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19 March 2012

Jan Wagner: Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2012

As announced 3 weeks ago, the Debian project was present at Chemnitzer Linuxtage. Several talks and workshops where held by people related to the Debian project. At the booth we had talks and discussions with exhibitors and visitors, unfortunately I didn t had much time to visit more than small parts of two lectures. Unfortunately (for the visitors) we didn t had any merchandising on board, while we received several requests. On Sunday Axel surprised us with some leftovers from fosdem of merch. At the booth we had a demo machine running Babelbox and xpenguins, which attracted visitors very well. Booth Babelbox We received also more than one Just thank you by satisfied users. :) Four different talks and one workshop were held by Debian people, but they were not specific to the Debian. The workshop was about OpenStreetMap, lectures was about commandline helpers, grep everything, quality analyzing and team management in opensource projects and Conkeror and other keyboard based webbrowsers. Many thanks to Jan Dittberner, Andreas Tille, Christian Hoffmann, Florian Baumann, Christoph Egger, Axel Beckert, Adam Schmalhofer, Markus Schnalke, Sebastian Harl and Patrick Matth i for running the booth, answering a wide range of questions or just chatting with visitors . A special thank to TMT GmbH & Co. KG for providing the complete equipment and sponsoring it s transportation. At the end we have to send a big thank to the organizing team of the Chemnitzer Linuxtage. It was fun and a pleasure to find new friends and meet old ones of the Free Software community. A small sidenote was anybody aware that OpenSuSE Package search is using

4 June 2011

Jan Wagner: Monitoring related package updates

Some more about packaging nagios and icinga related packages can be found at our team site.

12 February 2009

Sebastian Harl: Airport security ...

Supposedly, my low, casual shoes contain some longish and slender piece of metal in the sole. At least, that's what the X-rays at the airport detected when I was flying back from FOSDEM. While it isn't shaped like a typical knife, I didn't know how to tell it apart from a potentially hidden blade. Well, I guess that's what the people doing the security control are trained for ... Interestingly enough, it was only detected at the Zurich airport - neither the metal detectors in Nuremberg nor those in Brussels seemed to care about it.

20 January 2009

Sebastian Harl: I'm going to FOSDEM 2009

I'm going to FOSDEM

22 February 2008

Sebastian Harl: collectd 4.3.0 uploaded to unstable

Yesterday, collectd 4.3.0-1 has been uploaded to Debian unstable. The most important changes since 3.x are (in chronological order): See the changelog for details. About collectd:
collectd is a small daemon which collects system information periodically and provides mechanisms to monitor and store the values in a variety of ways. It is written in C for performance. Since the daemon doesn't need to startup every time it wants to update the values it's very fast and easy on the system and allows very fine-grained statistics.

1 September 2007

Michael Prokop: Froscon 2007 - lessons learnt

26 August 2007

Sebastian Harl: FrOSCon 2007: Debian on a Lego robot

Debian on a Lego robot This little Lego robot runs (well, drives) with Debian ;-)

25 August 2007

Michael Prokop: Debian @ Froscon 2007

The Debian-Team at the Debian-booth of Froscon 2007: Debian-Team at Froscon 2007, picture Standing (from left): Bernd Zeimetz, Thomas ‘MrFai’ Lange, Sebastian Harl, Elmar Hoffmann, Martin Zobel-Helas, Luk Claes;
Sitting in the middle: Christoph ‘myon’ Berg

14 August 2006

Norbert Tretkowski: Productive weekend

Last weekend was quite productive. First, Joerg Jaspert updated the dak installation on, which means we can also use ~ in version numbers. What does it mean? We no longer need to lower the Debian revision of the version number, 1.2.3-4 becomes 1.2.3-4~foo instead 1.2.3-3foo. Martin F. Krafft suggested to use 1.2.3-4~bpo.1 instead 1.2.3-4~bpo1, and I like the idea, it looks indeed better. Daniel Baumann already modified the contribute page on our website. Speaking about the website... it's now based on a wiki, thanks to Sebastian Harl, who implemented the old website design into the new Dokuwiki installation. If you want an account to edit something, just drop me a mail.