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10 September 2022

Andrew Cater: 202209101602 Debian release day - Cambridge - post 2

Definitely settling into a rhythm - we've been joined by smcv in person (and bittin on line). Bullseye testing is now well beyond the standard image testing into the live images.Buster images are gradually being built so there's the added confusion of two sets of wiki editing, two sets of potential edit conflicts ...So six people in a small-ish sitting room, several with multiple laptops running several checks at once. It's all good, as ever.Dining room table has nine machines on it, three packet switches are fairly well full ...

14 August 2021

Andrew Cater: Bullseye - Centre of release is going on.

And so we're building CDs / DVDs and larger images. Lots of people joining us, either to say Hi or to actually add to the tests.All of the most common CDs / DVDs have been tested. Not too many obvious bugs found in our processes this time and tests are going well.Some of the usual suspects but also some new testers: Hi to bittin who dropped in before the Stockholm release party, to smcv and to highvoltage and to liz and Linux-Fan
Hope all's going well with everyone.

8 February 2015

Diego Escalante Urrelo: Link Pack #06

The story of Mel Blanc being saved by Bugs Bunny
Such a fantastic and romantic story. Mel Blanc, voice of half the Looney Tunes characters was in an car crash and hanging from a thread in a comma. And it took his characters to save him. It s a very interestingly edited podcast too:
( ) a crazy story about Mel nearly dying in a crash on Dead Man s Curve on Hollywood Boulevard and about the moment two weeks later when Bugs Bunny emerged from Mel s coma before Mel did. In fact, according to neurosurgeon Louis Conway who attended to Mel at the time, it seemed as though Bugs Bunny was trying to save his life.
The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia
This is probably the best documentary/kinda fiction article I have read in a long time. It s a long read going over the hypothetical, and nail bitting, plan to rescue the Columbia if it ever got in trouble. It s really intense, and something to sit down and read fully focused, book style.
But imagine an alternate timeline for the Columbia mission in which NASA quickly realized just how devastating the foam strike had been. Could the Columbia astronauts have been safely retrieved from orbit?
Ocean Gravity: Riding sea currents
Cool video of a sea diver running through seafloor currents, really cool and fascinating :). El chavo del ocho en el infierno
This one is in Spanish, and it s a funny take on El chavo del ocho and how it follows some classic models and myths of literature. Chespirito was very fond of classics, so this would make sense. But, of course, the whole article is written on a tongue in cheek style.
En El Chavo del Ocho, Bola os, o el Camus azteca, cre su propia versi n del mito de S sifo. El chavo y compa a est n condenados a empujar por una empinada colina todos los d as esta piedra enorme que siempre regresa, obligandolos al tormento del eterno retorno. La piedra de Quico es cuadrada, no rueda, se desliza. Es c mico, a pesar de tr gico.

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