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21 September 2008

Frank S. Thomas: Goddies with bts status and select

Since I was watching Don Armstrong’s talk about Debbugs’ SOAP interface I wanted to use devscripts' bts to get a list of boinc’s top five bug reporter. Finally, this is possible with devscripts (>= 2.10.36):
bts status file:-  bts select source:boinc archive:both  \
    egrep "^originator"   cut -f2-   sort   uniq -ci   sort -n \
    tail -n5
 2 Riccardo Stagni <>
 3 Martin Michlmayr <>
 6 Robert Millan <>
 6 Thibaut VARENE <>
10 Sandro Tosi <>
Sweet - Thanks Debbugs and Devscripts maintainers!
And congratulations Sandro (or thank you - whatever you find appropriate)!