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24 July 2008

Christian Perrier: Holidays

Tomorrow, I'll leave /home for more than 3 weeks: For people who are not tired of this, I've had the great honor of being sollicited to hold a keynote lecture at Debconf. As you'd guess, that will be about i18n in Debian. I plan it to be a kinda general thing, giving the current rough picture of how things are going (or not going). No deep technical stuff (aha, how could *I* do that anyway?), just talking with hands. From informations I have, it should be on Aug. 14th, at the beginning of the talks schedule (9:30 or so, local time...check this when the official schedule is out). Apart from that, my personal schedule for DebConf is mostly working with the i18n folks who will be there (Felipe A. van de Wiel aka "faw", Nicolas Fran ois aka "nekral") on the i18n server. Work/talk with Neil Williams about tdebs stuff and all things related to i18n and embedded stuff is also planned as well as preparing the Extremadura meeting we need to have at the end of the year.

7 May 2008

Christian Perrier: Bug #480000

Roberto Lumbreras reported bug #480000 on Wednesday May 7th. As bug #470000 was reported as of March 8th 2008, we're still keeping nearly exactly the pace of 2 months for 10,000 bugs, so 60,000bugs a year. Bug #500000 should then be reported around Sept 7th 2008. As a consequence, the candidates for winning the 500000th bug contest are still Miguel Gea or Kartik Mistry. Jacobo Tarrio has his chances, though. I haven't done any MBF to keep chances of winning the contest myself. See you around July 7th for bug #490000!

23 April 2008

Christian Perrier: More news from the lenny l10n NMU campaign

A few news from the campaign of NMU's targeted at bringing po-debconf translation ratio as high as possible for as many languages as possible (and also improve packaging quality quite significantly on many loosely maintained packages). Maintainers are incredibly cooperative (at least those who are active..:-)). l10n NMUs are always welcomed. Some prefer uploading themselves which is of course perfectly OK. I will now also focus my efforts to minimize uncoordinated changes to debconf templates. Those are generally motivated by the will to follow writing style guidelines, which is perfectly OK. I however still suggest maintainers to send call for translation updates *before* uploading packages with modified templates. Will probably soon post that suggestion to -release.

19 April 2007

Miriam Ruiz: TTF Fonts in Debian

Fonts are usually a problem when packaging games. Many games seem to pick up fonts from somewhere in the web, which licenses allow only free redistribution, but not modification. Some others don’t even allow commercial use. Some game developers don’t mind at all about this, some others just don’t pay much attention to licenses. In any case, if we want those games in Debian main, we must replace the fonts in them. The problem is then trying to find appropiate fonts for the replacement. As there’s no easy way to have a visual look at all the fonts in the archive, I’vd developed a tiny script to generate some web pages with images of all the TrueType fonts in Debian SID. Lots of thanksgo to Jacobo Tarrio, you’ve helped me a lot!