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4 February 2012

Stefano Zacchiroli: bits from the DPL for January 2012

Fresh from the oven, monthly report of what I've been working on as DPL during January 2012.
Dear Developers,
here is another monthly report of what happened in DPL-land, this time for January 2012. There's quite a bit to report about --- including an insane amount of legal-ish stuff --- so please bear with me. Or not. Legal stuff Most of the above wouldn't have been possible without the precious help of folks at SFLC working for SPI and Debian. Be sure to thank SFLC for what they're doing for us and many other Free Software projects. Coordination Nobody stepped up to coordinate the artwork collection for Wheezy I've mentioned last month, so I've tried to do a little bit of that myself. The -publicity team is now preparing the call for artwork and hopefully we'll send it out RSN. In case you want to help, there is still a lot of room for that; just show up on the debian-desktop mailing list. Sprints A Debian Med sprint has happened in January, and Andreas Tille has provided a nice and detailed report about it. Some more sprints are forthcoming this spring, how about yours? Money Important stuff going on Other important stuff has been going on in various area of the project in January. I'd like to point your attention to a couple of things: Miscellanea In the unlikely case you've read thus far, thanks for your attention! Happy Debian hacking.
PS as usual, the boring day-to-day activity log is available at master:/srv/leader/news/bits-from-the-DPL.*

4 September 2006

Fumitoshi Ukai: hyperestraier 0.5.3-1 uploaded

New upstream of hyperestraier has been released. Major changes since last release is Ruby node API. I've uploaded hyperestraier 0.5.3-1 which adds libestraier-ruby1.8 package (and libestraier-java at 0.5.2). For sarge, you can find 0.5.3-0sarge1 on

Fumitoshi Ukai: ITP: libapache2-mod-estraier is one project of Summer Dojo 2005 (similar event as Google's Summer of Code, running by Free Software Initiative of Japan). The objective of this project is to develop apache module using Hyper Estraier as search engine, so that all html pages through the apache server will be automatically registered in Hyper Estraier's node server. Thus, you can search from html pages once you browsed ago. I intend to package this as libapache2-mod-estraier (Bug#320625) and put preliminary version on .

Fumitoshi Ukai: Upgrade to sarge at Kashiwa NOC

Today, mrmt, ishikawa, kmuto, Ar-, nnn went to Kashiwa NOC where some Debian JP servers and JLA servers reside. They upgraded their servers to sarge and I, from my home remotely, upgraded Debian JP servers, JLA servers and my server to sarge and kernel with help of them. this is old server. backup necessary files/data and recalled. (debian archive mirror): this leaned in the rack (maybe due to the earthquake at Kanto area recently). Shutdowned and relocated. IDE controller was somehow broken, so other old server is used as replacement. While replacing, /dev/md1 was broken. /dev/md1 is partition for debian archive mirrors. I tried to fix it. At first, I fix partition type of hdb1 (Linux -> Linux auto raid detect) and recreate md.
 # mdadm --create /dev/md1 --level=linear --raid-devices=2 /dev/hda1 /dev/hdb1
Then, I could fsck on /dev/md1. However, many inodes were broken, so it seems a lot of time to fix it (note that still fscking old archive disks (1.4TB) for 40 days...) All contents in the partition was just mirrored contents, so I recreate the ext3 filesystem and mirror from upstreams. It would take 1 day or so to recover full mirrors. (Debian JP web/mail server): After upgraded sarge, kmuto upgrade the kernel to new version. He rebooted but no response. He finally found that VGA card was broken. He replaced VGA card from recalled server ( and it worked. I noticed upgraded dancer-ircd couldn't communicate with older version of it. (claimed failure to match password). So, I upgrade all of our servers in our IRC network. (JLA backend server) and I upgraded them to sarge. Except dancer-ircd problem as above, the problem (reported by takei) was that customized cvs pserver line that I put in inetd.conf was disabled by cvs package. I re-enabled it. These works took 5 hours, and still mirroring.

Fumitoshi Ukai: hyperestraier 0.5.2 deb package ready

New upstream version of hyperestraier 0.5.2 has been released. This new release includes Java Node API of Hyper Estraier. I debianized this and put sarge version on . Since is still not available, I'll wait upload hyperestraier 0.5.2-1 until hyperestraier 0.5.1-1 gets in NEW.

Fumitoshi Ukai: hyperestraier_0.5.1-1 uploaded

I've uploaded hyperestraier 0.5.1-1 to Debian to close ITP Bug#310530. For sarge, you can find 0.5.1-0sarge1 on

Fumitoshi Ukai: kazehakase 0.3.1-2 uploaded

Hidetaka Iwai made new package to follow mozilla upgrades to 1.7.12.

Fumitoshi Ukai: wrong Japanese handling in webmail

I've got mail through webmail (probably, CAcert Web of Trust -> Find an Assurer -> Email Me). It might be written in Japanese, but mail that I've received is encoded wrongly, so that I can't read the message. For instance, it includes the following line (od -c -t x1):
0000000   F   u   m   i   t   o   s   h   i 302 227   l  \n
        46 75 6d 69 74 6f 73 68 69 c2 97 6c 0a
MIME header of the mail says it is "text/plain; charset=UTF-8". If this byte sequence is decoded as UTF-8, "302 227" (in hex, 0xc2 0x97) would be "END OF GUARDED AREA (EPA)" (in UCS-2, it is 0x97), and "l" (in hex 0x6c). It doesn't make sense. However, the decoded byte sequence 227 154 (in hex 0x97 0x6c) could be read as in Shift-JIS. It does make sense. So, the mail was wrongly encoded, that is, encoded in UTF-8, not by each characters (in Shift-JIS), but by each bytes. Anyway, I can read the received mail by the following commands:
cat msg   iconv -f UTF-8 -t UCS-2BE   tr -d '\000'   lv -Is
Maybe, webmail just encodes Shift-JIS text in UTF-8 as if it were single byte character sequences. I hope it will be fixed. I'm not sure this is a bug of webmail or users web browser that post text in Shift-JIS (wrongly, should be UTF-8?). I've changed default language to English from Japanese for now. (Even in English, it seems that an user can send Japanese text through the webmail, though).

Fumitoshi Ukai: down

On Oct 11th 14:35 JST, ( happened to be down without any notice. I'm afraid it would be hardware trouble or kernel trouble, since we got such trouble in yesterday too. Yesterday, mrmt went to the NOC and booted it up again, but this time nobody could go to the NOC, so we couldn't fix it soon. For the time being, we've setup on the new machine. Once boot up again, we'll move the services to the new machine.

Fumitoshi Ukai: kazehakase 0.3.1-1 uploaded

New upstream version of kazehakase has been released on day of Niku (29) and Hidetaka Iwai packaged it. It now be built with GNU TLS so that it depends on libgnutls-dev. But when I built his package in my environment, it failed because of gnutls_session_t was not defined. This is because I had installed libgnutls11-dev that provides libgnutls-dev, so it satisfied build-dependency. However, latest (or actual) libgnutls-dev is development package for libgnutls12 and this is what kazehakase should build-depends on. I wonder kazehakase should build-depends on libgnutls-dev (>= 1.2.6) or build-conflicts libgnutls11-dev. Probably, it wouldn't appear FTBFS bug on buildd, because buildd will try to install libgnutls-dev....