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13 May 2013

Hideki Yamane: 100th Tokyo Debian meeting & "Wheezy" release party

We are please to report that we held "100th, Tokyo Area Debian Meeting"... yes, 100th!!! (since 2005), 11th May in Shibuya, Tokyo

Discussed about "stable" releasing,

lectured "" by Yasuhiro Araki
and "modern packaging" by Osamu Aoki.

Also, Ubuntu folks showed "Ubuntu phone" and it looks good and interesting (however, it's on the development stage, yet).
Then, party!!! :-) happy to release "Wheezy"

I hope we'll hold "Jessie" in early 2015.

13 February 2013

Hideki Yamane: introducing

Now we Debian JP (local Debian community in Japan) are pleased to announce new Debian full-mirror server named is running, kindly offered by Sakura Internet, Inc. which is one of most famous VPS/hosting provider in Japan.

So, their VPS/hosting user can use it without any setting now via magical GeoMirror as (thanks to Yasuhiro Araki).

It is run at Ishikari DC, northen island Hokkaido.

I had a chance to visit there 3 month ago (you can see my entry in Google+ if you want), it was so interesting and exciting. They are trying to make power-saved data center as Google, Facebook or so, and it had succeed now since its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is same level as Google one, wow :-)

I hope we will provide stable and comfortable Debian environment to their users and they would use Debian more and more, then we'll get their "wants" and "needs" to improve Debian itself.

Thanks to folks in Sakura Internet!

4 February 2012

Stefano Zacchiroli: bits from the DPL for January 2012

Fresh from the oven, monthly report of what I've been working on as DPL during January 2012.
Dear Developers,
here is another monthly report of what happened in DPL-land, this time for January 2012. There's quite a bit to report about --- including an insane amount of legal-ish stuff --- so please bear with me. Or not. Legal stuff Most of the above wouldn't have been possible without the precious help of folks at SFLC working for SPI and Debian. Be sure to thank SFLC for what they're doing for us and many other Free Software projects. Coordination Nobody stepped up to coordinate the artwork collection for Wheezy I've mentioned last month, so I've tried to do a little bit of that myself. The -publicity team is now preparing the call for artwork and hopefully we'll send it out RSN. In case you want to help, there is still a lot of room for that; just show up on the debian-desktop mailing list. Sprints A Debian Med sprint has happened in January, and Andreas Tille has provided a nice and detailed report about it. Some more sprints are forthcoming this spring, how about yours? Money Important stuff going on Other important stuff has been going on in various area of the project in January. I'd like to point your attention to a couple of things: Miscellanea In the unlikely case you've read thus far, thanks for your attention! Happy Debian hacking.
PS as usual, the boring day-to-day activity log is available at master:/srv/leader/news/bits-from-the-DPL.*