumbnail If you want to try it out on earlier versions, I offer backports in the Infinote PPA for Intrepid and up. I hope to get to Hardy soon, sadly it needs some more backports. There is a public server available on if you want to try it out (connections are encrypted, but all contents are public and can be deleted by everybody, wiki-like; so please be considerate and non-destructive). On local networks Gobby will look for servers through Avahi. That said Gobby is not yet able to host servers by itself, like the old version did. You have to install the infinoted server. You can do this on any computer, even on the local network and take advantage of Avahi. If you want encrypted connections you need to create certificates but if an unencrypted session is acceptable you can get an ad-hoc server by invoking infinoted --security-policy=no-tls without further configuration. It will persist content across invocations, too. Thanks to Greg Heynes, there will also be a KDE client for Gobby, called... Kobby! The first time someone actually uses the fact that the software uses a library for interoperability. Interesting that it's done now when the library's C instead of C++ (which obby was written in), with Qt being C++ anyway. I'm not yet aware of packages but I really hope that we can release with both. If you encounter problems, please report them to our Trac (preferred) or Launchpad.