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26 September 2012

NOKUBI Takatsugu: Debian Packaging dojo

I attended Debian Packaging Dojo at 22 Aug. Dojo ( ) means a training hall for karate, judo, and/or kendo in Japanese. The event is a training for Debian packaging. Attendants were about 15 people. I could learn modern packaging methods. The place is Rakuten Tower in Shinagawa, thank you Rakuten company and Taku YASUI <tach at>.

12 August 2012

Gregor Herrmann: RC bugs 2012/32

this was a weird RCBW week for me. although we are not that far into the freeze yet, the amount of easy-enough-for-me-to-fix RC bugs on UDD is already rather low. besides the not very impressive list below, I at least tried to do some housekeeping on some bugreports (tagging, reassigning, forwarding, ).