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30 November 2016

Arturo Borrero Gonz lez: Creating a team for netfilter packages in debian

Debian - Netfilter There are about 15 Netfilter packages in Debian, and they are maintained by separate people. Yersterday, I contacted the maintainers of the main packages to propose the creation of a pkg-netfilter team to maintain all the packages together. The benefits of maintaining packages in a team is already known to all, and I would expect to rise the overall quality of the packages due to this movement. By now, the involved packages and maintainers are: We should probably ping Jochen Friedrich as well who maintains arptables and ebtables. Also, there are some other non-official Netfilter packages, like iptables-persistent. I m undecided to what to do with them, as my primary impulse is to only put in the team upstream packages. Given the release of Stretch is just some months ahead, the creation of this packaging team will happen after the release, so we don t have any hurry moving things now.

24 January 2013

Hideki Yamane: net-snmp package

Current net-snmp package maintainers are busy, so now I'm trying to update it. One of maintainers Jochen Friedrich kindly checked my experimental package (thank!), and point MIB files should be removed to upload to Debian out (at least).

Anyway, current changelog is here (a little bit long). If you want to try it, get dsc file and build it.

net-snmp (5.7.2~dfsg-1~0.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* Non-maintainer upload.
* New upstream version 5.7.2 (Closes: #557348, #631063, #684388, #599929,
#673197, #581185, #558356, #568550, #514842, #445608, #557186, #411858,
#428824, #611837)
* debian/control
- set "Standards-Version: 3.9.4"
- set "Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 9)" to enable hardening
- set "Build-Depends: automake", instead of automake1.9
- drop "Build-Depends: python-central", use dh_python2 by default, instead
- remove duplicational "Priority:" and "Section:" fields
- make it "Multi-Arch" enable
- add description for non-free snmp-mibs-downloader for users' convinience
(Closes: #561124)
- add "Build-Depends: libmysqld-dev" to support MySQL
- add "Build-Depends: dh-autoreconf"
- use python-all (2.6.6-3~) instead of python-all-dev (>= 2.5.4-1~), python
(>=2.3.5-7) for Build-Depends
- add "Build-Depends: python2.7-dev"
- s/libsnmp-python/python-netsnmp/ as Python Policy compliant (Closes: #661899)
* debian/compat
- set 9
* debian/*.install
- split into *.manpages
* debian/fixman: drop it.
* debian/*.manpages (Closes: #505149)
- remove unnecessary"snmp" from tail of all man pages
* debian/libsnmp-base.install
- move /usr/share/mibs to /usr/share/snmp/mibs (probably, previous setting
was just wrong...)
- install all mibs/*.txt
* debian/libsnmp-dev.install
- change from "usr/lib/*" to "usr/lib/*/*" to deal with Multi-Arch
* debian/libsnmp30.install
- change from "usr/lib/*.so" to "usr/lib/*/*.so" to deal with Multi-Arch
* debian/snmp.dirs: remove it since unnecessary
* debian/snmpd.dirs: remove lintian overrides direcotry, add /etc/snmp
* debian/libsnmp-dev.dirs: add it
* debian/libsnmp-perl.examples: add it since dh_installexamples target in
previous debian/rules doesn't work correctly.
* debian/patches
- remove all *.README files
- add fix_typo_in_snmpd.conf.patch (Closes: #603593)
Thanks to Slavko <>
- add fix_logging_option.patch (Closes: #616437)
- add fix_snmpcheck_perl_path.patch to provide snmpcheck (Closes: #44373)
- add net-snmp-config_multi-arch.patch to enable Multi-Arch
- add fix_regular_expression.patch enable to build under Multi-Arch
- add to snmptranslate.1.patch fix lintian "hyphen-used-as-minus-sign"
- add fix_spelling_error.patch to fix typo
- adjust and refresh 03_makefiles.patch
- drop 25_duplicate_iftable.patch and 44_nlist_kvm.patch since it cannot be
applied to current code.
- drop 32_mnttab_path.patch since it was merged to upstream as
- drop 56_manpage.patch since most of patches are merged, and others are
unnecessary because upstream files are disappeared.
- refresh 61_vacm_missing_dependency_check.patch
- drop 63_fix_shell.patch since it was merged to upstream
- reapplied 64_missing_lib.patch since upstream source has been changed.
- drop 65_CVE-2012-2141.patch since it was merged to upstream
- drop 66_formatstrings.patch since almost merged to upstream, some of
code are changed in upstream and become unnecessary.
- move 08_defaultconfig.patch to debian/snmptrapd.conf
* debian/rules
- enable hardening
(TODO: building perl module would be failed without -pie)
- specify LDFLAGS to enable hardening
- add "--with autotools-dev,autoreconf"
- export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS to enable hardening
- drop "dh --with python-central" (Closes: #616913)
- drop "include /usr/share/python/"
- remove "$(PYVERS:%=debian/python-install-stamp-%)"
- move exist python targets under override_dh_install
- remove unnecessary .PHONY lines
- enable tests by removing no instructions with dh_auto_test line
- set DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH to enable Multi-Arch
- enable install snmpcheck
- don't specify to copy files but install them by using .install file
- enable mysql support
- enable AES support (Closes: #447705)
- don't make symlink for /usr/share/doc/libsnmp-perl since other are okay
but it has examples files.
- snmpd doc files link to libsnmp (Closes: #453124)
- adjust dh_strip for dbg package.
- adjust dh_clean target
- remove override_dh_auto_build since LD_RUN_PATH is clearly specified
during building perl modules
- add mibII/mta_sendmail to build modules (Closes: #641608)
* debian/clean
- most listed files are cared by autotools-dev, so removed.
* debian/snmp.conf: fix typo (Closes: #623499, #647468)
* debian/snmpd.init
- force remove pid files (Closes: #528104)

-- Hideki Yamane <> Wed, 18 Jul 2012 13:39:41 +0900

And if I can put it to Debian, then I hope someone will maintain it...