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3 February 2010

Kartik Mistry: Some RFH

* I m looking for some more co-maintainer(s) for 2 packages: 1. LDTP 2. Gwibber Both has New upstream releases available. This Gwibber 2 thingy is becoming headache to package. May be someday I should put it to experimental but people says that it is highly broken (atleast at this moment) to even have it there. LDTP has very nice upstream but having active co-maintainer is good idea. LDTPv2 is completely re-written and has very nice, co-operative upstream. Putting packages on collab-maint or somewhere is also good idea but I left it to potential new co-maintainer at moment ;)

2 January 2010

Kartik Mistry: The year

* I mean that last damn 2009 was not so good but yeah, that is life! Promising readers to give more posts like 140 chars in coming year! ;)

10 December 2009

Kartik Mistry: Report from lazy man

* Yes. I m kicking myself for being lazy and not doing stuffs that I supposed to do before, during and after I had expected too much that never happened but something too good happened that I wasn t able to imagine. was my last visit where we had lots of fun. Really. But, along with that certain elements (ie Real Life) made it hard to let me enjoy that. Same happened during 2008. Pity. I missed KDE Song and what not.. But, this year I determined and kicked myself several times. Real Life was kind of in happy mood. team helped me to figure out travel issues. So, I was all set. All days were filled with fun, much better involvement (& RTFM) with Debian and then my small talk at KDE PoTD was surprise to me (and also to that Projector that never worked with my Macbook). I ve made some cool friends Ramkumar, Siddhesh, Shreyank, Rahul Sundaram and many more from Pai hotel discussion group! For those who missed my stupid brown humor and PJs next time. C ya at! And yes, I took only two pictures during entire conference. But, fossdotin flickr or picasa tag will say you what kind of fun we had.

2 December 2009

Kartik Mistry: Power of Debian

* It was simple wire.. * Aamod came and gave me couple of stickers, and I was amazed..

1 December 2009

Kartik Mistry: Day 1

* Day 1 was pretty good. We had really nice breakfast, after kind of okay-okay sleep due to late night hacking of memories with Kushl, Pradeepto and Siddhesh. We jumped into vehicle, dropped ourselves to venue and met Jace, Samay and other known faces there. Inside, there were few people.. But, we had very nice discussion with fellow speakers sitting near hackcenter area while watching schedule is updated on-the-fly. Had nice interaction with Ramkumar and instead of working on Debian workout stuffs, noted to learn emacs (yeah, I m vim guy ;) ). Started it with small amount of dose. We settled around table #8 and will remain there. Kunal wanted to package some PHP stuff, he started with that. I uploaded yokadi without any fancy stuff (really, nothing). Started with looking into gwibber2. I rushed to hall #3 and introduced about Debian workout but I think people were confused about my sudden introduction, Aanjhan was laughing on my crappy jokes on last seat. Anyway, I then went back, met Aanjhan after so many months, met some more people, peeped into wireshark packet capturing by Siddhesh. Keynote by Dimitris Glezos, was amazing. We then headed to Aangan for dinner. It was entirely Kushal s idea, so we were suspecting something about beerware, but alas, it was fantastic Punjabi food. We loved it. Return journey to hotel was NFS Rickshaw driving kind of. Obviously, I m not seating in Pradeepto-Aanjhan s room with other fellows, writing this, lots of discussion on lots of random topics. Kushal s jokes are coming at random() interval. Day 1, it was..

Kartik Mistry: Penguin

* Kavin s school had Bird Day and we made him penguin. It was first attempt to learn stuffs are imposing to parents from school. I think overall we did good job. /me pats both Ks.

16 November 2009

Kartik Mistry: be there!

* What am going to do there? 1. Debian Workout: Where we are going to get some more people hacking on Debian packaging. My focus will be on collaborative-maintainance, RC Bug Fixes, things we could not finished last year (I wasn t there, but Kapil took the lead..). Kunal & friends are very much interested in fixing some things in reportbug so it will be fun.
2. Debian Development BOF: This is all about things we did in talks in last years. BOF is better than talk . I m going to re-prove it! Be there!

