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24 February 2012

Julien Danjou: 10 years as a Debian developer

Ten years ago, I joined the Debian project as a developer. At that time, I was 18 and in my first year at university, hanging out with the TuxFamily system administrators, which included 3 french Debian developers (sjg, igenibel and creis). I was learning Debian packaging while working on VHFFS, and decided to package one or two non-yet-packaged software for Debian. My friends pushed me into the NM process, and less than 2 months later I was a Debian developer. One have to admit that back in the days, the NM process was really fast if you were able to reply to the questions quickly. :-) I think I became the youngest developer among Debian's ones. That was my first steps in a Free Software project, and it was really exciting. In 10 years, I've been doing a lot of different things for Debian. Sure, I've been using it all the years long, but let's recap a bit what I did, from what I recall. My first Debian only project was apt-build around 2003, and later rebuildd in 2007. I built the Xen packaging team in 2005, I've been a Stable Release Manager for a year in 2006, and did heavy bug squashing to release Etch that same year. I also was an Application Manager in 2006 and managed the application of 2 Debian developers (Jose Parrella and Dami n Viano). I admit I've been less active in Debian after 2007, mainly because I was busy working on awesome, GNU Emacs and others software. Since 2011, I joined the OpenStack packaging team and I'm working on OpenStack on a (almost) daily basis. I don't know how many packages I touched, managed or updated, but that should be one or two hundreds. I still maintain 53 of them. After all, the adventure has been really pleasant, and I had the chance to work with and meet fabulous and smart people. I always liked this project and what it's trying to do. After all these years, I'm definitively staying! See you in another 10 years, folks! :)