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1 July 2015

Daniel Silverstone: Be careful what you ask for

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Well 123-reg mostly I think you don't know how to do email.

9 June 2015

Daniel Silverstone: Sometimes recruiters really miss the point...

I get quite a bit of recruitment spam, especially via my LinkedIn profile, but today's Twitter-madness (recruiter scraped my twitter and then contacted me) really took the biscuit. I include my response (stripped of identifying marks) for your amusement:
On Tue, Jun 09, 2015 at 10:30:35 +0000, Silly Recruiter wrote:
> I have come across your profile on various social media platforms today and
> after looking through them I feel you are a good fit for a permanent Java
> Developer Role I have available.
Given that you followed me on Twitter I'm assuming you found a tweet or two in
which I mention how much I hate Java?
> I can see you are currently working at Codethink and was wondering if you
> were considering a change of role?
I am not.
> The role on offer is working as a Java Developer for a company based in
> Manchester. You will be maintaining and enhancing the company's core websites
> whilst using the technologies Java, JavaScript, JSP, Struts, Hibernate XML
> and Grails.
This sounds like one of my worst nightmares.
> Are you interested in hearing more about the role? Please feel free to call
> or email me to discuss it further.
Thanks, but no.
> If not, do you know someone that is interested? We offer a  500 referral fee
> for any candidate that is successful.
I wouldn't inflict that kind of Lovecraftian nightmare of a software stack on
anyone I cared about, sorry.
I then decided to take a look back over my Twitter and see if I could find what might have tripped this. There's some discussion of Minecraft modding but nothing which would suggest JavaScript, JSP, Struts, Hibernate XML or Grails. Indeed my most recent tweet regarding Java could hardly be construed as positive towards it. Sigh.