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25 September 2015

Christian Perrier: Bug #800000 has been reported...Tomasz Muras wins a 2.5-year-old bet..:-)

Here it is. Debian had eight hundred thousand bugs reported in its history. Tomasz Muras guessed, more than 2 years ago, that it would be reported on September 24h, and it has been reported on 25th. Good catch! Chris Lamb is the happy bug submitter for this release critical bug against the vdr-plugin-prefermenu package. Of course, I will soon open the wiki page for the bug #900000 bet, which will again include a place where you can also bet for bug #1000000. Be patient, the week-end is coming..:-) It took two years, 7 months and 18 days to report 100,000 bugs in Debian since bug #700000 was reported.