4 November 2009

Kartik Mistry: Kavin@School

* This really deserve more than twit , so I am putting it here as NEWS. We selected nearby no-nonsense, no-hype, no-big-fees kind of school running in somewhat 4 BHK kind of bungalow in residential area. He is in Playgroup where primary motive is to interact with others, to learn by monkey business and to learn some good (hopefully) stuffs. I was glad that he did not cried while going to school, but we had to drag him to home and he cried a lot :P Current school timings are 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM, so I must help K and need to wake up early in the morning and probably stop (or reduce) useless hacking till late night. However, I m kind of down due to RCT, Stomach issues and now some pain in shoulder but still alive to write this.

21 October 2009

Kartik Mistry:

* Long awaited CFP is out! Lets see how we represent Debian this time. Last year s I missed it completely and I am also not sure about this year, but as always I am excited ;) Go for it!

29 September 2009

Kartik Mistry: 3 years!

* It has been just 3 years since I uploaded my first package, Xosview!
xosview (1.8.2-10) unstable; urgency=low * New Maintainer (Closes: #390066)
* standards-version to 3.7.2 Kartik Mistry Fri, 29 Sep 2006 10:16:09 +0530

17 September 2009

Kartik Mistry: We need you!

* When you are free and have any nice tip(s) that may be useful to our users/developers, just go to and add it there! :)

15 September 2009

Kartik Mistry: 30

* Crossed 30. Hope that I will be more mature, sane and reponsible than before. Hope that I will kick my laziness sometime in this year. Hope that I will be myself. Thanks to all who wished by call, sms, orkut, facebook, im (all possible ways, accounts) and in person. Koki surprized me in the morning by putting nice birthday card and gift near laptop. I love you, baby.

1 September 2009

Kartik Mistry: Unsubscribe FAILed

MailingListFail :(

22 May 2009

Kartik Mistry: artha

* This package looks promising. Upstream is here. Artha in Action

16 May 2009

Kartik Mistry: Indic Developers Meet 2009

* I reach Pune yesterday, had nice dinner with Gora, Ramky, Shantanu, Karaunakar, Both Raviji and Chacha Chaudhari :) Beer before and after dinner gave me awesome feeling during dream too! Met ankit/kushal and l10n folks after long time! Currently enjoying interesting session on Indic OCR using Tesseract by Debayan. Entire schedule is here. * Wiki Updates:
Development Track:
Localization Track:

1 May 2009

Kartik Mistry: 1st May

* My state, Gujarat is celebrating on its birthday today and entering in 50th year. Jay Jay Garavi Gujarat, !

25 April 2009

Kartik Mistry: Where to Vote?

* We know that its time of election going in world s biggest democratic country, India. Last and third phase will be on 30th. I am not sure I will go to my dear Palanpur and vote. Oh, I may go and vote! and will wait for sane result this time.

10 April 2009

Kartik Mistry: Happy Birthday K!

* Many many returns of the day to Big K!

25 March 2009

Kartik Mistry: Reportbug has GUI Now!

* Sandro Tosi blogged about reportbug 4.o So, I decided to try it. Reportbug First Screen I was not able to see Desktop file for it and luckily found it inside Debian Menu (Why we need it, anyway?). It worked fine, fetched information about some bug and then I decided to go back - crash :P I am investigating it further during VAC or may be Sandro already knows about it :)

Kartik Mistry: [VAC] 26th March - 4th April

* We (3Ks) will be at Mumbai from tomorrow till 4th April. Initially, I adjusted my vacation (& paid leaves ;) ) along with 3rd Indic Developers Meet - but somehow it is not going to happen within this timeframe - So, I have big vacation where I have nothing to do apart from spending time with family, watching TV and reading unfinished wishlist books. I will check mails once or twice in a day, will hack something at night, will do KDE Gujarati work - but, can t upload packages on slow connection there (or may be I can?). Feel free to do NMU - at moment, nothing seems serious in my packages (yep, speech-tools need to fix! Thank God, Kumar is there to take care :P ) C ya, soon!