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4 September 2006

Fumitoshi Ukai: kazehakase 0.3.1-2 uploaded

Hidetaka Iwai made new package to follow mozilla upgrades to 1.7.12.

Fumitoshi Ukai: kazehakase 0.3.1-1 uploaded

New upstream version of kazehakase has been released on day of Niku (29) and Hidetaka Iwai packaged it. It now be built with GNU TLS so that it depends on libgnutls-dev. But when I built his package in my environment, it failed because of gnutls_session_t was not defined. This is because I had installed libgnutls11-dev that provides libgnutls-dev, so it satisfied build-dependency. However, latest (or actual) libgnutls-dev is development package for libgnutls12 and this is what kazehakase should build-depends on. I wonder kazehakase should build-depends on libgnutls-dev (>= 1.2.6) or build-conflicts libgnutls11-dev. Probably, it wouldn't appear FTBFS bug on buildd, because buildd will try to install libgnutls-dev....