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15 June 2015

Lunar: Reproducible builds: week 7 in Stretch cycle

What happened about the reproducible builds effort for this week: Presentations On June 7th, Reiner Herrmann presented the project at the Gulaschprogrammiernacht 15 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Video and audio recordings in German are available, and so are the slides in English. Toolchain fixes Daniel Kahn Gillmor's report on help2man started a discussion with Brendan O'Dea and Ximin Luo about standardizing a common environment variable that would provide a replacement for an embedded build date. After various proposals and research by Ximin about date handling in several programming languages, the best solution seems to define SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH with a value suitable for gmtime(3).
  1. Martin Borgert wondered if Sphinx could be changed in a way that would avoid having to tweak debian/rules in packages using it to produce HTML documentation.
Daniel Kahn Gillmor opened a new report about icont producing unreproducible binaries. Packages fixed The following 32 packages became reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: agda, alex, c2hs, clutter-1.0, colorediffs-extension, cpphs, darcs-monitor, dispmua, haskell-curl, haskell-glfw, haskell-glib, haskell-gluraw, haskell-glut, haskell-gnutls, haskell-gsasl, haskell-hfuse, haskell-hledger-interest, haskell-hslua, haskell-hsqml, haskell-hssyck, haskell-libxml-sax, haskell-openglraw, haskell-readline, haskell-terminfo, haskell-x11, jarjar-maven-plugin, kxml2, libcgi-struct-xs-perl, libobject-id-perl, maven-docck-plugin, parboiled, pegdown. The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed: Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of them: Patches submitted which did not make their way to the archive yet: A new variation to better notice when a package captures the environment has been introduced. (h01ger) The test on Debian packages works by building the package twice in a short time frame. But sometimes, a mirror push can happen between the first and the second build, resulting in a package built in a different build environment. This situation is now properly detected and will run a third build automatically. (h01ger) OpenWrt, the distribution specialized in embedded devices like small routers, is now being tested for reproducibility. The situation looks very good for their packages which seems mostly affected by timestamps in the tarball. System images will require more work on debbindiff to be better understood. (h01ger) debbindiff development Reiner Herrmann added support for decompling Java .class file and .ipk package files (used by OpenWrt). This is now available in version 22 released on 2015-06-14. Documentation update Stephen Kitt documented the new --insert-timestamp available since binutils-mingw-w64 version 6.2 available to insert a ready-made date in PE binaries built with mingw-w64. Package reviews 195 obsolete reviews have been removed, 65 added and 126 updated this week. New identified issues: Misc. Holger Levsen reported an issue with the locales-all package that Provides: locales but is actually missing some of the files provided by locales. Coreboot upstream has been quick to react after the announcement of the tests set up the week before. Patrick Georgi has fixed all issues in a couple of days and all Coreboot images are now reproducible (without a payload). SeaBIOS is one of the most frequently used payload on PC hardware and can now be made reproducible too. Paul Kocialkowski wrote to the mailing list asking for help on getting U-Boot tested for reproducibility. Lunar had a chat with maintainers of Open Build Service to better understand the difference between their system and what we are doing for Debian.

31 January 2006

Simon Horman: LCA 2006 Photos

A first cut of some photos from in and around Linux.Conf.Au 2006. Includes Dave Miller, Greh Lehey, Rusty and Jeff Waugh shaving for the John Lions Chair. more...

14 December 2005

Andres Salomon: amazing Hopefully it doesn’t take another 6 months to see the next update. Congrats to Horms, Dannf, and others who had the patience that I didn’t to see this through. Maybe someday we’ll even see a security team revamp… [edit: impressive changelog: * Build against kernel-tree-2.4.27-10sarge1. (Simon Horman) — Simon Horman <> Wed, 17 Aug 2005 17:13:01 +0900 Is this really the same exact kernel that the kernel team released in august?]

12 November 2005

Anand Kumria: Onella - Party People

<p> Zeeshan Ali <a href="">writes about Finnish women</a>. Onella is actually one of the better bars in Helsinki, hopefully you discovered the two "secret" bars after the inital heavy-metal one. The first is your typical dance-floor, the other is a uniquely Finnish experience. </p> <p> Basically it consists of drunk Finns, mainly drunk Finnish women, getting up on the table &mdash; dancing as best they can &mdash; and singing along to all the recent songs. <strong>Except it is all in Finnish!</strong>. Every song you know, and some you wish you didn't, will be sung, the audio will sound familiar but the words are Finnish. Distinctly odd. </p> <p> Yes, Zeeshan, Finns are very weird. I can not imagine anything like <a title="No secrets in Finland" href="">this</a> happening anywhere else. Even the BBC's <a href="">Night out in Helsinki</a> is fairly tame to my experience at Debconf5 </p> <p> Over the course of many nights, I saw </p> <ul> <li>Drunk women falling off tables (many times &ndash; and cute ones too!)</li> <li>People punching fists into windows</li> <li>Large brawls</li> <li>Pepper spray indiscriminately bandied about</li> <li>Bottles being thrown &ndash; by the bar staff at customers</li> </ul> <p>It makes for lots of fun adventures &mdash; If you ever meet <a title="Horms" href="">Simon Horman</a>, he can fill you in far better than I can</p>