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2 November 2014

Thomas Goirand: OpenStack packaging activity: October 2014

Wednesday 1:
Uploaded python-xstatic-jquery removing the .pth file from package.
Uploaded python-taskflow 0.4 to experimental, needed by Cinder Juno RC1
Uploaded Cinder Juno RC1 to experimental Thuesday 2:
Finally understood that the issue with murano-dashboard was that it doesn t build without django-nose >= 1.2. Opened new patch at:
Uploaded murano-dashboard to Experimental, now using django-nose from wheezy-backports in my jenkins setup, so murano-dashboard can be built for Wheezy.
Uploaded python-oslotest (really is upstream 1.1.0)
Uploaded python-oslo.serialization 1.0.0-1 (needed by Ceilometer Juno RC1)
Uploaded Ceilometer Juno RC1
Uploaded Heat Juno RC1
Uploaded oslo.rootwrap
Uploaded oslo.db 1.0.2 (bugfix release)
Wrote a new system in openstack-pkg-tools to generate init scripts and. service files from a template, so we don t have to write N times the same thing. Friday 3:
Reworked openstack-pkg-tools to generate automatically sysv-rc init scripts, upstart jobs and systemd unit files, making the system more unified and consistent.
Applied the new system to all packages in Juno.
Uploaded Keystone 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Nova 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Glance 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Neutron 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Horizon 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Cinder 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Trove 2014.1.3-1 to Sid
Uploaded Ceilometer 2014.1.3-1 to Sid Saturday 4:
Uploaded Horizon Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded oslotest to Experimental
Uploaded Ironic Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded Designate Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded Nova Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded Neutron Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded openstack-meta-packages 0.10 to Sid
Uploaded openstack-pkg-tools 13 to Experimental
Uploaded murano-agent Juno RC1 to Experimental Sunday 5:
Uploaded Sahara Juno RC1 to Experimental (it s been approved by FTP masters)
Uploaded Murano Juno RC1 to Experimental (it s been approved by FTP masters)
Fixed all debian/watch file to understand ~b and ~rc releases (fixed applied on both Icehouse and Juno branches, though no upload yet, I ll wait until uploads are needed to have this in the archive ).
Uploaded Trove Juno RC1 to Experimental
Uploaded Sahara Juno RC1 to Experimental With this last upload, everything of Juno RC1 is in Debian Experimental! \o/ Monday 6:
Uploaded some fixes for Nova 2014.1.3-2 in Sid:
* Removed contrib/boto_v6/* in debian/copyright, replaced bin/nova-manage by nova/cmd/ baremetal_,
* Mangling upstream rc and beta versions in watch file.
* Added 9990_update_german_programm_messages.patch, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann <>.
* Fixed correct de.po (Closes: #763682).
* Added nl.po initial Debconf translation, thanks to Frans Spiesschaert <> (Closes: #764125).
* Standards-Version is now 3.9.6 (no change).
Upstreamed german translation of po file:
Uploaded Designate 2014.1-12 to Sid, added new de.po also to the Juno branch on alioth (but didn t upload the fix yet).
Uploaded sphinxcontrib-httpdomain new upstream 1.3.0 release, added Python 3.x support to the package, and transitionning to the correct namespaced python-sphinxcontrib.httpdomain package name.
Spent most of the day fixing python-xstatic issues:
o uploaded libjs-twitter-bootstrap-datepicker 1.3.1
o uploaded python-xstatic-bootstrap-datepicker requiring this libjs package
o fixed python-xstatic-jquery-ui package
Now Horizon Juno RC1 builds well, and can be installed again. \o/ Tuesday 7:
Backported python-libvirt 1.2.8 in Wheezy (for Nova Juno support )
Uploaded Ceilometer Juno RC1 with ceilometer-agent-ipmi added (the package will therefore go through the NEW queue).
Uploaded python-requestbuilder 0.2.2-1, needed by the maintainers of euca2ools.
Ported the unified generated init system scripts to Icehouse packages.
Uploaded to Sid updates for: openstack-pkg-tools, ceilometer, cinder, glance, keystone, cinder, nova. Wednesday 8:
Uploaded openstack-pkg-tools 16 to Sid
Uploaded murano-dashboard (with upstream fix to remove font-awesome, which was the reason for FTP master s rejection)
Uploaded ceilometer Juno RC1 with new IPMI agent package (needed for Ironic support).
Uploaded heat 2014.1.3 which I forgot.
Tested which solves the bug I sent to launchpad and approved the patch.
Uploaded python-requestbuilder 0.2.3 Thesday 9:
Worked on fixing Neutron Alembic migration with SQLite3.
Uploade Neutron 2014.2~rc1-3 with a fix for a patch that was destroying This still doesn t include the Alembic migration fixes, which are still a WIP. Firday 10:
Finished fixing Neutron SQLite 3 Alembic migrations.
Uploaded neutron 2014.2~rc1-3 with the fixes.
Fixed Ceilometer wrong generation of sample config file, using upstream patch (after discussing with Julien Danjou so he wrote it).
