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12 November 2016

Andrew Cater: Debian Miniconf ARM Cambridge Day 3 12/11/16 - post 2

Steve Capper on Java.

Room quiet - lots of folk listening and typing simultaneously.

A couple of folk behind me are writing for later in the day.

Thanks to all for their help (and what is it with me and typing dates this week) :)

8 November 2015

Andrew Cater: MiniDebconf Cambridge - ARM, Cambridge 1115 8 November

Just had a really good couple of sessions: one from the DPL including Q&A, then a good overview of reproducible builds and where we are today from Holger Levsen (h0lger) and Chris Lamb (lamby)

Then a 2 minute silence at 11.00 as is customary in the UK on this date.

Now Lucy Wayland - who says she has a brainful of IEEE754 from a few years ago working on safety-critical systems so she's unburdening by sharing with all of us - everything you wanted to know about floating point but were afraid to ask (and including a primer on signed/unsigned and fixed point as part of the explanation)

Steve Capper's Java presentation is unfortunately not going to take place, so this afternoon's live stream schedule will be different.

Coffee going down well.