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21 February 2016

Lunar: Reproducible builds: week 43 in Stretch cycle

What happened in the reproducible builds effort between February 14th and February 20th 2016:

Toolchain fixes Yaroslav Halchenko uploaded cython/0.23.4+git4-g7eed8d8-1 which makes its output deterministic. Original patch by Chris Lamb. Didier Raboud uploaded pyppd/1.0.2-3 to experimental which now serialize PPD deterministically. Lunar submitted two patches for lcms to add a way for clients to set the creation date/time in profile headers and initialize all bytes when writing named colors.

Packages fixed The following packages have become reproducible due to changes in their build dependencies: dbconfig-common, dctrl-tools, dvdwizard, ekg2, expeyes, galternatives, gpodder, icewm, latex-mk, libiio, lives, navit, po4a, tasksel, tilda, vdr-plugin-infosatepg, xaos. The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed: Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues, but not all of them: Unknown status:
  • tomcat7/7.0.68-1 by Emmanuel Bourg (test suite fails in test environment).
Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive yet:
  • #814840 on tor by Petter Reinholdtsen: use the UTC timezone when calling asciidoc.
  • #815082 on arachne-pnr by Dhole: use the C locale to format the changelog date.
  • #815192 on manpages-de by Reiner Herrmann: tell grep to always treat the input as text so that it works with non-UTF-8 locales.
  • #815193 on razorqt by Reiner Herrmann: tell grep to always treat the input as text so that it works with non-UTF-8 locales.
  • #815250 on jacal by Reiner Herrmann: use the C locale to format the build date.
  • #815252 on colord by Lunar: remove extra timestamps when generating CMF and spectra and implement support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. Two new package sets have been added: freedombox and freedombox_build-depends. (h01ger)

diffoscope development diffoscope version 49 was released on February 17th. It continues to improve handling of debug symbols for ELF files. Their content will now be compared separately to make them more readable. The search for matching debug packages is more efficient by looking only for .deb files in the same parent directory. Alongside more bug fixes, support for ICC profiles has been added, and libarchive is now also used to read metadata for ar archives.

strip-nondeterminism development Reiner Herrmann added support to normalize Gettext .mo files.

Package reviews 170 reviews have been removed, 172 added and 54 updated in the previous week. 34 new FTBFS bugs have been opened by Chris Lamb, h01ger and Reiner Herrmann. New issues added this week: lxqt_translate_desktop_binary_file_matched_under_certain_locales, timestamps_in_manpages_generated_by_autogen. Improvements to the prebuilder script: avoid ccache, skip disorderfs hook if device nodes cannot be created, compatibility with grsec trusted path execution (Reiner Herrmann), code cleanup (Esa Peuha).

Misc. Steven Chamberlain highlighted reproducibility problems due to differences in how Linux and FreeBSD handle permissions for symlinks. Some possible ways forward have been discussed on the reproducible-builds mailing list. Bernhard M. Wiedemann reported on some reproducibility tests made on OpenSuse mentioning the growing support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. If you are eligible for Outreachy or Google Summer of Code, consider spending the summer working on reproducible builds!