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10 September 2006

Jesus Climent: Brand new mix available.

I managed to get myself to stand in front of the mixing table and got an old radio program playlist redone. Now it sounds great, well mixed and flowing, instead of cracky and jumppy as it did when i first aired it. The name for this mix? “Good stuff (quite good actually)” thanks to Paul Mundt from SuperH fame. Enjoy!

4 September 2006

Jesus Climent: My planet has been hijacked!

Few people have hijacked the planet, and I believe is because of a pyblosxom upgraded package. Please, US authorities. Understand this is an internal joke and do not start a War On Hijackers ™ and invade these people’s countries. Thanks.

1 September 2006

Jesus Climent: Officially 100000 years old

Under EEST timezone (GMT+3) I am officially 100000 years old. And Lars is +101, so Lars, have a nice birthday. For a long time i have avoided celebrating it, but this year i have one more reason to follow the trend. So here it goes the long overdue personal post about my life. She is gone. Or so I feel. Today it will be the first time in 6 years and almost 9 months that she is not preparing a surprise for me. I always told her i did not want anything, but she always managed to prepare something: 26 roses and a cheese party (Jesus loves cheeses), a night at an Irish pub with most of my friends, a visit to Tampere’s amussement park, a dinner at a nice Italian restaurant or a concert with Kemopetrol and Giant Robot. So today, 1st of September 2006, my birthday, she, my best friend and my girlfriend during the last almost-seven years, is moving her stuff out. The apartment will be full of emptiness and empty of her. Dato is crying of happiness. I cry of sadness. One goes up, another goes down.

Jesus Climent: No smoking policy.

Ever since my mother died I started smoking. Not much, not regularly. But as today, my 100000th birthday, I quit. No more nicotine for me. It will be hard, but I need to make it.

31 August 2006

Jesus Climent: No place for a MasterCard.

I have joined the “Once a year visiting London for some shopping” club after my visit there. I found a great small shop for electronic music that has most of the producers I have been purchasing online. I must admit I quite enjoyed the visit. Thanks, Phil. On the other hand, it is the weirdest experience to try to find a place where they would accept MasterCard (my Visa with “chip and pin” was way off over limit) around King’s Cross station. Only M&S accepted it, after showing an ID (and after the girl behind the counter showing some shock once she read Jesus on it).

29 August 2006

Jesus Climent: Random thoughts

Matthew. Thanks for your time, your rants, your technical skills and everything else. Snakes on a plane is fun. It is like the Airplane movies. I visited London. Quickly showing up at the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben, 10 Downing Street and Picadilly Circus. Spending a night at Phil’s and heading back to Cambridge.

27 August 2006

Jesus Climent: Thanks, Steve.

We have messed up your house, your backyard, stolen electricity, network and orange juice. Thanks for it. It was nice to meet Debian people again in such a nice environment. This blog entry sponsored by the “Isn’t Jesus cool?” gang.

26 August 2006

Jesus Climent: What are the odds?

Flying from Helsinki to Cambridge. Wearing a Debian tee. A guy approaches me and asks if I am a Debian developer. He turns out to be one too (he works for Redhat, but hey, nobody’s perfect). We move our asses to the plane. We ask each other where we sit. Turns out we are sitting in the same row, consecutive sits. What are the odds of that happening to you?

24 August 2006

Jesus Climent: Can you think of anything worse than

Loosing you best friend? Kind of like… forever?

1 July 2006

Jesus Climent: Edinburgh

While in Edinbugh, I have taken some pics. We have not been able to get in most of the venues, so I will take some pics later, when it is open. But still, my main concern is where to find the picture where everybody is hugging Ganneff right before the Debconf Hug Days ended.

23 June 2006

Jesus Climent: A good one about Jesus.

If you are into Jesus, you have to love this one:

22 June 2006

Jesus Climent: Bye drupal. Hi, wordpress.

I moved to wordpress. I dont have neither the time nor the patience to upgrade drupal from 4.5.8 (the existing version on sid) to 4.7.x, the upstream version which was released some time ago. From 4.5 to 4.7 there is no upgrade path, so the Debian package that eventually needs to be uploaded has to provide an easy way to get there. But even the 4.5 -> 4.6 -> 4.7 path ended up in posts from the front page which were not in the RSS feed originally being posted without content to planets around the word. So, since I already host a couple of other wordpress services in my machine, decided to move to wordpress and will put the old database for historical reasons somewhere.

20 June 2006

Jesus Climent: How can you communicate love over a phone line?


Jesus Climent: El derecho a la vida.


Jesus Climent: " Desde cu ndo a la gente le preocupa el precio del disco?"


Jesus Climent: Sigue el baile.


Jesus Climent: Con dos cojones.


Jesus Climent: Art culo de opini n en El Pa s.


Jesus Climent: Nuevas instalaciones


Jesus Climent: Y dt entr en Debian.