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1 June 2010

Debian News: New Debian Developers (May 2010)

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month: Congratulations!

27 March 2010

Obey Arthur Liu: Wanted: 1 bottle of DebConf9 wine in the US before Wednesday

Hi Planet, 3745140041_9f4a3da997_o1 (cc-by-2.0 aigarius) I know it s kind of far fetched, but I would need a bottle of DebConf9 wine shipped to California before Wednesday 31st, March. Because of the urgency, the bottle needs to already be in the US and will need to be shipped by FedEx Overnight or equivalent. I will of course reimburse you all costs, including to get you a replacement bottle if needed. This is a gift to someone who has been a great friend of Debian for the past few years and has helped us a lot. Drop by IRC (ArthurLiu, OFTC) or mail me and I will give you more information about what this is about.