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25 April 2015

Jonathan McCrohan: New packages in Debian 8.0 Jessie

[I liked the #newinwheezy effort for the last Debian release, so I tipped Mika off about it again this time] A short post about what is #newinjessie, Debian's new 8.0 Jessie release. See Mika's debian-devel post for more information. For this release cycle, I have uploaded two new packages: I've also have taken over as (co-)maintainer of some existing packages during this release cycle: I've updated nearly all of my existing packages during this release cycle: The following package received no updates during this release cycle due to a combination of no upstream releases and the existing package already being in good shape: I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!

23 July 2014

Jonathan McCrohan: Git remote helpers

If you follow upstream Git development closely, you may have noticed that the Mercurial and Bazaar remote helpers (use git to interact with hg and bzr repos) no longer live in the main Git tree. They have been split out into their own repositories, here and here. git-remote-bzr had been packaged (as git-bzr) for Debian since March 2013, but was removed in May 2014 when the remote helpers were removed upstream. There had been a wishlist bug report open since Mar 2013 to get git-remote-hg packaged, and I had submitted a patch, but it was never applied. Splitting out of these remote helpers upstream has allowed Vagrant Cascadian and myself to pick up these packages and both are now available in Debian.
apt-get install git-remote-hg git-remote-bzr

13 February 2014

Jonathan McCrohan: HP Firmware Updates (or lack thereof)

HP recently announced that they are no longer offering free firmware updates for their ProLiant line of servers. I have a HP ProLiant G7 N36L MicroServer at home (running Debian stable, naturally) which I got back in early 2011. While it has, and continues, to serve me well, I'll have to reconsider my options when I go looking for a replacement. This is a pity because I really like the MicroServer form factor. As recently as November 2013, HP released a BIOS update to fix random lockups when installing Windows 8.1/2012 R2 on a MicroServer (I'd never ever be running these operating systems, but the point still stands). I'd be worried if I couldn't upgrade my system for fear of uncovering a bug in firmware that I couldn't get an update for. Non-free firmware is bad, but in certain circumstances, it can be tolerated. Non-free firmware behind a paywall is worse, and can never be tolerated.

27 January 2014

Jonathan McCrohan: Thanks Valve!

Just a quick post to say thanks to Valve Corporation for generously offering free Valve game subscriptions to Debian Developers. Also thanks to Neil, Jo and everyone else at Collabora for making this happen. Much appreciated.

17 December 2013

Jonathan McCrohan: Debian Ireland User Group Meetup: Festive Drinks

The Debian Ireland User Group will be meeting for festive drinks this Thursday, 19th Dec 2013, at 20:00 in The Long Stone, Townsend Street, Dublin 2. All welcome. For more information, please see the mailing list or contact us via IRC.

13 December 2013

Jonathan McCrohan: Linux Kernel Contributor

Having used GNU/Linux systems for some time now, and having submitted patches to a fair number of open source projects, it is nice to finally get a patch accepted into the biggest open source project of them all, the Linux kernel. While I did submit a kernel patch to OpenWrt back in 2011, it is maintained as a rebased patchset, and was never upstreamed to Linus' tree. That changed today though, when a small patch I (had forgotten I had) sent to the linux-media mailinglist back in October 2013, was just pulled by Linus Torvalds into his tree for the Linux 3.13-rc4 release; so I'm now proud to be able to call myself a contributor to the Linux Kernel. :-)

4 May 2013

Jonathan McCrohan: New packages in Debian 7.0 Wheezy

Given that Debian 7.0 Wheezy will be released in a few hours, I thought it would be a good time to take part in Michael Prokop's #newinwheezy effort to publicise the new packages that have uploaded to Debian as part of Wheezy. I have introduced two new packages to Debian for this release: I've also have become (co-)maintainer of the following packages, updating them for this release: I hope you find them useful. Enjoy!