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1 June 2010

Debian News: New Debian Developers (May 2010)

The following developers got their Debian accounts in the last month: Congratulations!

16 February 2010

Christian Perrier: Bug #570000

(you were awaiting this one, weren't you?) Ron Murray reported the Debian bug #570000 on Monday February 15th, against the gnome-keyring-daemon package. Bug #560000 was reported as of December 8th 2009. We're behind our "10,000 bugs in 2 months" pace by one week, so that's a small drop in the bug reporting rate, this time. I hope that people remember the Bug #600000 contest. Bets are closed now (the wiki page is still opened for modifications but I'll revert them if they are late bets). Being 30,000 bugs away from #600000, it's time to image when that bug could happen. The current "2 months+1 week/10,000 bugs" says it would happen around September 10th. With the "2 months/10,000 bugs" that would be August 15th, just after DebConf 10. The closest bet as of now seem to be either Miod Vallat or Kanru Chen. I probably lost already (I did bet June 30th) unless I imagine a very massive bug filing. Too bad Matt Arnold, Thomas Preudhomme, Nicolau Werneck and Odd Henriksen, you already lost!