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28 January 2012

Bartosz Feński: dibbler 0.8.1

Can t believe its almost 7 years since my first sponsored upload of Dibbler to Debian archive. I did it cause upstream promised to maintain it and fix any bugs submitted by Debian users. Unfortunately after 3-4 years he stopped to do it. Well since I was the sponsor of it, then I should feel responsible for these packages after him. It s quite hard to do it, cause I m not using these packages at all ;) Anyway, I finally found some time and reviewed them. It wasn t easy cause in the meantime whole build process totally changed. To whom it may concern: Dibbler is an IPv6 DHCP client, relay and server. I ve just uploaded the newest upstream version. Changelog follows: dibbler (0.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low * ACK previous NMUes thanks!
* New upstream version (Closes: #629685)
uses correct example adsress pool in examples (Closes: #544323)
corrects scope of stateless in manpage (Closes: #615165)
* Fix pending l10n issues. Debconf translations:
Danish courtesy of Joe Hansen (Closes: #597767)
Dutch courtesy of Jeroen Schot (Closes: #632628)
* Fixes handling of children processes using resolvconf (Closes: #627317)
* Doesn t conflict with other resolver configuration daemons (Closes: #627786)
* Correctly handles multiselect values from debconf (Closes: #629681)
* Debianized almost from scratch, uses new source format.
* New Standards-Version (no changes needed). Bartosz Fenski <fenio> Fri, 27 Jan 2012 14:37:13 +0100 Yep, it fixes 8 bugs, and brings the newest upstream version with huge number of new features to Debian. Enjoy!

18 January 2012

Christian Perrier: Zou....Italian (and Danish, and Dutch....) take off!

The increasing storm of localization NMUs and uploads, related to debconf translations, has an interesting effect: some teams are now incredibly active at pushing translations for their language towards the magic 100%. So, after Danish (effort lead by Joe Hansen) and Dutch (effort lead by Jeroen Schot) which I already mentioned, it seems that the Italian localization team started engines and is now taking off. It will be interesting to watch these teams competing (in a friendly way) to climb in statistics over next months..:-) So, if you're Italian (or speak it well) and want to help, please join the Italian l10n mailing list (debian-l10n-italian on If you're Danish or Dutch and want to stay ahread the two others, please joind debian-l10n-danish or debian-l10n-dutch. PS: why did I write "Zou" in this post's title? Because this is a common French interjection for "Whoooosh" and because this is part of the nickname of the tireless and incredibly active, in many places, Francesca Ciceri, aka MadameZou, who's is doing so much for Italian localization (and many other areas in Debian such as the publicity and web team). And that really deserves some lights, trumpets, etc.

7 January 2012

Christian Perrier: Towards 100% in wheezy for debconf translations

This article could become one of my recurring "let's make noise about translators work" articles. You've been warned. In Squeeze, a few languages reached full completion of debconf strings, those "questions" that are asked during packages installation or upgrades. This can be followed here (for unstable: we don't have an online status page for testing).. Many of you, particularly those who aren't bored at reading me, know that I like pushing this friendly "competition" as a good way to encourage progress in localization of that part of Debian. As of now, we have really good and active teams that are able to maintain a great completion in this. Several of them are likely to reach full 100% completion for wheezy. Let's look at the current status: I hope this maybe gave you the idea of joining these efforts. Please pop up on one of the i18n mailing lists if you're interested, and if you don't know where to start, then debian-i18n< is what you're looking for. See you soon!