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16 May 2010

Ingo Juergensmann: Slow Import with Digikam

I'm using Digikam to manage my pictures. There are currently more than 32000 pictures to handle. While Digikam 1.2 brought some great performance increases, but the import of new images is driving me crazy. I don't know since when the import ist that slow, but currently a 12 MP image needs 8 seconds to import when it is horizontal. When Digikam needs to rotate it during import because it is a vertically aligned image, then it needs approximately 20 seconds for each image to import.
Funny enough the larger NEF files are imported within a fraction of a second.
I don't know whether this is a Digikam issue or those of a related library or such, but it's really, really annoying when you shot a bunch of fotos and need hours to import them.

Mark Purcell points at a libexiv2 bugreport: #579835

17 March 2009

Christian Perrier: Bug #520000

Mark Purcell reported bug #520000 on Monday March 16th, against the gsm-utils package. Bug #510000 was reported as of Dec 28th 2008. So, it took us 2.5 months for 10,000 bugs. This is still slower than our rate of 10,000 bugs/2 months but more than the pace we had for 500000-510000. Of course, in the meantime, we released lenny on Feb 14th and, therefore, the development started again and, with development, new bugs come in. To illustrate this, one will notice that bug #515000 was reported on Feb 12th. So, it took 46 days for the first 5,000 bugs and then only 32 for the remainder 5,000. In short, we're probably back to our pace of 10,000 bugs in two months. In case someone cares, the first bug reported after the release of Lenny is #515247, reported by Robin Kluth against the gvfs package. It followed the release of lenny by 25 minutes and 14 seconds. That bug isn't fixed yet but is already reported upstream.

5 December 2007

Fathi Boudra: the wait is over: DAM has created accounts.

Congratulations to Yves-Alexis Perez (Corsac), Nicolas Fran ois (Nekral) and Sune Vuorela (Pusling) too \o/ Finally, some accounts (~30 ?) were created and i’m in. Thanks to all people involved in Debian and Kubuntu. In particular (no order) my co-maintainers, sponsors, helpers and application manager:
* Pierre habouzit (Madcoder)
* Mark Purcell (msp)
* Ana Beatriz Guerrero (Ana)
* Enrico Zini (enrico)
* Gustavo Franco (stratus)
* Lo c Minier (lool)
* Jonathan Riddell (riddell)
* Sarah Hobbs (hobbsee)
* and many many others But I don’t forget other people who missed this train: Cyril Brulebois (kibi). Next time, it’s your turn ! (i hope soon).

4 December 2007

Ondřej Čertík: Merida

We spent the whole Friday hacking, Lucas will send a summary email soon. More people joined.

Ana Guerrero:

Amaya Rodrigo:

Mark Purcell:

Kilian Krause and C sar G mez Mart n

and Holger Levsen with red hair:

On Saturday we were again working and in the late afternoon we took a walk in M rida, visited the famous ancient Roman monuments. Now it's 3:30am and we will soon go to Madrid and back home.