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18 June 2008

Norbert Tretkowski: DRBD in Debian with Linux 2.6.25 and newer

The DRBD packages in Debian have been a bit outdated until yesterday, neither the package in unstable (8.0 branch) nor the package in experimental (8.2 branch) could be built against Linux 2.6.25. Three bugs have been filed against the DRBD packages because of that problem, which was fixed in newer upstream releases already.

After Philipp Hug accepted my offer to co-maintain the DRBD packages in Debian, I uploaded DRBD 8.0.12 to unstable and 8.2.6 to experimental. Both packages are working fine with Linux 2.6.25 and newer.

2 September 2007

Julien Valroff: VirtualBox now in Debian

Thanks to Philipp Hug and Patrick Winnertz, virtualbox is now available in Debian. I have just installed my first virtual machines, and I am now able to run Windows 2000 or Ubuntu from my Debian box. I was using Qemu until now, but the performances (despite the Kqemu accelerator) were quite bad, and I simply couldn’t run any Linux 2.6 based distributions with the kqemu active. Setting up virtualbox is really easy, just run aptitude install virtualbox virtualbox-source, compile the vboxdrv module (I have used module-assistant), add your user to the vboxusers group, and that’s it! I only had to download manually the guest additions iso image from, as the VirtualBox manager wasn’t able to find it automatically. You can launch the VirtualBox manager from the graphical menu and set up your first virtual machine.