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19 July 2015

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2015/17-29

after the release is before the release. or: long time no RC bug report. after the jessie release I spent most of my Debian time on work in the Debian Perl Group. we tried to get down the list of new upstream releases (from over 500 to currently 379; unfortunately the CPAN never sleeps), we were & still are busy preparing for the Perl 5.22 transition (e.g. we uploaded something between 300 & 400 packages to deal with Module::Build & being removed from perl core; only team-maintained packages so far), & we had a pleasant & productive sprint in Barcelona in May. & I also tried to fix some of the RC bugs in our packages which popped up over the previous months. yesterday & today I finally found some time to help with the GCC 5 transition, mostly by making QA or Non-Maintainer Uploads with patches that already were in the BTS. a big thanks especially to the team at HP which provided a couple dozens patches! & here's the list of RC bugs I've worked on in the last 3 months:

7 February 2006

Zak B. Elep: Whirlwind < 48h Manila Tour

Heh, its been more than a day now since I got back from Manila after the Ubuntu AsiaBusinessTour, and even then I have some stuff to do here (both IRL and IOL work) before I could find some time to blog ;) Here are the highlights of my trip: I’ve adopted opendchub, rccp, and xshisen from Grzegorz Prokopski too :D Heh, I’ll be quite busy this coming week…

12 December 2005

Grzegorz B. Prokopski: 12 Dec 2005

SableVM SDK 1.13 released! The most important change in this version is the update of the class library to the GNU Classpath 0.19 release. The difference in usability is huge, because SableVM SDK 1.12 used GNU Classpath 0.16 and since its release there's been plenty of improvements to GNU Classpath (Swing being probably still the most visible to a user). Way to go guys! SableVM SDK is meant as a relatively complete replacement of a Java Software Development Kit. An important goal is also the ease of installation. To achieve it all the separate software pieces have been integrated into one source archive that (once its build-time dependencies are fulfilled) can be simply installed all at once. Just a short reminder about what's inside: Have fun with it! And don't forget to let us know of your experiences!

24 November 2005

Grzegorz B. Prokopski: 23 Nov 2005

SableVM SDK for Java is back with 1.13-pre1 ! Guess what---a new shiny prerelease of SableVM SDK suite for Java is out for you to have some serious fun with it! The main point of this release is getting new GNU Classpath 0.19 integrated. Tests show that with the updated class library Swing apps look waaaay better. Kudos to the GNU Classpath hackers and contributors! Installation of SableVM SDK is as simple as it can be. As usual you need recent GTK and a few other libraries and tools available as packages for most distributions. The non-commonly used elements (like libffi, libpopt) are included in SableVM SDK to cut the hassle of installing it to minimum. Basically all you need to do is to fetch the SableVM SDK 1.13-pre1 tar archive, unpack it, run ./configure && make and su; make install. With the default settings in /usr/local/lib/sablevm you'll find a fairly complete JAVA_HOME like environment. Enjoy! And please let us know of your successes and problems by sending as an email to This will ensure future SableVM SDK releases work better for you! In other news SableVM Project team has been silently working since many months on new JVM features that will start showing up in upcoming releases after 1.13. Stay tuned!