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28 April 2014

Evgeni Golov: Debian Bug Squashing Party Salzburg 2014

bsp2014_small This weekend, Bernd Zeimetz organized a BSP at the offices of conova in Salzburg, Austria. Three days of discussions, bugfixes, sparc removals and a lot of fun and laughter. We squashed a total of 87 bugs: 66 bugs affecting Jessie/Sid were closed, 9 downgraded and 8 closed via removals. As people tend to care about (old)stable, 3 bugs were fixed in Wheezy and one in Squeeze. These numbers might be not totaly correct, as were kinda creative at counting Marga promised a talk about an introduction to properly counting bugs using the Haus vom Nikolaus algorithm to the base of 7 . IMG_20140427_182902 Speaking of numbers, I touched the following bugs (not all RC): A couple of (non-free) pictures are available at Uwe s Thanks again to Bernd for organizing and conova and credativ for sponsoring!