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1 January 2006

Joshua Kwan: Where was I when Woody was released?

(Viral meme #1,234.) I was still in Hong Kong, packing up to leave for California due to my mom’s job being relocated. I certainly didn’t know about Debian at all at the time; I had only unsuccessfully attempted to download the Slackware installation media, but had experience with SuSE Linux 6.3 and Caldera OpenLinux 1.2. (I distinctly remember sound never working.) I recall being a lot more immediately interested in anime than anything computer-related. It was only several months later when my laptop failed to boot following an installation of some satanic Service Pack for Windows 2000 that Misha Nasledov, a classmate and Debian developer two years my senior, showed me - from his Google CD jacket - a set of Woody installation media. By evening, I was poking around the system, trying to replicate my Windows environment. A few weeks later, I remember setting the machine up to dist-upgrade to unstable! By February 2003, I had entered the NM queue…