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23 January 2006

Joerg Wendland: when one explorer ain't enough

Ever been running after bugs in Internet Explorer leading to completely different renderings of one page? Have three virtual machines running three different versions of that wannabe browser beast just to test and fix your new CSS? I finally found the most elegant solution to this problem. Install multiple versions of IE on one single image of that not-to-be-named colorful operation system. Next to Firefox, of course. It's so easy.

Joerg Wendland: Comments and trackback

As an experiment I enabled comments and trackback for blog items. Comments will be not visible immediately, though. I will moderate them to ensure that spammers won't get a chance. This post is also available in German.

Joerg Wendland: back on planet debian

Since I switched to pyblosxom Planet Debian had the wrong URL for my feed. That should be corrected by now. In case you don't see this very post, it isn't.