Uploaded Ceilometer 2014.2~rc1-4 with the fix
Checked that all packages can be installed in non-interactive mode. This works well now! \o/ Saturday 11:
Uploaded new version of python-xstatic-angular-cookies (ie: which allows a higher version of libjs-angularjs (otherwise the package is not installable in Sid/Jessie since last version of angularjs is uploaded). Sunday 12:
Uploaded factory-boy fix for FTBFS
Uploaded python-django-appconf FTBFS
Uploaded Horizon Juno RC2
Uploaded Heat Juno RC3
Uploaded Trove Juno RC2
Uploaded Glance Juno RC2
Uploaded Sahara Juno RC2
Uploaded Nova Juno RC2
Uploaded Neutron Juno RC2
Uploaded Cinder Juno RC2
Uploaded murano-dashboard Juno RC2 Monday 13:
Uploaded python-heatclient 0.2.12-1 to Experimental
Uploaded python-yaql with RC bugfix to Sid (missing dep on python3-ply). Thuesday 14:
Fixed arping newly added dependency in Neutron
Started testing install of all of openstack Juno at once Wednesday 15:
Fixed missing configuration files in Ceilometer (ceilometer-api couldn t start)
Upgraded to Ceilometer Juno RC3.
Backported python-setuptools, as keystone and others are broken due to the namespace of modules not working correctly with the old version of python-pkg-resources. With the new one, everything is back in order. Thesday 16:
Uploaded to Debian Experimental the final release of Juno (ie: 2014.2) for:
Horizon (with fix for Django 1.7 in the wsgi file)
Uploaded to Sid:
Swift 2.2.0
Horizon 2014.1.3-3 with fix for Django 1.7 in the wsgi file that was crashing apache. OpenStack Juno packages are out!!! (ready the day of the upstream release ) Friday 17:
Investigated Trove RC bug #765348, couldn t reproduce, and therefore closed it.
Uploaded Ironic Juno final to Experimental
Uploaded Designate Juno final to Experimental
Uploaded a fix for python-jingo which failed to build with Django 1.7. Sent pull request upstream:
Uploaded CVE-2014-7230 & CVE-2014-7231 fixes for both Cinder and Nova in Debian Sid, as per OSSA 2014-036 patches. No need to upload a fix for Trove, as 2014.1.3 already has the fixes. Saturday 18:
Started building Trusty packages
Fixed oslo-config so that it never depends on python3-argparse, which doesn t exist (uploaded to Experimental)
Uploaded python-django-pyscss 1.0.3-2 with python-simplejson now as build-depends (it failed to build in my Trusty jenkins without it).
Uploaded a fix for stevedore and oslo-config to not depends on python3-argparse in Ubuntu (added debian/py3dist-overrides) Sunday 19:
Uploaded python-taskflow with ordereddict in debian/pydist-overrides.
Backported JS packages for Horizon and libvirt for Trusty (from Sid). My new Jenkin server is now producing a full set of Juno packages for Ubuntu trusty. And of course, it s updated on each git push, just like for the Wheezy backports. Monday 20:
Added FORCE_COULEUR=1 when running tests in python-couleur, so that it doesn t fail when running with git-buildpackage. Uploaded result in Sid.
Fixed python-mockito so that it never downloads distribute or nose on its clean target, which was annoying when running git-buildpackage. Uploaded to Sid.
Started to work again on automatic package deployment using openstack-deploy, from the openstack-meta-packages source package. Thuesday 21, Wednesday 22:
Worked on testing packages, did couples of minor fixes, reworked some of the default configuration files to match the install-guide, move configuration directive to the correct new section in nova.conf, etc. Thursday 23:
Patch the Neutron chapter in the install-guide to take into account the changes done on Thuesday 21, Wednesday 22, and simplify the install procedure in Debian. Friday 24:
Busy packing my stuff for moving to France Not much packaging work, except more auto-deploy stuff and some tests. Saturday 25:
Uploaded Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Horizon Icehouse in Sid, including some debconf translation updates, beating the Jessie freeze deadline in 10 days.
Fixed and uploaded openstack-debian-images in Sid: the login option wasn t modifying the default sudoers file, which always contained debian , instead of the custom login. Sunday 26:
Traveled to Moscow Monday 27 & Tuesday 28:
Fixed some murano & murano-dashboard stuff, thanks to the help of some murano team members in Moscow office. Uploaded fixes for murano & murano-dashboard. Tested that murano-dashboard works well, and now it does! :)
Uploaded version dependency fixes for python-xstatic-angular-cookies and python-xstatic-d3 which couldn t be installed in Sid/Jessie because of libjs-* updates. Wednesday 29:
Meeting with Saratov team
Updated sahara endpoints, but didn t upload the package yet to Debian. Thursday 30:
Uploaded ruby-raemon needed for Astute (part of Fuel web).
Packaged ruby-symboltable (not uploaded yet). Friday 31:
Wrote unit test runner for python-webpy (the current package doesn t have unit test runs).
Uploaded python-dbutils (needed by unit tests) to Sid: now in NEW queue
Uploaded python-nose-parametrized & python-nose-timer to Sid: now in NEW queue
Uploaded sahara -2 fixing the API endpoint registration URL and service name.
Uploaded python-sphinxcontrib.plantuml to Sid: : now in NEW queue